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Productivity Power Tools


A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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Visual Studio
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5 Star
by AlbertoMonteiro | September 26 2016

5 Star
by Augusto Cedeño | April 14 2016

Muy útil

5 Star
by RavichandranK | February 26 2016

Nice tool

5 Star
by JohnWilson65 | February 17 2016

It's about time this becomes a VS default

4 Star
by pmdci | February 02 2016

So good that it should be part of the core VS experience, not an extension!

5 Star
by Ruud Borst | November 03 2015


5 Star
by santakdalai90 | October 14 2015

5 Star
by Vinod Pankajakshan | October 08 2015

Very useful set to tools.

5 Star
by taking dumps while taking names | July 29 2015

One of the best extensions around, highly recommend.

4 Star
by Darien Pardinas | June 09 2015

It would be good if the selected tab could be made more distinctive by setting the file name with bold font.

5 Star
by Ammar.Zaied | February 13 2015

Good plugin !

5 Star
by gimystic | January 20 2015

5 Star
by 独立观察员 | December 31 2014


1 Star
by Perrin Larson | September 12 2014

This addon is EXTREMELY annoying. I downloaded it for VS 2012 because I wanted the special scroll bars with code previews built in. I got those, and they are neat, but I got them along with a HOST of problems.
Including, but not limited too:

1) Sometimes, when trying to double click a var or type name to select the whole word, it now turn it into a link between the 1st and second click, so that I get messed up by going to the item definition instead of selecting the word. It does this inconsistently too, so I never know when it will happen.
2) When changing settings, it sometimes likes to change my color scheme without my permission.
3) Code coloring sometimes gets messed up. Most notably Struct names, like System.Guid, which now gets inconsistently colored as either Automatic black, or the default teal of type names.
4) Automatic indentation sometimes gets messed up at apparently random times. For example,
Sometimes it will indent properly, like:
if () {
[indent][cursor here]
and sometimes it will MASSIVELY over indent my cursor, like:
if () {
[indent][indent][indent][indent][cursor here]

Overall, I rate this addon as AWEFUL AWEFUL AWEFUL! Do NOT use!

5 Star
by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

1 Star
by Barry Seymour | June 18 2014

I have to say I HATE the new find/replace dialog in VS 2013. This pack brings that awful dialog to Visual Studio 2010.

Alan Cooper, the father of the original Visual Basic, said the functionality of the programs you write must be 'discoverable.' Microsoft has been moving further and further away from this over the past ten years. First they hid the underlining under menu shortcut keys. Then they hid the menus by default in Windows. Then they added ribbons with godawful three-part (or more)keyboard shortcuts.

Now we have this ridiculously minimal and buggy find / replace dialog. What are the keyboard shortcuts to specify things like 'search by entire word' or 'match case?' No where to be found! You have to click with the mouse to drop down the options, then select one. Too many clicks, too tiny a font. Very often after making such selections, the enter key does not initiate the search -- have to press F3. I hate hate hate it.

I uninstalled this productivity pack just because it made those changes to the find/replace dialog in VS 2010.

4 Star
by bcollie | June 13 2014

Pinned tabs are great and the solution navigator is pretty good as well. I would like to see the files sorted when Open, Unsaved or Edited filters are active.

4 Star
by Shreeharsh Ambli | April 17 2014

essential for older VS version for sure

4 Star
by afasfdadsfgsafwef | March 21 2014

Tab well colors and grouping are very helpful. Only additional feature I would like to see added would be a multilevel tab well when it is in the top or bottom position (like in the Tabs Studio extension, see link). Having the tabs on the side wastes a lot of screen space and you still can't read long file names.

4 Star
by diffS | March 11 2014

I wish the Solution Navigator search should be increase the Speed and should Support wild card along with camel Case search.

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  • Intuitive Tooltip
    3 Posts | Last post July 21, 2010
    • The latest update's introduction of interactive tooltip is annoying, the tooltips are way to intuitive, so can we have a way to turn them off please?
      They appear all sort of places they never appeared before, and way to quickly. 
    • Hi Claus,
      You can turn off the tool tips from Tools -> Options -> Productivity Power Tools -> Solution Navigator -> Enable Interactive ToolTips. 
    • Hi Sean
      And I thought I had looked everywhere ;) Thanks a lot!
  • Quick Access Crash
    2 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • Trying to use Quick Access to open a specific page in the options dialog (e.g. Fonts and Colors) has no effect when the option is selected with the Enter key (other than closing the QA window) and causes the IDE to crash if you click on the item. Seems to work for other things like menu items.
      Thanks for the great extension.
    • I'm able to type in "fonts" (Environment->Fonts and Colors) is highlighted and press Enter and it takes me directly to the options page.  Can you send a mail to westonh AT and I'll give you instructions to upload a crash dump so we can further debug the issue?
  • Keyboard shorcuts
    4 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • Any way to change keyboard shorcuts? We have a problem with spanish keyboard and AltGr+1 or AltGr+2 shorcuts (those are for | and @)
    • I am able to reproduce this, please fix asap! Keep up the good work
    • Awesome extension!!
      Same problem here. Hope next version gets corrected.
    • Love the ctrl-click feature but would love to choose a different key.  Just typing in the editor and hitting the ctrl-key will of course highlight text based on where the mouse is, which is distracting, but a bigger issue for me is that I frequently ctrl-clicked to grab the whole word.
  • Tab Colors
    2 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • After last update i seen changing of tab color - selected tab has gardient color. How I make selected tab color non-gradient? Old behavior was more readable and comfort for look.
    • Hi,
      Please take a look at this blog post to see how you can return to the old behavior:
  • Problem with Solution Navigator window in Full Screen mode
    1 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • I just found another problem with Solution Navigator window. While it is open at the right hand side, if you move to full screen mode of VS2010, the window remains at the right side. It never hides like other window like Solution Explorer, Property Window etc.
      Hope you will fix it in the next release.
  • Problem with Solution Navigator Tooltip and Resharper Tooltip
    1 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • First of all I want to admit it is an awesome extension, fully 10/10. But while using it along with resharper 5.1 I am facing some compatibility issue. Things like Solution Navigator tooltip and resharper tooltip; both are coming at same place while hovering over the code and resharper is overriding the solution navigator. Can you guys please do something so that I can use both the features without problem. Honestly I can't give up resharper, but I want to use this extension also as well. I am eagerly waiting for a solution.
      Thanks again for this awesome extension. 
  • Sorting of projects in the Solution Navigator
    3 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • The sorting of projects in the Solution Navigator seems broken. I have a solution with 21 projects, separated among 3 solution folders. The order in which the projects are listed in the Solution Navigator does not match the order of the Solution Explorer (which is alphabetical). The solution folders themselves appear in the correct alphabetical order.
      In fact, I have re-opened my solution and the order of projects has /changed/, which is even worse than incorrect-but-stable sorting.
    • Sorry about this problem!  In the current version, contents of Solution Folders aren't being sorted correctly, and are displayed in the order the solution returns them in (which may be arbitrary).  We will get this fixed for the next release.
    • Hello
      I found a bug in Solution Navigator (Productivity Power Tools)(10.0.10710.22)
      When press Collapse All button (second in top of Solution Navigator window)
      filter "Open" for solution work incorrect, it display full project
      structure but must be empty.
  • Automatic Brace Completion affects Intellisense
    1 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • I've just updated to the new version, and love the changes.  However, I've had to disable automatic brace completion because it appears to screw with intellisense.  
      For an example, if you have a function which takes an enum as an argument, the normal behaviour is to open the intellisense window and navigate to the enum, so you can just type . followed by the enum member name.  However, with automatic brace completion enabled, the intellisense window is opened, but remains at the top of the list.  I suspect this has something to do with the extension moving the cursor in order to add the closing brackets.
  • The extension could not be installed because...
    2 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • "The specified path, file name, or both are too long. blah blah blah..."
      I get this error while trying to update the extension.
      Anyone have a work-around?
    • ChuckC,
      Are you using WindowsXP?  If so there is a known issue with the Productivity Power Tools having too long of a name when you take into account the contents of the zip file.  We've shortened the names so you should be able to install now.  There is also a workaround mentionned below to rename the .vsix to .zip and install it to the correct location under AppData.
  • Why Power Tools ignore custom color for selected tab
    5 Posts | Last post July 20, 2010
    • After install the Update this morning, Power Tools ignore the colour settings:
      Can anyone help me??
    • Similar for me: 
      Something wrong with selected tab color. I have ForceFlatColors=true and UseCustomColorForSelected=false, and my selected tab has gradient effect but other buttons have flat color.
    •  1 to this. I'm greatly annoyed by the fact it didn't keep the tab colors as always. Now it's with an awful blue with yellow gradient which I dislike a lot. Why couldn't it be left as it was, and add an option to change it? now not even registry settings work :/...
      :( this makes me want to give a -1 :(
    • The changes made to the default tab color for the selected tab made me have to change this registry key. Sorry about that. I will be updating the blog post soon with this change. In the meantime, please try running the command below. It will have the same effect as the old registry key, using default VS colors for the selected tab:
      reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\DialogPage\Microsoft.DocWellBehavior.ColorGeneralOptions /v SelectedOption /t REG_SZ /d VS /f
    • That fixes the problem. Thanks! :D Hope to see it fixed in the next version, and thanks for the reply :)
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