Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows Phone 8.1


Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows Phone 8.1

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Visual Studio
2013, 14
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  • Offline Support
    1 Posts | Last post February 05, 2015
    • Does this support offline playback (similar to the Windows 8.1 version)?
  • Player Loading Issue on Windows Phone Lumia 1320 (ARM Build)
    1 Posts | Last post December 09, 2014
    • We are using this SDK for our 8.1 phone app and with MediaElement control. 
      Working fine on Lumia 1520. Recently we acquired Lumia 1320 for testing, it fails to play the ism manifest file, no exception or error occurs. 
      Is there any device specific issue reported? As same ARM build is working fine for 1520. Any guidance to further debug it will be of much help.
  • Help with Deploy
    2 Posts | Last post December 03, 2014
    • I have been working on a smooth streaming Windows Phone 8.1 app with VS 2013.  If I build it to x86, it deploys to the emulator and works perfectly.  Now the problem, I cannot deploy to x64 for emulator or device, I get "Bootstrapper could not connect to machine".  Unfortunately, the only way I can see the device (Lumina 929 running 8.1) as a target is to build to x64.  So what is the root issue (I'm guessing missing/incompatible libs or other dependencies) and what must I do to get this app deployed to my device for testing?  Please help!
    • Hi Brandt,
      Your phone runs on ARM so you need to build everything for ARM.