Attach to w3wp.exe processes.

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2015, 2013, 2012
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by valamas | February 17 2015

This is the king of one click attachment initiators. Even better, you don't need to select which w3wp.exe process, it just knows. Spiffy.

I customized my toolbar to include Trevor as an icon I can just click on.

Thank you very much for this.

by GGSanthosh | January 13 2015

by weggetor | December 03 2013

Like this! Only thing that lacks is the possibility to select which w3wp.exe task should be attached to if running multiple instances

by LordStrange | November 05 2013

Does what it claims cleanly and with no caveats.
This is a feature that VS should already have and I'm glad Mr. Piotrowski filled in this gap.

Super odd name though :)

by lmanapure | October 28 2013

Very handy and useful!

by Jolebas | July 11 2013

Simple enough to be very, very useful
Thanks for that!

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  • Not working with VS2013 after updating to 3.0
    6 Posts | Last post August 21, 2015
    • Since the update, this extension doesn't work for me in VS 2013. Ideas?
    • Should be working right now. Please check.
    • Hmm, nope, still doesn't seem to work. It installs fine, but when I go to Tools > Trevor, it doesn't do anything.
    • jakelauer2 please check the things below:
      - run VS as Administrator
      - site should be configured on local IIS and the IIS should be up and running (look for w3wp.exe processes in Tas Manager)
      - try to set up some breakpoint(s) in the code
      If still not working please let me know about the exact version of VS you are using.
    • Hi, i have same problem, worked fine till trevor update, use  Premium 2013 update 4 (12.0.31101.00)
    • Hi Sebastian,
      I tried too. I have VS2012 update 5 also installed and after that it doesnt work also.
      Reinstalled the plugin, removed and rebooted pc but nothing seems to help.
      Version: 12.0.40629.00 update 5