Visual Studio Spell Checker


An editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window. Extra options are available to control how elements and attributes in XML and MAML files are spell checked.

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by mvarblow | February 04 2015

Perfect. Best spell checker plugin I've found.

by Online Smurf | November 14 2014

This is fantastic!

by Michael McDowell | October 30 2014

It works perfectly.

by knowamac | October 24 2014


by mrtaikandi | October 02 2014

Better than every other spell checkers I've tried. It would be even better if it showed misspelled function and property names.

by Ash2014_CA | September 19 2014

No Support for VS Express.

EWoodruff November 15 2014
| Edit |

That's not my fault. Microsoft prevents all packages except ones they support such as NuGet from installing in Express editions. There's nothing I can do about that.

The release of Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition ( removes that limitation.

Everyone now has access to the Spell Checker Visual Studio package. It will install in the CE edition just like it does in all other versions of Visual Studio 2013.

by DigitalSnow | June 18 2014

Essential extension for myself and my team as we clean up, support, and update decade old code. Having correct spelling helps clarify the code especially when working with international (second language) developers.

by bloodshotvirtur17 | May 26 2014


by jimNeocasa | May 24 2014

works great. big time saver

by edsquall | May 13 2014

Excelente aplicación

Funciona tanto en Español como en Ingles, =) muy recomendable =)

by theoryman | May 07 2014

Thanks! Works great and hoping improvements / updates keep coming.

EWoodruff May 08 2014
| Edit |

Yes, more improvements and updates are planned. I'm in the middle of a number of changes to the help file builder. Once I wrap them up I'll turn my attention back to the spell checker.

by BillW33 | May 02 2014

Works very well for me.

by AnotherChris | March 19 2014

Once the spell checker is installed on my Visual Studio 2013 Premium Update 1 environment I'm unable to successfully open any solution.

by Vaso Elias | February 24 2014

This is indeed a life saver, just got an update and it is also doing spell check in HTML.

Thank you!

by Cameron Lerum | February 19 2014

Works great - I can't live without it!

by Vojtechovsky Petr | February 12 2014

very short. the best i have found so far! (02/2014)
thank you!

by JaredF | February 07 2014

Very helpful. Thank you!

by Mpostol | February 07 2014

by Eric Elsholz | January 10 2014

I love that this is catching all the typos in my comments as I’m typing them! Thank you!

by RodolfoMedina | December 10 2013

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  • Porting this extension to Atmel studio
    2 Posts | Last post January 06, 2015
    • Hi,
      I would like to fork your project and host it in which is a Visual studio Isolated shell based application. This will be benificial for all those users in there. Do i have your consent in doing so ?
    • The project is open source and uses the Ms-PL license.  As long as you comply with the license terms, you are free to fork the project.
  • How to spellcheck the XML elements name
    2 Posts | Last post November 12, 2014
    • Suppose I have a huge XML which elements name could be wrong like,
      <Datte> </Datte>
      or so on. 
      Can i able to spell check those too ?? 
      Currently I am able to spell check just fine whatever the text between the Elements <text> Dummy Text </text>
      Appreciated your prompt reply.
    • Sorry, it only spell checks comments, content, and attribute values.  It won't spell check element names, variable names, method names, etc.  Since what you're trying to do here is validate the structure, your best bet would be to define an XML schema so that it validates the document elements that way and provides IntelliSense.  See this MSDN entry for more information:
  • Change language in VS2010/Win8
    2 Posts | Last post October 07, 2014
    • I want to force Spell Checker to use only English, but it always takes my keyboard language (which is Spanish).
      There's no "Tools -> Spell checker" menu at all or anything that let's me configure English as my sole spell checking language (literally, the "Tools -> Spell checker" does not exist). I don't see either anything under the "Tools -> Options" menu.
      I also attempted maybe deleting all dictionaries but English, but the path your wiki points to (%LOCALAPPDATA%\EWSoftware\Visual Studio Spell Checker) does not exist either.
      Where can I set English as my only spelling language?
      I'm running VS2010 Ultimate over Windows 8 x64. 
    • The folder won't exist unless you've changed the configuration.  The default language is English.  I don't supply a dictionary for any other languages by default so it will only spell check in English unless you take steps to install a foreign language dictionary.
      If you've got my spell checker installed, you'll find its options under Tools | Spell Checker (Spell Check Current Document and Edit Configuration.  Selecting Edit Configuration will bring up the configuration dialog.  You'll see the available languages in the Default Language / User Dictionary category.
      If you aren't seeing those options and it really is spell checking in Spanish then you've got some other spell checker installed.  If in doubt, check Tools | Extensions and Updates and see which extension are listed.  If mine is there, remove it and see if you still get spell checking.  If so, something else is doing it.
  • a shortcut for the list of changes
    5 Posts | Last post August 13, 2014
    • is there a shortcut to open the list of changes?
    • If you mean to open the spell checker tool window, I did not assign a keyboard shortcut to avoid conflicts with others that people may have assigned to other commands.  You can assign one of your choosing by going to Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard, enter "spell" in the "Show commands containing" text box, and then assign a keyboard shortcut to the Tools.SpellCheckCurrentDocument command that is listed in the results.
    • I was thinking about the 'icon' that appears on hovering above a misspelled word. It would be nice if there is a feature like in Eclipse -- you move the keyboard cursor to a misspelled word and press a magic shortcut and the list of corrections appears so I do not to have touch the mouse to fix it.
    • Put the keyboard cursor anywhere in the underlined word and press "Ctrl+." (period) to open the smart tag menu.  That will work for any smart tag such as interface implementation and other code refactoring smart tags too.
    • Thx! Works beautifully!
  • Ignore/Add To Dictionary (Current Project Only)
    2 Posts | Last post August 08, 2014
    • Hi, I personally think that it would be very beneficial to allow mis-spelling of a single word for the current project/solution.
      The project I am working on has a company name that isn't a real word, however I don't want to add it to the dictionary as I'm afraid it may add to the global dictionary.
    • There's a work item open to support this in the future (  If you do add it to the user dictionary or ignored word list, you can always remove it using the configuration options (Tools | Spell Checker | Edit Configuration and select the Default Language/User Dictionary category or the Ignored Words category).
  • Bhavana
    4 Posts | Last post July 13, 2014
    • How can I check spellings in entire solution using visual studio spell checker? 
    • That option has not been implemented yet.  It's on the To Do list.
    • I do have one more concern can you please suggest me some proper way to fail build of solution on wrong spelling detection in VS 2012.
    • There isn't a way to do that.  I doubt it would be something that could be part of the spell checker package anyway.  Given the number of different project types, it would most likely require something like a build task that would have to be manually added to each project.  It would also add overhead to each build which I don't feel would be very desirable.  This is something best left to be ran when needed rather than on each build.
  • Default Language
    2 Posts | Last post April 30, 2014
    • Is it supposed to be there only 1 language to pick up from? In my case. there is only en-US. How can I add there en-GB? Any instructions somewhere?
    • The spell checker supports any OpenOffice version 2, 3, or 4 dictionary.  See the documentation on the CodePlex site for details on how to add a custom dictionary:
  • Navigate through all typos
    2 Posts | Last post April 29, 2014
    • How to navigate through all typos, Is any short cut available for this?
    • Use Tools | Spell Check | Spell Check Current Document.  This opens the tool window that lets you move through each misspelling and correct it, ignore it, or add it to the dictionary.
  • How to set the highlight time to infinite?
    3 Posts | Last post March 26, 2014
    • After I installed the spell checker it founds misspelled words, but it only highlights them for 2 seconds. It is not enough for me to make the corrections. So the question is how can I change the highlight time to be permanent?
    • The highlights should stay in place.  There is no timer on them.  Perhaps there is a conflict with another installed extension.  Do you perhaps have another spellchecker installed or enabled?  You could disable the toher extensions and enable them one by one to see which is causing the conflict with the spell checker.
    • Thanks for the hint. I had the Visual C++ Refactoring extension installed. After I disable the refactoring extension the spell checker started to work. Then I enabled the refactoring extension again and now both extension work.
      Thanks again.
  • Open Office v3+ dictionaries?
    3 Posts | Last post February 06, 2014
    • Are only Open Office v2.X dictionaries supported, or are v3+ and newer versions supported as well?
      Namely, this particular dictionaries are not recognized (followed instructions, and renamed "sr" to "sr-Cyrl"):
    • The files have to be named after a valid culture ID. In this case that appears to be something like sr_Cyrl_BA or sr_Cyrl_CS.  I wasn't aware of the additional "Cyrl" identifier part so right now it's only looking for cultures values in the format xx-XX.  I'll fix it for the next release.
      In the meantime, just rename the files to another valid culture id such as fr_FR (underscore instead of dash too by the way) and then select that language in the configuration dialog.
    • Thank you for the clarification (dash is a typo, was already using an underscore), it works now with your fake naming workaround.
      Btw, most spell checkers use only old Open Office v2.X dictionaries (a lot of languages are missing for that version), so you should probably advertise more that your's can use newer ones...
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