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Productivity Power Tools


A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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5 Star
by CodeManJones | February 23 2011

This should be core, no question. VS 2010 + productivity power tools have me so spoiled, working on my occasional eclipse project is like a punch to the balls.

5 Star
by jnaranjo86 | February 23 2011

This is by far the very best extension I have found for Visual Studio 2010.

I am glad I found it only a few months after upgrading. As it is, I can't live without it's functionality.

And on a brighter side, each update makes it even better.

I am definitely appreaciating the hard work!!


5 Star
by mahengu | February 23 2011

5 Star
by LukePuplett | February 23 2011

A great extension that I don't leave home without. I just don't leave home. Ever.

Alas pinning tabs does cause a problem with editor redrawing and the VS IDE resizing goes awry sometimes, tooltips appear in top right; it comes back to life after unpinning all tabs.

This happens both at home and on my machine at work. Ah, you got me. I do leave home to come to work. Maybe I just wish I didn't sometimes.

4 Star
by GBrm | February 23 2011

Great tool, but the "Fix mixed Tabs" Extension seems to have some Problems in 10.0.20214.15: Clicking "Don't show again" does nothing, clicking "Tabify" or "Untabify" causes VS to crash. I will disable it for now.

5 Star
by Jochen Auinger | February 23 2011

Great tool, but after the current update (installed it from inside VS) I couldn´t open any project in VS.2010 (freezing VS)!!! Now a repair/reinstall of VS is running (after uninstalling PPT)...
Before the update I loved the tool (rating 5 stars)

Edit: After the repair the same thing still happened, but only with the project that had been opened while installing the PPT update. => Close VS, delete .suo and .csproj.user => reopen the project and now it works again. I don´t know why, but I don´t ask as long as it works ;-)

Re-rating back to 5 stars!

5 Star
by OutOfCoffeeException | February 23 2011

My favorite free Visual Studio plugin and one of the first things I install to any fresh Visual Studio 2010 installation.

3 Star
by Morten Mertner | February 22 2011

Installing this extension causes VS to crash when closing it down. Lots of useful stuff here, but I prefer a stable environment. Wish they'd tighten up the code and release a more reliable version.

5 Star
by Arif Budiman | February 22 2011

5 Star
by yzorg | February 20 2011

5 Star
by Shaiket Das | February 16 2011

Amazing!! Thank you for this extension.
Unlike many users, I have been using this extension for over a month now and have not had any crashing issue so far. And this is not the only extension and/or add-on that I have. I am using Pro 2010.

Good luck!

4 Star
by rp on connect | February 10 2011

Cool and useful extension. I like it.
I have one annotation for the "Align Assignments". It would be cool to set the formatting rule so, that the equal signs in the assignment block
are not shifted to the right.


aString =......."hello";
anotherString =."out";

4 Star
by puneetspeed | February 09 2011

1 Star
by Just_Another_Developer | February 09 2011

This is a fantastic add-on, however it kills the speed of my App completely when I run it from within VS. It's like full tracing, logging and who knows what else, is on. If it didn't interfere with VS's speed, I would have given it 5 stars.

1 Star
by aaubry | February 09 2011

This extension, like most extensions on this gallery makes Visual Studio unstable and leads to crashes.

I believe that Visual Studio should execute extensions in isolation to prevent crashes, but until they do it, each extension should be really careful not to crash ever.

3 Star
by contextfree. _ | February 08 2011

I love what this extension does, but sadly it also results in a much less stable Visual Studio. At one point it somehow got into a state where VS was crashing every time I opened a C# file; this extension was definitely the culprit since disabling it fixed the problem. The problem didn't come back when I tried re-enabling it, and I guess it goes to show how much I like the extension, or maybe just how dumb I am, but I still have it enabled today. Really, really, really hope you guys fix the bugs soon though! I was hoping maybe SP1 beta would improve things but it hasn't =(

5 Star
by Melyurt | February 04 2011

5 Star
by ozdemirerdem | February 04 2011

An excellent tool which has useful features

4 Star
by hornerj99 | February 02 2011

3 Star
by RickCole | February 01 2011

Great tool! Adds a lot of nice functionality to the IDE.
Downside is that it gets sluggish with a large number of projects and files in the solution and on large source code files. Not to mention other latencies in doing nearly everything in the IDE. Can't wait till a release comes out that fixes these issues.

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  • Cannot see Solution Navigator
    2 Posts | Last post June 21, 2016
    • Where's it? I've installed this add-in without doing anything else, but I cannnot see that....
    • As of June 2016, Solution Navigator is still missing in VS2015. Or has it been rolled into the Solution Explorer now?
      I miss the quick hover tooltip that used to show class members so I didn't have to load or navigate away from the code I am editing. I can see the members in the class objects of the "new, improved" Solution Explorer, but that interrupts my coding.
  • Solution Navigator Not Displaying Methods and Properties
    1 Posts | Last post May 09, 2016
    • I am using VS 2010 Pro. I installed Productivity Power Tools this morning and I am trying to become more familiar with it`s use.  I noticed that the Solution Navigator is not displaying properties and methods like it does in the example picture.  What do I need to do to make these show up, it seems like it would be useful to have them?  Thanks.
  • Pinned tabs
    1 Posts | Last post March 01, 2016
    • Is there an option to set, that pinned tabs stay pinned after restarting VS?
  • Is there a "Close all tabs" feature?
    1 Posts | Last post November 12, 2015
    • 57
      Like this extension in vs2012 and above.
  • Delete Regex/Project color coding pattern
    1 Posts | Last post September 20, 2015
    • Is there a way to disable or remove the initial 15 Project color coding patterns? I cant seem to figure out how to remove patterns. Only edit them or create a new one.
  • Debugging Doesn't remember tabs
    1 Posts | Last post September 18, 2015
    • Before this extension, my debugging window tabs would be remembered. Typically I keep "Autos" and "Output" selected. Now it appears that I get random tabs selected when debugging starts. Don't like that.
  • Productivity Power Tools Will not install on Win 10
    1 Posts | Last post August 13, 2015
    • Anyone else had an issue installing Productivity Power Tools, VS .Net 2013 on Windows 10?
  • GDI Object resource leak with enhanced scrollbar
    2 Posts | Last post August 10, 2015
    • There's a GDI object resource leak when using the enhanced scrollbar on full mode. If you open task manager, enable GDI Objects column and open file after file you will notice it growing with each file opened, and never cleaned up. Once it hits 10000 Visual Studio crashes. Whilst it grows things get slower and slower. The enhanced scrollbar is the best feature of PPT so it would be very nice to have this fixed asap.
    • I confirm this with VS2012 Update 4 and extension version 11.0.60403.0.
      When the enhanced scrollbar is enables and in full mode, there is a considerable GDI object leak.
      To test this:
      0. Make sure enhanced scrollbar is enables and in full mode
      1. With task manager or process explorer, inspect the number of GDI objects used by Visual Studio
      2. Open a file
      3. Inspect the number of GDI objects again
      4. Close the file
      5. Inspect the number of GDI objects again
      6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 a few dozen times; you may use the same file or another file
      Expected output (assuming eager disposal of GDI objects):
      3. An increase in GDI objects since the last observation
      5. A decrease in GDI objects since the last observation by the same amount it increased in 3
      Expected output (assuming eventual disposal of GDI objects, subject to GC):
      3. An increase in GDI objects since the last observation
      5. An eventual decrease in GDI objects to the number observed in 1, or by the sum of the increases observed in 3; otherwise, no change
      Observed output:
      3. An increase in GDI objects since the last observation between 50 and 100
      5. A decrease in GDI objects since the last observation between 0 and 10
      What this means is that the number of GDI objects grows quite fast. Eventually the default GDI limit of 10000 is reached and Visual Studio stops responding.
      With multiple instances of Visual Studio open, the session's GDI limit is easily reached, affecting all other open applications and making the whole session unstable.
  • continuous crashing / source available?
    1 Posts | Last post June 08, 2015
    • hi 
      i love this plugin for vs2010 - ive been using it for ages but it keeps crashing my ide and its getting so bad (9 crashes today, all from this plugin) that ill have to stop using it if it cant be fixed - is the source code available so that we can fix the bugs?
  • Solution Navigator crashes VS 2010?
    1 Posts | Last post June 05, 2015
    • I love Solution Navigator, but lately it tends to crash VS2010 completely sometimes when I use the Collapse All button. Very annoying. Any fixes out there?
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