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Work Item Visualizer for TFS 2010


Visualize linked TFS Work Items by entering a work item ID in toolbar search box.

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5 Star
by Mahmoud Samara | September 03 2013

4 Star
by Ajeya | June 13 2013

Does it works for TFS 2012 ? if not when can we expect the New version ?

5 Star
by JamesMiera | February 22 2013

This works well. A couple of things that may not be clear to some users:
1. The Work Item Visualizer is in the toolbar.
2. You need to enter a work item number in the text box and hit <enter>.

1 Star
by AutoTRAX | August 26 2012

Great idea but it does not work.
No work items shown in the dropdown list!

5 Star
by Gutavex | May 29 2012

This an Amazing tool... Gracias!

4 Star
by TejasJ | March 21 2012

1 Star
by thnk2wn | September 12 2011

Gives me the below error which prevents use:

'WorkItemEditor' is misisng. Please viery that Team Web Access is configured correctly.

5 Star
by Mohamed.Radwan-MVP | July 15 2011

Very good idea, I was thinking of doing it from long time by you created thanks :-)

5 Star
by Ed Price - MSFT | June 04 2011

5 Star
by Jesper Fernström | April 19 2011

Very useful to get an overview of your work items. Also a perfect way to visualize for management that the work they expect you to do is actually quite a bit more complex than they might realize ;)

4 Star
by SeanF_Xata | December 07 2010

This is a very cool add-on and i really would be INCREDIBLY HELPFUL if this handled Change-sets

5 Star
by Mike Paterson | August 24 2010

I love this extension! Definitely helps to see the hierarchy of your work items.

5 Star
by Pete Schwind | August 20 2010

This is an excellent tool that VS should have right out of the box but I have a question and a comment;

1. How can I save the color changes I make for my legend? Everytime I re-invoke the visualizer I have to change the colors to my preference.

2. When a Bug work item has a "Tested by" link type to a Test Case work item the bug shows up outside of the Test Case in the Show All as Group view. It's seems funny because the Bug just sits in the Change Request group when it should belong to the Test Work item that found it. Not a big deal as you can define another link type between the Bug and Test Case but Tests/Tested by seems to be the most logical.

Thanks again for a great tool.

4 Star
by Owen1980 | July 05 2010

5 Star
by Mike E Yeager | July 02 2010

Great tool that I expect our team will be using every day. We make extensive use of the work item hierarchy features in TFS 2010 and this extension makes it SO much easier to work productively with them. We did have an issue when a large number of nodes are linked together because it loads all of them at once. We worked around it by using ctrl-F to find nodes after the whole thing is loaded. All in all, a must-have extension.

5 Star
by MSDNMike | May 26 2010

5 Star
by MikeParks | May 26 2010

5 Star
by Cory Cissell | May 25 2010

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  • Running as other user
    2 Posts | Last post October 25, 2010
    • Been looking at a feature such as this - however, in our scenario it's not quite working.
      Scenario is:
      TFS2010 in production environment on corporate domain - VS2010 running in Virtual Environment (each client uses a VM), running it's own domain and not set up for trust with corporate domain (corporate restriction).
      Now, we can naturally connect to TFS provided we log in to it with our corporate domain credentials via Team Explorer.
      Unfortunately i don't see any way to specify the credentials for Work Item Visualizer for TFS 2010 and it appears to be taking the credentials under which VS2010 is running.
      Any suggestions as to how to get past this? Can't run VS2010 instance with corporate credentials (no trust so that's a no-go).
    • This extension uses the DTE2 object which will automatically inherit the same credentials the current instance of Visual Studio is running under. I'm not sure of a way to override this besides doing a "Run as" on Visual Studio. 
  • "'WorkItemEditor' is missing" error
    7 Posts | Last post September 23, 2010
    • I liked your Search Work Items plug-in so much that I went and installed Work Item Visualizer too. But the latter doesn't work. Probably some simple omission on my part. When I put a WI number in the search box and hit Enter, I quickly get a message box saying, "'WorkItemEditor' is missing. Please verify that Team Web Access is configured properly." Any thoughts?
    • The Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.TswaClientHyperlinkService class is used in the code to map a hyperlink to each node so when you double click on it, the work item will URL will be opened in a browser. If you don't have Team Web Access installed on your TFS then it probably is bringing back a NULL value for this object in the code. Haven't had anyone with that scenario yet :) I can probably code around it by skipping over the URL mapping if that object is NULL. When I get some free time I'll update the code and push out an update. The work around for this should be just configuring the TFS web access if you want to go that route. 
    • Hi Mike. Sounds really intresting, but I too face same the problem. When I trying opening the URL in the browser [Show Project Portal] I get access denied. I have asked for permissions to access the site. Is this good enough?
    • Jerry, I'd say you're on the right track. If you don't have the proper permissions I could see how objects in the code could not get loaded correctly. I still haven't had a chance to go back and look at this issue. Try out getting the right permissions.
      Is this the URL you're trying to access: http://YOURTFSSERVER:8080/tfs/web/ ?
    • Mike, It still does not work with the same error message
      My site URL is
      We have many Projects in TFS. And I assume our site is placed in default port 80.
    • Are you using TFS 2008 or TFS 2010? Did you migrate from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010? If you create a new team project, create some test work items together and link them together, do you still have the issue in that new team project? Is your TFS Administrator able to use this extension without any errors? I tried to re-create this issue in a VM was having trouble getting it to error out. It's probably some kind of config setting or permissions issue somewhere that's different between my TFS Server/Visual Studio and yours.
    • I am using 2k10. Migrated from 2k8.
      As suggested I will create a New Team project and few work item associations and keep you posted on the same.
      Thanks of the follow up.
  • Possible enhancement?
    2 Posts | Last post August 24, 2010
    • I'd love to have the ability to show different colors based on work item state.  What do you think?
    • Sounds like a good idea to me. I haven't had a lot of time lately to make changes to the extensions but if I get a chance I'll try to throw this in there. Thanks for the tip Mike, glad you like the extension!
  • Every search graphs the entire set of work items
    3 Posts | Last post July 02, 2010
    • It's a great tool once I get to the node I'm looking for, however every time I eneter a new work item number it seems to re-set to showing all links which in turn makes it go through every work item in the system and graph all of them. That makes it way too slow to be useful. Is it just me?
    • It re-uses the same temp file each time a new work item is entered. I actually coded it this way since all I was using it for is to display a quick view of the linked hierarchy. It shouldn't go through every work item in TFS. The code looks up the ID entered and keeps looping through all linked work items until everything is mapped out. So it will show everything tied to that work item in one way or another. There is a possibility of it pulling up every work item in the system if they're all linked to each other in one way or another. You might want to check out the work item visualization tool on codeplex and see if that one can help you more too. It has a lot more options than this tool. This one's just meant for a quick view. Hope that helps. Thanks man
      - Mike
    • Thanks Mike. The TFS project we're working in links all work items through a hierarchy, so yes, it is huge and it does load all of them. We found a work-around which is to load it up once by typing in any number, then use ctrl-F to find the work order we want to look at, then filter it down to the number of levels we care about. If we then want to look at a different node not show, we set it back to showing all levels, do ctrl-F, etc. A little clunky, but well worth it. If you ever do a V2 I'd like to ask that it can limit the number of levels it searches so that it can pull up small sections quickly. I really appreciate the tool! Nice job.
  • Error: "DevExpress.CodeRush.Common, Version= could not be found
    3 Posts | Last post July 02, 2010
    • I have to disable/uninstall this extension, because I can not edit Build definition files any more. While trying to save the edited Build definition file I get the error: 
      Team Foundation Error
      Could not load file or assembly DevExpress.CodeRush.Common,
      Version=1O.1.4.O, Culture= neutral, PublicKeyToken=35c9104b7764aa3d
      or one of its dependencies. Das System kann die angegebene Datei
      nicht finden. 
      Disable this extension helped.
    • seems to be another problem? The error just occured again although the addin was disabled?!
    • Well that error is probably coming from your DevExpress Code Rush Add In. This extension doesn't use any of their DLL's. So that's why you're still having the problem if you disable this extension. This extension doesn't tie into any Team Build functionality. You might want to make sure you have the latest version of your CodeRush addin or check on their site. I'd uninstall it and reinstall it if I were you. 
      Looks like you can get it from here maybe:
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