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A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by NassimJD | April 28 2011

by Fichtenelch | April 28 2011

Helped me a lot in Development. Ctrl-Click, Document Tab Well and some keyboard shortcuts are on my "Never want to miss" list! Install and use it.

by Aravind PK | April 27 2011

So far, awesome! By saying "so far", i mean, its cool and great. but i occasionally get issues and Ctrl-click feature can be disabled or give some handler, as we use ctrl-click to select the whole word right? many +s and few or countable -s only. Thanks for this plugin.

-- Apr27, 2011:
I have Issues with this:

I have few issues and noted those. the quick find or compact find (New) feature is not picking up the selected text once its already opened.
1) press ctrl+f to find some texts. the control will be visible.
2) select another word and press ctrl+f, the new selected word will not be picked for search.

Quick help or description of a method, is not auto-hiding when we move out of that method or its scope. When we scroll out of that method, still that method info control is visible.

by Alexandre Mutel | April 26 2011

This is a great extension BUT I had to uninstall it due to repetitive crash of Visual Studio 2010, especially while trying to debug an application (not to mention I was not able to debug any unmanaged application).

I did debug devenv.exe to see what was wrong and found that PowerTools is setting a property for a visual debug sheet (don't remember exactly the name) that was outside the range.

So, to make it clear, If your Visual Studio 2010 keeps crashing and you have Power Tools installed, try to remove it.

by ungoul | April 24 2011

After extensive testing (installing/de-installing/disabling) of all extensions in my library of extensions, I have come to the conclusion that the following IDE crash is being caused by Microsoft's Productivity Tools extension:

When rapid scrolling with the Mouse thumbnail against a fairly large .cs source file (2000 + lines of code), the IDE goes down with 'Visual Studio has encountered a problem and has to restart (i am paraphrasing the exact verbiage). The IDE then shuts down and restarts. This is repeatable consistently.

I have had to deinstall the extension - disabling alone does not solve the problem.... I would hope Microsoft addresses this problem as the Productivity Suite has many useful tools and I would like to re-install it.

by jeje003 | April 23 2011

BUG REPORT for VERSION 10.0.20318.14

There is unhandled "a regular expression parsing error" exception in this tool which causes crash of whole IDE immediately.

A regular expression parsing error (System.ArgumentException) occurs in case of try to use new Quick Find/Replace functionality while user enters an unparsable .NET Regular Expression into find/replace popup of this tool while Search option in this popup is set to Use Regular Expression.

For sample, try to use this expression without enclosing quotes:


by Omie | April 21 2011

by SlavoIngilizov | April 20 2011

This thing has been bugging me for a while:

I've customized the color for highlighting the selected line, because I'm using a non-default color theme. This resets to the default color for the highlighted line (for the plugin) every time I restart VS. The problem is fixed if I go into the options for fonts and colors and just click OK.

Otherwise, a great extension.

by sudarsan srinivasan | April 20 2011

I like most of the features from the powertools, except the find replace window. The usability is very poor in this. Please update the find replace window's UI. Also there are a couple of bugs in the find replace window. Please fix it and release a patch as it is very annoying currently.

by Rob26 | April 18 2011

Fantastic power tools, install and use asap!

by toto2316 | April 14 2011

by aganariman | April 14 2011

Visual studio is crashed when an Apostrophe character is used in new Find box.

by Xatter | April 13 2011

by Michael Proctor | April 12 2011

The additions that are introduced with this is absolutely brilliant.

I would love to have an option for the tab well to have two rows, one for code and one for visual designers. At the moment I just pin code windows at the moment, however would be great to have it automatic.

Anyhow keep up the great work.

by Robert Koritnik | April 11 2011

BUG report:
Version: 10.0.20318.14

Whenever I try to do a Find&Replace (I'm using the top right corner simple F&R provided by PPT) on a SQL file and use Regular expressions PPT crashes Visual Studio 2010.

The first key I hit in the find text box Visual Studio crashes.

Can anybody else confirm that this is a bug?

P.S. I couldn't find any link for reporting bugs so I'm reporting it here.

by Capslock66 | April 09 2011

Version 10.0.20318.14

The enhanced scrollbar is good (copy of AllMargins plugin).

Always the SAME problem with Belgium keyboard : the "Alt Gr" key must be used to enter the "[" key.
It's no more possible to enter that key somewhere on a line, just on an empty line :
The power tools use this combination of key for "Align Assignments".

by | April 09 2011

this plugin messed up all my C++ intellisense that was remaining in Visual C++.... now it is like C++/CLI.

Great tools for C# development.

Please make this tool such a way that it will not mess up my Visual C++.


by Andre at GreatSoft | April 07 2011

This is a neat set of tools and I this is indeed making me more productive with the exception one little annoying cotcha.
On a PC with two monitors running in extended dislpay mode and the Document Well 2010 Plus turned on with Floating Docs
settings: Enable floating tab well = True, Enable independeent floating tablwell = True, Float documents by default = False - When one drag an aspx page or xaml page to the secondary monitor and you close the solution without closing any open pags on the secondary monitor - or move it it back and dock it in the main IDE tabs, Visual studio crashes the next time you open the solution. - The work-around is to delete the solution .suo file.
Really annoying...

by sdehart | April 04 2011

The Find feature is really a problem for me.

- It hijacked my F3 and Ctrl+F shortcuts and routed them to its find dialog instead of the normal advanced one.
- it doesn't pre-populate the find text with my last search.
- worst of all: I can't use the up/down arrows on the text box to scroll through previous search terms. This is the main reason I get so mad that it's hard to get to the advanced dialog! Otherwise I would be fine with using this one.

I'm still rating 4 stars because the tools overall are excellent. I've been using them since I got VS 2010. I found them right away after I realized VS 2010 took away the close button on individual tabs and made you use the single close button on the right of the tab bar.

by RodolphoSa | April 02 2011


Rodolpho Sá

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      typical use case is to select multiple lines of text, BUT NOT the entire start and finish of the first and last line and press ctrl+l. expected result is all content from all selected lines will be cut from the document. actual result is that text that was not fully selected on the first and last line of the multi-line selection is then left behind and another ctrl+l is required to get rid of it.
      if the productivity power tools plugin is disabled or uninstalled the default visual studio behavior is restored so this plugin is definitely causing this bug.
    • For this feature, I discovered that it's a bug that comes from HTML Copy feature, simply turning it off, solved my problem.
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