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VSCommands for Visual Studio 2013

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VSCommands for Visual Studio 2013

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5 Star
by 别开枪是朕 | July 27 2016

I like this plugin very much,but there is a problems with "Code Block End Tagger" that when double click "End Tagger",it does not navigate and "End Tagger" disappeared.
I hope you can help to answer it.
Thank you very much.

1 Star
by cogitaria | April 08 2016

VS does not allow me to copy a file from solution explorer and paste into a Windows folder. Let's leave aside how asinine that is for starters, and install a solution.

Well, none of my projects load after installing the extension: error dialog after error dialog. Does anybody ever ponder just how sloppy the design/implementation of this extension or the extension system has to be to allow it to render all of your projects useless? Any consideration of the cost to end users of a system this brittle? Thankfully the UNINSTALL worked.

5 Star
by Oleksii Aza | October 18 2015

5 Star
by mstyura | September 12 2015

Missing this extension in VS2015

5 Star
by Abhishek Shrestha | August 12 2015

Indeed a great addition to VS. Already missing it in 2015. Hope to see a release for 2015 soon.

5 Star
by Shaun Wilson [BC] | July 14 2015

1 Star
by Anirudha Gupta | July 11 2015

3 Star
by mvirkkunen | June 22 2015

Very useful, but the constant manual updates required are a pain. Is it really impossible for you to figure out how to use the standard extension update system?

4 Star
by Ken Cenerelli | June 13 2015

1 Star
by Nofb | June 03 2015

As usual, this becomes suddenly unavailable and has to be re-installed in a special way.

Uninstalling this and not re-installing it. If only they could use the update system like any other plugin.

4 Star
by Nin_Cool | June 03 2015

I have no money! /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

5 Star
by Dolgsthrasir | May 26 2015

Enhances VS greatly.

5 Star
by Tanielian V. Barreira | March 12 2015

Mutito bom.

5 Star
by KingCoopa | March 08 2015

4 Star
by wertzui | February 13 2015

It refuses to install on VS 2013 if you have .Net 4.6 installed (comes when you install VS 2015 CTP)

5 Star
by FrankyHollywood | February 12 2015

"locate in solution explorer", extremely usefull in a large corporate solution with >200 projects, thank you!

5 Star
by Gianni B. Bossini | February 10 2015

3 Star
by redglyph_ | January 30 2015

Very handy, but same comment as iters, very annoying pop-ups saying that the version expires in xx days, each time one opens VS.

Despite what was replied to him, this is still there. I don't believe in a system for which every plugin regularly requires attention and block the opening with a pop-up. I believe there is an update functionality in VS, it should be used instead.

5 Star
by Ashraf Alam | January 21 2015

Very useful tool.

5 Star
by CAD bloke | January 08 2015

I'm a fan. Hell, I even bought a license. :)

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  • Can VsCommands show the full solution path?
    1 Posts | Last post March 11, 2016
      Please help.
      Can VsCommands show the full solution path?
      Maybe in the title bar?
      And how about the full path to files too?
      This post on StackOverflow seems to suggest that VsCommands can do it...
      ...but I cannot find the option in the VsCommands version for VisualStudio 2013.
      Can it be done? If yes, then exactly how?
      Please advise.
      -- Mark Kamoski
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015?
    7 Posts | Last post November 23, 2015
    • I want to add to the critical mass of requests for VSCommands for VS 2015. I have my team using it and it's such a life-saver for me personally, especially the functionality that puts the branch / tfs path names in the title bars and task switcher. What's the holdup? Is there anything the community can do to help get it working/released for vs 2015? Do you need beta testers? Do you need help solving bugs? Do you need funding? I'm sure there's folks here that are willing to help with all these things.
      Any update would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
    • +1
    • It'd be sad for a great tool like this one to go down the drain, not for lack of beta testers nor funding, but from lack of clarity\openness from its authors... Please let the community know how it can help. Thanks again for the great work thus far.
    • As much as I liked this extension (enough to pay for it), I believe it is safe to assume the author has let it die.  Supposedly it went open source but the repo on GitHub shows only the vsix and not the code - and that was updated 7 months ago.  
      Time to find other solutions.
      1. Branch name etc in title bar - look for "Rename Visual Studio Window Title" extension.
      Please reply with other replacement extensions.
    • This suggests work is still being done on VSCommands for 2015 - so might be hope yet :)
    • I've coaxed older extensions in to newer versions of VisStudio by tinkering with the manifest in the .vsix... I wonder if that will work with this package, or is VS2015 too much different than VS2013?
    • Hi, sorry for a delay, early version of 2015 is available here:  (though it's getting unpublished by administrator for some reason)
      It's a complete rewrite but also open source (on github).
      So far Solution Badges has been migrated, I'm going to add more features soon.
  • Please add LocateInSolutionExplorter command in cshtml and css context menu
    2 Posts | Last post September 07, 2015
    • The extension is really great, I have used it for years. Thanks for your great work!
      However I find two very useful command are missing for some kinds of editor context menu, such as cshtml and css types. Can you think of that? Thanks again.
    • Sorry I mean two commands "LocateInSolutionExplorer" and "LocateInTfs"
  • VSCommands for VS 2015
    2 Posts | Last post September 02, 2015
    • The extension is great, but its lack for VS 2015 is making it painful to some of us...Please what's the ETA for VS 2k15 support? Thanks for everything you do, great work!
    • Hey guys, please any ETA on the VS 2015 version? The product is great and we'd love to continue the fun on the VS 2015 platform... please update us.
  • The extension is marked here as free, yet starting today I'm asked to buy a 50$ license
    1 Posts | Last post August 02, 2015
  • VS2015 version?
    2 Posts | Last post July 31, 2015
    • Will there be a release of a VS2015 version anytime soon?
    • Yes please. Waiting for it!
  • No Build Output coloring
    2 Posts | Last post July 29, 2015
    • Since my update to v12.3.0.15, the build output window coloring doesn't seem to work any more.
      The build summary appears as configured, but the coloring isn't there.
      I tried the button "Recreate Fonts and Colors category" in Options, but unfortunately it doesn't help.
    • Meanwhile I "solved" the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling VSCommands.
      Nevertheless the Build Output coloring seems to be a little prone to VSCommands updates...
  • VS 2015 version
    1 Posts | Last post July 27, 2015
    • Hi, Jarek.
      Thanks for this kind of useful and cool extension.
      Please, could you publish a build for VS 2015?
      Thanks in advance.
  • v12.3.0.15 - Bug with Update 4
    1 Posts | Last post June 18, 2015
    • There's a bug when using this version if you're using VS 2013 with update 4.  You must download the latest update package number 5 (RC) to have no trouble.
  • VSCommands and Open Source
    1 Posts | Last post June 18, 2015
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