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A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by sky man | March 08 2011

Very good but still miss Metal Scroll. This is still the best so far and I hope you implement this in the add on.

Also why not implement Highlight Multi-word

into your scroll bar so that multi-highlights can be seen.

by Richard Slater | March 06 2011

Some duplicated functionality between PPT and CodeRush but equally there is a lot of great visual studio improvements that none of the productivity tools (CodeRush, Resharper or Telerik JustCode) offer.

by Keith Schaab | March 06 2011

The solution explorer and add reference tools are real productivity and sanity savers!

by BenyBlack | March 05 2011

my ide did crashed several times (on renaming control in winform designer), i attach vs procces to another ans see a null reference exception from Microsoft.PowerTool. finaly i disables powertools and then everything is ok now.
my powertools is uptodate at this time (30.05.2010)

by N L V | March 05 2011

Very useful set of tools!

by stevencohn | March 04 2011

In general still as useful as previous version but has two problem areas that I would like see fixed.

First, the new Find conflicts with both Edit.Find and Edit.GotoFindCombo; if you use only the new Find it works OK but then F3 no longer works to proceed to next instance. You CAN disable this feature without disabling the entire extension; just turn off the "Quick Find" feature. Honestly, other than the bright yellow highlighting, I don't see the real advantage of this feature. I bind Ctrl-D to the Edit.GotoFindCombo which works ostensibly the same.

Second, the Fix Mixed Tabs feature has regressed. It properly analyzes and identifies files with mixed tabs. You can click the 'x' to make the toolbar disappear. But if you click "Don't show again", nothing immediately happens - if you then click Tabify or Untabify VS will crash, if you click 'x' nothing happens and the toolbar does not go away.

I hope these descriptions help.

by erickorlando | March 04 2011

Excelentes herramientas en una sola!!!

by R.E. _ | March 03 2011

I removed it after getting tired of the new Find because the keyboard command don’t work: F3 or Alt-F to find the next, Alt-R to replace current, Alt-A to replace all, Tab from the “Find what” to the “Replace with” entries.

by adam0101 | March 03 2011

Disappointed that the Interactive Tooltips that come with the Solution Navigator still do not display the XML comments somewhere. Otherwise great work.

by Bill Leibold | March 03 2011

This update is killing me! Any use of the tabify feature crashes VS. A quick fix would be helpful.

by Benjamin S. Hanson | March 02 2011

I'm only going to talk about the new find feature, because all the others are generally good:

The new find feature is 100x better and much much faster than the built in find. I also like the fact that it always does a search in document and doesn't constantly default to "Search Solution" that can ruin your whole day.. that said - the quick replace is 1000x worse than the built-in and pretty much completely unusable.

I often have the need to do a replace in selection - this is the ONLY time I ever do a replace and it's always in a selection and it's always a 'Replace All'. This now requires about 10x as much effort as before and the default is to replace everything in the document, which is pretty much NEVER what you want.

To kick it all off you can't turn off the new replace without also turning off the new find. So where one saves my life, the other kills it.

by Frinkfree | March 02 2011

The color-coded marker/ui in the scrollbar is very innovative - making use of dead space that previously required a dedicated column in the code view - and with Shift+Click on the scrollbar to go to a specific marker I can navigate very quickly. Other enhancements to functionality are nice, but the quiet little visual cues are what help me most. I only use a fraction of all the functionality in this extension, so it's nice to be able to control usage through the options menu. Great job.

by MuhammedBaykal | March 02 2011

It's a great tool! I wish someday it will be open source...

by Brendon123 | March 01 2011

Useful tool. If find that "In Current Block" and, as others have said "In Selection" are are missed when using the new Find feature - even showing them under the options drop-down would improve things. Yes you can disable a feature if you don't like it, but I'm sure it's useful to have feedback on all the features if any case. This is more productive than the majority of users disabling the feature and not saying anything about it.

by ChrisPfohl | February 28 2011

Useful tool, makes very small improvements to the Visual Studio UI.

"Highlight Current Line" alone makes this tool worth it, although the Tabbing and Solution Navigator features are awesome as well.

Note: Contrary to other reviews, *every* feature can be turned on or off, including the new search feature: Tools//Options: Productivity Power Tools//All Extensions allows you to turn each new feature on or off. "Quick Find" is the new search functionality. I have it currently disabled.

Second note: Replace in Selection is still usable from the normal Find and Replace tool bar which is even usable while the Quick Find is enabled.

by Pankaj Lathiya | February 28 2011

Awesome and 'must have' tool !!

by Ulrich Proeller | February 28 2011

by Tuomas Hietanen | February 28 2011

Enhanced Scrollbar has now the same ability to show errors as ReShaper Marker Bar.

This is the feature I have waited most to be a part of Visual Studio editor. It is a must when you try to refactor class variables away from an old big legacy class.

by Chisp | February 28 2011

Replace in selection is gone, and the new find (which I don't like) can't be turned off.

by Keith Lloyd | February 27 2011

IDE hangs with Version 10.0.20214.15 installed, hence the 1 star rating. Previous version I would give 4 stars. The hang would happen when Silverlight Designer was showing and started a debug session. If I switched to a cs file and debugged then no hang. I would love to go back to the previous version.

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      Like this extension in vs2012 and above.
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    • There's a GDI object resource leak when using the enhanced scrollbar on full mode. If you open task manager, enable GDI Objects column and open file after file you will notice it growing with each file opened, and never cleaned up. Once it hits 10000 Visual Studio crashes. Whilst it grows things get slower and slower. The enhanced scrollbar is the best feature of PPT so it would be very nice to have this fixed asap.
    • I confirm this with VS2012 Update 4 and extension version 11.0.60403.0.
      When the enhanced scrollbar is enables and in full mode, there is a considerable GDI object leak.
      To test this:
      0. Make sure enhanced scrollbar is enables and in full mode
      1. With task manager or process explorer, inspect the number of GDI objects used by Visual Studio
      2. Open a file
      3. Inspect the number of GDI objects again
      4. Close the file
      5. Inspect the number of GDI objects again
      6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 a few dozen times; you may use the same file or another file
      Expected output (assuming eager disposal of GDI objects):
      3. An increase in GDI objects since the last observation
      5. A decrease in GDI objects since the last observation by the same amount it increased in 3
      Expected output (assuming eventual disposal of GDI objects, subject to GC):
      3. An increase in GDI objects since the last observation
      5. An eventual decrease in GDI objects to the number observed in 1, or by the sum of the increases observed in 3; otherwise, no change
      Observed output:
      3. An increase in GDI objects since the last observation between 50 and 100
      5. A decrease in GDI objects since the last observation between 0 and 10
      What this means is that the number of GDI objects grows quite fast. Eventually the default GDI limit of 10000 is reached and Visual Studio stops responding.
      With multiple instances of Visual Studio open, the session's GDI limit is easily reached, affecting all other open applications and making the whole session unstable.
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    • hi 
      i love this plugin for vs2010 - ive been using it for ages but it keeps crashing my ide and its getting so bad (9 crashes today, all from this plugin) that ill have to stop using it if it cant be fixed - is the source code available so that we can fix the bugs?
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    • It seems that whenever I put my cursor over a symbol, the same name will get highlighted in the whole file instantly. The same happens when selecting code.
      Is there a way to disable this? I find that I already have a lot of colors in my setup, and this makes it a bit more confusing :( The default VS behavior doesn't seem to be highlighting that much.
    • one of the best tool
  • Solution Navigator Tool
    3 Posts | Last post February 13, 2015
    • Where has gone the wonderful Solution Navigation tooltip that was present in VS2010?
      I hope it's still there, it would be a great loss.
    • OK, obviously from what I see nobody from the VS team is answering those questions anymore. Same eagerness to help as in the other MS bug report areas.
    • [with vs2013 (update 4) + PPT latest] why mode "highlight references to symbol under cursor" actually is always enabled when PPT is ON?
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