F# Outlining


Visual Studio editor extension for F# regions oulining.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010, 14
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by Tinza | February 15 2015

This tool is a must have for F#! Just hope it can add support for multiline string literals!

by GeorgeMc | November 24 2014

by Liviu Uba | February 18 2014

The extension is very nice,
an absolute must with F#, but it does not collapse xml docs


Any plans to support this?

Is there a place to report issues?

For example, collapsing multiline comments works, but functions inside comments are collapsible too. Do not know if this is a bug or not, actually it is useful ;)


lostmsu June 22 2014
| Edit |

Hi, I will consider this feature. But do you know, that in F# you can just say

/// this is the summary

by Rodhern | February 02 2014

I have used this extension for a while in Visual Studio 2012. I just downloaded the Visual Studio 2013 preview - and one of the extensions I immediately felt missing is this one.

by Pere Mitjavila | January 20 2014

One word: Fantastic!

by Xperiandri | September 19 2013

Cool extension! Very useful.

by Diego Frata | April 01 2013

by Ramesh Mahala | Tue 11:54 AM

The shortcuts keys for expand collapse are -

Collapse current - CTRL+M, CTRL+S
Collapse All - CTRL+M, CTRL+A
Expand current - CTRL+M, CTRL+E
Expand All - CTRL+M, CTRL+X

by Printfn | March 20 2012

by Anton.Snitko | December 28 2011

by Ramon Snir | November 05 2011


Just add the Ctrl+M shortcuts :)

Keep up the good work!

lostmsu January 09 2012
| Edit |

Some of them should work. But not all.

by Malobukv | October 01 2011

thank you for the useful extension

lostmsu October 03 2011
| Edit |

Спасибо за позитивный отзыв

by sep10bt | May 18 2011

Super cool.

by Nyi Nyi Thann | November 25 2010

Great! That's exactly what i am looking for. Thanks man.

by DannyAsher | October 07 2010

This is a superb addin. Looking forward to a new release (with support for comments, open statements, #r's and shortcut keys.)

by Gabriel.R | September 13 2010

Simple, great. Would be even better if the Ctrl-M keyboard shortcuts expanded & collapsed outlining, as they do for the C# editor.

by Oldrich | September 06 2010

An excellent extension!

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  • Just a quick comment for VS2013 users.
    2 Posts | Last post June 22, 2014
    • Hello.
      Just a quick heads up for other free VS2013 users.
      I downloaded Visual Studio 2013 (Express) Preview, so that I can play with F# for free.
      If I go to "Tools" > "Extensions and Updates" within VS I get an error message when trying to install this extension.
      However if I use the "Download" link above (the .vsix file) the extension installs and works like a charm.
      Best regards
    • Hi
      I'm surprised it works with Express edition. In theory, Express should not support any extensions except maybe some tricky ones.
      Double-check, that you're not ended up using full Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Shell + F#.
  • Few issues
    1 Posts | Last post April 03, 2014
    • It's a great plugin. I'd like to mention few missing things.
      1-) Currently no collapse option for xml comments.
      2-) When used with fantomas plugin, hitting CTRL K+D causes all collapsed region to open
  • License needed in extension manifesto
    1 Posts | Last post October 25, 2013
    • The extension to VS2013 doesn't specify license conditions in the manifesto
      "This extension did not specify license terms in its manifest that are readable by Visual Studio."
      Please fix this, as enterprise customers will need to see a license before they use the extension.
  • Integrate Oulining menu item into editor context menu and menu Edit
    1 Posts | Last post September 19, 2013
    • Do you know, if it is possible to integrate Outlining menu item into context menu of code editor and into Edit item of main menu?
      Like it is done in C# and other languages.
  • Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web?
    2 Posts | Last post June 08, 2013
    • I have Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web installed and when I try to install this plugin it says "This extension is not installable on any currently installed products."  Is it possible to make this VS2012 Express compatible?
    • Unfortunately, Visual Studio Express 2012 does not support extensions.
  • Depth of folding
    1 Posts | Last post June 05, 2013
    • Victor, Thanks for this great plugin!
      Can I set it to only fold modules and one level inside them? 
      (This would be type definitions and let bindings at module level.)
  • Shortcuts
    1 Posts | Last post April 17, 2013
    • Hi, thanks for the great extension!
      However, one thing I'm missing badly is support for keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + m for toggle a current block and ctrl + m, l for toggle all). Do you think it would be hard to add that?
      Btw, I wasn't able to find the source, is it public?
  • Outline blocks misaligned after zooming
    3 Posts | Last post July 09, 2012
    • Great extension, thanks!
      One little problem though, if you zoom the editor (ctrl + mouse wheel for instance) the outline lines do not zoom by the same amount as the text and so become misaligned. 
    • That seems to be a bug in Visual Studio 2012 RC, as I see the same behavior in C# outlining. Report it to connect website.
    • I've done it for you. Please, vote for it!
  • Not appearing in VS2010
    3 Posts | Last post June 19, 2012
    • Hello,
      This extension doesn't appear in Studio when I download and enable it.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
    • Hello, Harry!
      v0.3.3 was built incorrectly, and did not worked under VS 2010. I've re-uploaded the fixed version. Please, try to reinstall the extension.
    • Thanks, that's it installed now.  V useful!
  • Collapse all
    1 Posts | Last post September 06, 2010
    • Hi,
      first of all, thank you very much for the extension! That is what I have been looking for so long. I have tried to use commands as presented here:
      but without any luck. I always get message like "The key combination CTRL+M, CTRL+L is bound to command Toggle all outlining which is not currently available". What should I do to make it work?
      Thank you for your work.