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Provides web tooling updates for ASP.NET as well as Preview 2 tooling for Microsoft .NET Core 1.0.0

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by Andre P L | Sat 6:37 PM

Just installed the Community version update 3 and tried repairing three times and still get a "Setup Failed" trying to install the web tools.

by codeMonk123 | July 14 2016

by CarlinScott | July 07 2016

I'm sure this extension is great but the default, unchangeable eslint configuration was unusable, producing 100's of compiler errors due to mixed white-space. Also, there's an option to disable eslint but the extension mysteriously stopped obeying that setting yesterday; I didn't update the extension.

by AndrewD.Online | July 06 2016

Gets half-way then hangs...left it for 8h to no avail :(
And this on Vs2015U3 with all the latest everything.
Trying the download again and will kill the virus scanner...though it will seriously worry me if the software is behaving in a manner reminiscent of a virus :o

by Barry Tang | July 06 2016

The update is for both web tooling in general and .NET Core tooling. The bits for web tooling is RTM quality whereas NET Core tooling is Preview quality. If you are not interested in .NET Core tooling, it shouldn't affect your web tooling in general.

In general, if you run into issues, please open them on as it has richer support for discussions like this.

by Manas Patnaik | July 05 2016

The Worst Update I have ever experienced so far .. Almost repaired and installed 5 times and the Visual Studio Tools 2 Preview fails ..

by khoa phan T | July 02 2016

I don't know much about this

by ZimmerZee | June 30 2016

Visual Studio 2015 Community with Update 3 installed, WebTools with Preview 2 tooling for .net core 1.0.0 fails to install (v14.1.20624.0).

by alfkonee | June 24 2016

I Can Work With Existing Projects But Somehow the OK Button On the New Project Template Screen is not working This makes it impossible to create any new projects from VS

by Kamran Saeedi | June 05 2016

Why are you MS people always releasing immature non-fully-tested software?
This puts the burden of dealing with errors and bugs on users. It's not fair.
Until when?

by regal60740 | June 03 2016

After installing this, my ASP.NET 5 MVC 6 Web Application won't load into VS 2015 Community. It says my project is now incompatible? I've done System Restores, I wanted to uninstall ASP.NET and Web Tools but VS won't let me. I now have more than 100 pages of my website published but now I can't even get my program to load. I won't be doing anymore updates with VS. I am now stuck and can't update any more pages. I don't know what to do at this point. The intellisense was showing all these classes and using's. I was getting errors on the pages that VS built for me and I know that should not happen. It's all too much. Try to keep it simple!

by aserraric | May 26 2016

After installation, MVC5 projects no longer build. Clearing MEF did nothing.

Worse: After deinstallation, builds work again, but I can no longer open CSHTML files (which worked before deinstalling).

Again, clearing MEF does nothing.

by William Bosacker | May 25 2016

This is now working, under the following conditions (the tooling is still a bit buggy):

1. Update VS2015 to the latest version (Update 2 as of this post).
2. Update the Azure SDK to the latest version, if installed. (2.9 as of this post)
3. Install the latest version of .NET Core for your machine from:
4. Update all of your VS addons to the latest, especially those from Mads.
5. In MVC 5 or earlier projects, ensure that the "webpages:Version" appSetting is set to "", or completely remove it and the "webpages:Enabled" setting.

If you have done all of the above, then you should be able to work with .cshtml views.

by Almir Vuk | May 22 2016

Happy about this tool!

by cafalier | May 16 2016

before setup this, close your antivirus

by 逐梦诛仙_ | April 26 2016

run the exe with visual studio closing

by Jukka Hyvärinen | April 10 2016

Got the "Operation could not be completed" error after installing the latest version. RedByron's suggestion to delete MEF files helped though.

by mitras | April 07 2016

by ArgeKumandan | April 04 2016

i've installed the update and it works fine on vs 2015 update 2. Haven't seen the problems others mentioned

by Abdelkrim BOUJRAF | March 15 2016

opening *.cshtml files generate the "object reference not set to an instance of an object"

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  • Install fails to detect VS 2015 Update 3
    8 Posts | Last post Fri 7:00 PM
    • Installation is be blocked because the install is not properly detecting that I have VS 2015 Update 3.  Anyone getting this or can help I would appreciate it.
      Version of VS 2015: 14.0.25421.03 Update 3
      Logs from install:
      [2010:160C][2016-06-30T09:13:15]i052: Condition 'WixBundleInstalled OR NOT(NetFx45Release < 378675) OR (WixBundleAction=2)' evaluates to true.
      [2010:160C][2016-06-30T09:13:15]i052: Condition 'WixBundleInstalled OR VS2015DevEnvExists OR VS2015WebExpressExists OR (WixBundleAction=2)' evaluates to true.
      [2010:160C][2016-06-30T09:13:15]i052: Condition 'WixBundleInstalled OR (((VS2015CommunityUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420) OR (VS2015ProfessionalUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420) OR (VS2015EnterpriseUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420)) OR (VS2015WebExpressUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420)) OR (SKIP_VSU_CHECK=1) OR (WixBundleAction=2)' evaluates to false.
      [2010:160C][2016-06-30T09:13:15]e000: This product requires Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 or later. Please install Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 or later, then install this product again.
      [2010:160C][2016-06-30T09:13:15]e000: Error 0x81f40001: Bundle condition evaluated to false: WixBundleInstalled OR (((VS2015CommunityUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420) OR (VS2015ProfessionalUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420) OR (VS2015EnterpriseUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420)) OR (VS2015WebExpressUpdateVersion >= v14.0.25420)) OR (SKIP_VSU_CHECK=1) OR (WixBundleAction=2)
      [2010:160C][2016-06-30T09:13:15]i199: Detect complete, result: 0x0
    • I got the exact same thing.  Waiting for the VS 2015 update first now.
    • @schardag/@YsFred4, this is a known issue with Visual Studio Update 3. The issue is that the underlying feed that drives the update is not being updated. Other customers who reported the same issue said that the feed got updated eventually but might take several trials. Our setup team is looking into this and I am following up to see when they will have the issue fixed and whether there is a workaround.
    • Here is a workaround that worked for some users - Go to a command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns then reboot.
    • I have installed update 3 but I'm still getting this error. Log file says VS2015CommunityUpdateVersion is 14.0.25123 but help window says Visual Studio 2015 with Update 3.
    • I too receive this. ipconfig work around didn't work.
    • Check this thread
      TL-DR: install it by running with SKIP_VSU_CHECK parameter
      DotNetCore.1.0.0-VS2015Tools.Preview2.exe SKIP_VSU_CHECK=1
    • Excelent solution Zeratul Works fine.
  • Install Error with Hash mismatch
    4 Posts | Last post Tue 2:53 PM
    • I tried for 3 times for installing the DotNetCore.1.0.0-VS2015Tools.Preview2.exe, but all of were failed and show same error "Hash mismatch".
      Is any one can help to fix this problem?
      Here is the error log:
      Error 0x80091007: Hash mismatch for path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\.unverified\WebToolsExtensionsVS14, expected: F752395980A6E1BB22418B359BB959EDA4564228, actual: 4EEA4284E7F482D551EF2681C0279CBD2FEF60E5
      [1A00:0E8C][2016-07-13T13:52:27]e000: Error 0x80091007: Failed to verify hash of payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14
      [1A00:0E8C][2016-07-13T13:52:27]e310: Failed to verify payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14 at path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\.unverified\WebToolsExtensionsVS14, error: 0x80091007. Deleting file.
      [1A00:0E8C][2016-07-13T13:52:27]e000: Error 0x80091007: Failed to cache payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14
      [1844:0864][2016-07-13T13:52:27]e314: Failed to cache payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14 from working path: C:\Users\top_d\AppData\Local\Temp\{1DD8A883-3241-44BF-A405-CB44A7FCD336}\WebToolsExtensionsVS14, error: 0x80091007.
      [1844:0864][2016-07-13T13:52:27]e349: Application requested retry of payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14, encountered error: 0x80091007. Retrying...
      [1844:0864][2016-07-13T13:52:27]w343: Prompt for source of package: WebToolsExtensionsVS14, payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14, path: D:\top_d\Downloads\packages\WebToolsExtensionsVS14_rc2_39.msi
      [1844:0864][2016-07-13T13:52:30]i338: Acquiring package: WebToolsExtensionsVS14, payload: WebToolsExtensionsVS14, download from:
      [1A00:0E8C][2016-07-13T13:53:54]e000: Error 0x80091007: Hash mismatch for path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\.unverified\WebToolsExtensionsVS14, expected: F752395980A6E1BB22418B359BB959EDA4564228, actual: 4EEA4284E7F482D551EF2681C0279CBD2FEF60E5
      [1A00:0E8C][2016-07-13T13:53:54]e000: Error 0x80091007: Failed to verify hash of payload: WebToolsEx
    • Hello, this problem has been solved? Please share it with me.
      I've had the same problem.
      WebToolsExtensionsVS14_rc2_39.msi This file is corrupted.
    • Hi DLDJL
      Sorry , it's not solved.  
    • Does your computer use 3rd party disk encryption?  I had issues with Dell's encryption messing up MD5s on MSDN ISOs.
  • Missing nuget packages
    1 Posts | Last post July 14, 2016
    • I am installing this but I always get stucked close to the end because of missing package for nuget tools. I think I have the latest version installed separately but this NetCore installer looks for the specific version.
      I have VS 2015 Ent update 3 installed
      > I search and I cant find a way to download the version directly, failed.
      > I tried to hack the package cache by creating the folder and copy the new MSI, failed.
      > I copy my colleague package package but the specific version is not listed there either.
      C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{E57FDCC5-5E29-3BDE-B24F-0031FDD2D6EE}v3.1.60717.741\packages\WPT\
  • Configure ESLint
    2 Posts | Last post July 08, 2016
    • Hi, how do I configure eslint? Usually one can just drop an .eslint.json file into their project folder but that doesn't work. I also tried the solution folder.
      I get a zillion compiler errors due to white-space which doesn't matter so why is it a compiler error by default?!
    • Hi @CarlinScott, can you post your question on Thanks!
  • install offline
    2 Posts | Last post July 06, 2016
    • I have run into issue when I tried instal this extension machine without internet.
      Is there any possible way to do it ?
      Thank you in advance,
      Martin Bodocky
    • Hi Martin
      The EXE is just a bootstrapper that downloads everything it needs. You can create an offline install, e.g. if you wanted to have it staged on a server, but it would need to download everything at least once.
      For example, if you take the EXE and then from a commandline run: <EXE> /layout C:\NetCoreTools, it will download all the individual MSIs in the bootstrapper and place them under C:\NetCoreTools\packages, including the EXE itself. At this point you can run the EXE locally and it will try to resolve the packages locally from that folder before trying to go online.
      We didn't create a static image because the bootstrapper actually wraps other bootstrappers, e.g. .NET Core SDK that in turn would try to pull down other dependencies such as the C++ redists. A static image is also quite large ( > 500MB). We've seen some issues in the past where a single large file like that can get corrupted.
  • Why is this update happening?
    7 Posts | Last post July 06, 2016
    • Why is this extension getting updated for users who are not using .NET Core? This is a RC release, seems like this update shouldn't be getting pushed to everyone.
      After installing this update (14.1.20512.0), NPM is installing packages that were not previously getting installed and this initially broke our front-end build process.
      I've tried rolling back(unsuccessfully) by repairing VS and by modifying the installation. The previous version was 14.1.11106.0 - if anyone knows how to rollback to that version, let me know. Also, thoughts on why a RC update is getting pushed to everyone, including non-Core users, would be helpful.
    • I've just uninstalled and reinstalled VS Community 2015 and my project still will not load and it says it's incompatible. Thanks Microsoft for breaking my program. It worked fine before the updates but now will not work. I guess that now the software is free and open source, the quality is going down.
    • I've managed to revert update. You need to uninstall this update, and then install WebToolsExtensionsVS14.msi from here -> It's previous version - 14.1.11106.0. 
      After that delete {your_solution}\.vs\config\applicationhost.config file.
    • Yes, I think Microsoft shouldn't "push" users either to the new technology (even when I love it). It's something that it is discouraging many developers around the globe, specially when this break things that were working just fine minutes ago (like other developers said). 
      Again, I love the idea of Universal app, I really do. But for everyone's sake -including Microsoft's reputation and sales- please put emphasis on marketing and evangelize more.
    • required update 3?
    • @mpavkov, the update is for both web tooling in general and .NET Core tooling. The bits for web tooling is RTM quality whereas NET Core tooling is Preview quality. If you are not interested in .NET Core tooling, it shouldn't affect your web tooling in general.
      In general, if you run into issues, please open them on as it has richer support for discussions like this.
      Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
    • @regal60740, please open an issue on and we will follow up with you there. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Fantastic
    5 Posts | Last post May 25, 2016
    • I love web forms!
    • what about mvc?and show your reason?
    • Mvc doesn't have the fantastic world of the "event handler", "autopostback" and "binding". Every time you have to do something with mvc you have to write some cryptic javascript and lose a lot of debug time.
      mvc files: controller / js (every time a lot) / css / cshtml / viewmodel + (business + model)
      webform files: aspx + (code behind) / css + .. some time a little js + (business + model)
      - 5 files to switch to write vs 3,5 file
      - a lot of js to eventhandler/binding etc...
      Webforms optimized (asp:linkbutton + asp:ddl + asp:repeater + asp:button + viewstatemode=disabled + autoeventwireup=disabled + ashx) vs mvc = (development time) 1 : 100
    • @Bertsoft I'm sorry but you're way wrong,,,
      I'd the honor of working on ASP.NET WEB FORMS and MVC with entity framework, not only that I also had worked on CLASSIC ASP and my opinion is web development has never been easier with MVC...
      Actually I don't write any java script more than what I usually did with web forms, Of course there are new libraries and framework but hey that's evolution after all...
      FINALLY: I'm really sorry for my bad English,,, see English is not my first language...
    • @Bertasoft I have to agree with everyone else.  I've been using ASP since it was first created back in the 90s, and MVC is by far the best of all worlds.  In fact, it is in some ways very similar to Classic ASP, with .NET replacing all of the awful VBScript.  Plus, with MVC (and especially in ASP.NET Core) you have full control over all aspects of the rendered HTML.  In WebForms, you have very limited control, even with overrides, and you don't have any useful helpers.
      Once you learn how to fully use all of the libraries (i.e. jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.), you'll see just how powerful and easy MVC and Razor is to work with.  Much more so than WebForms could ever hope to be.  Speed wise, they are night and day as well.  WebForms is extremely slow, as it must recreate every control on every page load.  Give MVC a chance, you might just like it.  :)
  • Uninstall
    2 Posts | Last post May 20, 2016
    • After installing that "update" I can't develop on my ASP5-project any longer. I get thousands of errors.
      What can I do to revert the update?
    • RC2 is essentially the move from DNX (ASP.NET 5) to .NET Core and ASP.NET Core.
      I'd suggest taking a look at and maybe posting questions there
  • Setup failed
    3 Posts | Last post May 20, 2016
    • I try to install Core 1.0.0 RC 2 Tooling Preview 1. I have the latest Visual Studio Entreprise 14.0.25029.00 Update 2 RC.
      Setup failed - this product requires Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 or later. Help needed...
    • @domenichH. This update requires the RTM version of Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. The version for that is 14.0.25123.00
    • Apologies @Paul_DK, the reply was intended for you.
  • Changelong Link Request
    7 Posts | Last post May 18, 2016
    • This was updated again today, and I would like to request (as they did in previous comments from 2012) that at least a link to the changelog (blog or whatever) be put in the description.  That is much easier than having to come to click the Q and A or Reviews tab and copy and paste a URL into the address bar of my browser.
      The more you make your potential user do to get the info they need, the less likely they are to use your product.
    • Thumbs up for this, still struggling to find the changelog... it should be very easy to see it.
    • Hi
      You can find more details about the changes in RC1 at
    • You do realize that your reply was the exact opposite of what we asked for, correct?  Why is it so hard to put that URL in a link on the description?  You can obviously link stuff there as there is a link to a KB article dealing with addressed security issues.  That's cool and all, but is that all this update addresses?  I ask because one of the comments on the reviews tab says this update breaks CSHTML editing.  Well... That and there is no change log link in the description (like we keep asking for).  finally, a blog != change log.
      Here is the break down of what is being requested.
      1. Create a clickable link to the changelog.
      2. Place it in the Description tab
      3. If the change log has been classified by the US government as Top Secret, then at least a clickable link to leading to the page discussing the latest changes.  The markup link might look like this: <a href=''>Learn more...</a>
      I apologize for ranting, but your reply almost feels deliberately disrespectful considering my original post.
    • I concur with @Opus The Krokus for the same reasons he outlined in his Feb 09, 2016 comment. I would *really* like to know what was added or modified before applying any updates.
      - Thank you for your support, I home the team will strongly consider this feature.
    • haha,but microsoft still didn`t consider this feature.we all are confused!
    • We now added a link like you suggested. Thanks for your feedback!
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