PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio 2015


A set of tools for developing and debugging PowerShell scripts and modules in Visual Studio.

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by casperln | October 28 2015

good work, a few comments

ctrl-c to copy is non-functional in the powershell interactive window

msbuild integration is non-functional

by anonmous | October 23 2015

Although I appreciate that it must have taken a lot of time and effort to put together this tool, and that it must have functionality that is useful for many people, it is hard to recommend a tool that doesn't work with include files and for which there is no response to questions about said functionality.

by Mark.Orlassino | October 18 2015

Thank you!

by Ruud Borst | October 14 2015


by DAngeline | October 07 2015

Glad to see this actually happened Adam. Nice job!! Congratulations

by Hernan Veiras | September 09 2015

Great tool! please add support for formatting (CTRL + K + D)

by Sean Liming | August 23 2015

Nice to have scripting out of VS, PowerShell ISE is still a little more light weight.

by Steve Rathbone | August 05 2015

Keep going guys - this is phenomenal!

big thank you to all involved, including the pester team!

by Ilia101 | July 28 2015

Very nice ! Thanks !

by Alexandr Biryukov | July 24 2015

It is very useful, thank you!

by Kjetil Tonstad | June 24 2015

Very useful

by Ken Cenerelli | May 28 2015

Love the functionality!

by ti831 | May 12 2015

by Igor Abade V. Leite | May 12 2015

Love it! I'm using PoshTools to build my TFS administration module (http://github.com/igoravl/tfscmdlets).

Writing PowerShell code inside Visual Studio with PoshTools is a breeze - in fact, it's quite enjoyable! :-)

by Alexander Romanov | April 20 2015

by aL3891 | April 20 2015

Really great stuff!
How far off do you think dsc resource class support is?
that and being able to build a module so that it's deployed
into the module path would be really cool!

Adam R Driscoll April 21 2015
| Edit |

Can you describe what you're looking for in DSC support? With the recent addition of x64 support, DSC should work.

As for the deployment of a module, I agree. That would be a great feature. Please feel free to throw some Issues up on GitHub about either of these.

by Roy Mayfield | April 04 2015

The Bomb. Solved Source Control Hell. Epicness.
'nuff said ;)

by eliassal | March 30 2015

Great tool
I downloaded, setup the tools and fired VS 2013 premium, created a script project but I am not getting the Intellisense
I have WMF 5 Feb preview on win 8.1 box
Should it work correctly or not because of WMF 5?
Thanks in advance

Adam R Driscoll April 02 2015
| Edit |

Hey there. You might want to try the latest dev build. aka.ms/Get-PoshTools

by albertcp | March 03 2015

by Yatajga | February 20 2015

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  • Include files not getting pulled in...
    2 Posts | Last post Thu 2:11 AM
    • Hi, I have a file, main.ps1, which includes other files such as 'Credentials.ps1' that have functions which are made use of within main.ps1. In the ISE, there is no problem as long as I have set the current directory properly. However, from within VS, when I try to execute main.ps1 via 'Execute as Script', I get errors such as:
      The term '.\Helpers\Credentials.ps1' is not recognized as the name 
      [ERROR] of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of 
      [ERROR] the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try 
      [ERROR] again.
      I am using VS 2015 with PowerShell Tools version 3.0.163.
      How do I get my includes to be included?
    • Set up project's working directory (select Project in the Solution Explorer, then set it in the Properties pane)
      -or Use absolute paths in the dot-sourced paths (as these are usually relative to $PSScriptRoot, you can call Join-Path $PSScriptRoot 'IncludedFile.ps1')
      -or Modify $PWD by issueing Push-Location $PSScriptRoot before the dot-source statement.
  • Visual Studio Code
    1 Posts | Last post November 14, 2015
    • Does this happen to run in Visual Studio Code?
  • No Intellisense on Hashtables
    1 Posts | Last post November 12, 2015
    • I'd love to be able to use a hashtable kinda like an enum and get IntelliSense on it. If you can auto-discover the functions in the file and give me IntelliSense on them then why not a hashtable too? Obviously you wouldn't be able to discover values that get added at runtime. But what about values added inline?
      Let's say that in this code fragment my cursor was at the end of line 7 and I had just typed the '.'
          1: $deploymentStages = @{
          2:     BeforeDeployment = 0
          3:     AfterDeploymentToStaging = 1
          4:     AfterMiddleLayerVipSwap = 2
          5:     AfterFrontEndVipSwap = 3
          6: }
          7: $stage = $deploymentStages.  <-- Just typed '.' here
      I'd love it if the IntelliSense pop-up here dynamically included the values I've defined above.
  • Syntax highlighting stopped working v.3.0.292
    5 Posts | Last post November 12, 2015
    • Not sure if it is just me, but it appears that with the last update, it now has an issue with string expansion causing highlighting to not work properly.  Also, the update wiped out previous manually configured colors for powershell syntax and it reset to default...
      $PredNode = $QueryDef.SelectNodes("//Definitions/Definition/Predicates/Predicate[@arg=$($Token[$i])]")
      it fails at the $($Token[$i])]...   basically, seems to have issues with the dollar $ used within quoted strings...  once it hits the problem, all subsequent highlighting appears pretty much the same color.  Remove the offending statement, and it starts highlighting properly again.
      I've uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.
    • I just installed the tools for the first time, I'm just trying out Visual Studio for my PowerShell Dev work, mainly for the Version Control integration.  I was a bit confused when the syntax highlighting seemed to go wrong halfway through the first function I opened up.
    • Hey guys. It's a known issue and I'll be uploading a resolved build this morning.
      Please download this in the interim.
    • I just uploaded the build to fix this. 
    • That fixed it, thanks for the speedy response!
  • Multiple Interactive Windows....
    2 Posts | Last post November 08, 2015
    • Is there any way to run multiple Interactive Windows?  
      What I would like to do is essentially have two simultaneous remote sessions; one connected to Exchange Online and one Exchange On Premises. 
      Then I could build the profile so that it will generate the windows and execute the New-PSSession assigned to each. I actually have PowerShell ISE setup like this and it makes management of multiple environments so much easier than using -Prefix on Import-Session or entering/exiting sessions. Upon launching ISE, two tabs are created and each runs a defined remote session.  All defined within the ISE Profile.
      Looking through the code on GitHub now but figured I would ask. :)
    • That isn't possible at the moment but we've talked about doing it for the very reason you ask. I think there may be a GH issue on it? I'll have to look. 
  • Pester does not find function in module
    2 Posts | Last post November 02, 2015
    • I have a single function named ConvertFrom-Int32 in a PSTools Module file skeleton (generated by the tool), but the Pester unit test does not find it. What should I be setting up in order for it to work?
    • Are you importing the module in your test scripts? 
  • Modify script
    2 Posts | Last post November 02, 2015
    • After I modified a script, the PowerShell Interactive Window or debugger is not picking up the latest. Did I miss some settings?
    • That's strange. That should just work. Can you grab a log? 
  • New File instead of New Project?
    2 Posts | Last post November 02, 2015
    • Any way of just doing CTRL-N and selecting a (blank) powershell file with no name and start typing with Powershell Intellisense?
      I dont want to start a project, I just want an empty powershell file in the IDE that I may or may not save.
      Best I can do is do a new Text file, and then save it as a .ps1, but often I just need a scratch space.
    • Sure. I think we need to modify the item teplates. Could you open an issue for it? 
  • PS Tools does not run in highest PS Version
    2 Posts | Last post November 02, 2015
    • I have recently ungraded from PS 3.0 to 5.0 on windows 8.1. PS ISE had no issues with automatically picking up the upgrade and runs 5.0. Unfortunately I have had no luck in changing the version of PS running within Visual Studios PowerShell tools. When running Get-Host, I am still seeting 3.0. 
      Any help would be much appreciated. 
    • Solved. 
  • When debugging in VS 2015, unable to change variables and set next statement.
    1 Posts | Last post October 27, 2015
    • I recently installed PowerShell tools using PowerShellTools.14.0.vsix. However, I am unable to perform certain functions when debugging a PowerShell script in VS 2015.
      I have my PowerShell script open in VS 2015.  Then I set a few breakpoints.  I click Shift+Alt+F5 to start debugging the script.  So far so good.  I reach the first breakpoint but I’m unable to “Set next statement”.  I tried from the Debug menu and by dragging the yellow circle to the desired line.  I get this error. "File does not exactly match the original version."  However, disabling the setting for “Require source files to exactly match the original version” did not resolve the problem.
      I’m also unable to change a value of a variable.  In the Watch window, it does not allow the Value column to be edited.
      Thanks for any assistance you can provide!
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