SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) - Code Check / Audit & Review


Essential tool to ensure code quality. SPCAF analyses SharePoint customizations in .wsp, .app, .dll and .exe files and checks .NET code (SSOM, CSOM), JavaScript, XML, ASPX, CSS etc. Further it analyzes dependencies, calculates code metrics and creates an inventory and more.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by Khaled Gharaibeh | May 12 2016

Hello Rencore,
Where can I find the free ruleset to download for VS?
You mentioned that rules will be available for free for developers to run on sharepoint code. I tried this url but seems the VS extension is removed:

by fabio6864 | April 15 2016

free version completely useless
you need a trial key for getting some stuff
it should be clear before installing which takes half hour

Rencore GmbH April 17 2016
| Edit |

Sorry to hear your feedback but this download is clearly marked as Trial in the VS Gallery.

Without applying a trial key this download gives you already an overview what quality issues your customization has in which categories as well as an overview over the gathered metrics. Once the FREE trial key, that you can request from without any costs, is added, you see more detailed results on all new analysis runs.

Regarding your installation problems, usually the installation takes less than 5mins. We do not know which circumstances in your environment cause the installation to take that long, but would be happy to help you if you contact us via

by Sean Cochrane | October 28 2015

If you are serious about the quality of your SharePoint code, at farm and app level, then you need to include this in your SDLC processes, at developer level, during CI builds and as a QA gate. It's going to find all the problems a manual code review won't and you can add your own rules to match code governance of your organisation. Good to see it's evolving too - can't wait for REST and Powershell as these are becoming a must.

by Jussi Roine | June 22 2015

by Alexandre Bastien | January 28 2015

SPCAF was of an incredible help when I was faced with the enormous task of analyzing 74 WSP files. My partners and I estimated the task at hand and we were in it for a couple of months, at the least! But with SPCAF I successfully found all the errors in the code over a single day. Also, at my great pleasure and surprise, the dependency diagram included in the SPCAF analyses showed me the bigger picture off the different projects and how they were link. In a few days I had finish my analyses, found the risks and could tell my client which solutions were worth the efforts of a migration. I highly recommend this Software.

Thanks from the GSoft team!

by Vesa Juvonen | November 20 2014

Super tooling which we use in Microsoft as well to help our customers on the journey to app model.

by Soyeb S. Malek | August 04 2014

i think download link is broken.

Rencore GmbH August 07 2014
| Edit |

Works fine here. The download is stored on the VS Gallery, so it should work fine. If you still have problems, please contact us at support @ spcaf . com

by Nikhil S Singh | June 28 2014

Really great to have SharePoint specific Code analysis tool, it really haled me to have have more quality code. which help me to analyze SharePoint packages instead just class files

by Bernardo Antunes | December 03 2013

This tool is a must have for serious SharePoint projects.
It not only helps you with the quality of your solutions but since it can analyse wsp without having the code, you can also be sure about the quality of the solutions or products that you are evaluating or just bought.
Since I started using it I got a much clear view about my solutions, and learned a lot about the hundreds of best practices that you would have to remember all the time if you would not have this tool.

by RiddhiKarani | November 15 2013

I m getting the below mentioned error when I try to run the tool from VS:

Package/Publish task Microsoft.Web.Publishing.Tasks.IsCleanMSDeployPackageNeeded failed to load Web Deploy assemblies. Microsoft Web Deploy is not correctly installed on this machine. Microsoft Web Deploy v3 or higher is recommended.

Rencore GmbH November 15 2013
| Edit |

Sorry, never heard of this before and it does not sound really that it has something to do with SPCAF. We are using the out of the box Visual Studio functions to package the WSPs before analysis.

The error message suggests that you have MS Web Deploy not installed.
In case you are using VS2012 you might need the Office Developer Tools in order to build and package SharePoint projects.

Best would be to check if you can even build and package SharePoint solutions in Visual Studio (without executing SPCAF)

If this works, then please provide us more details about your environment and a failing sample solution by mail to feedback at spcaf dot com


by avshnyakov | October 14 2013

A "must have" tool for any serious SharePoint installation with custom code involved.

Don't ever try to hire developers/architects or any other "internet SharePoint GURU" who either don't know or don't use SPCAF. This would be the greatest fall at the very beginning of the project.

by Navaneetha Krishnan D | October 11 2013

When we try to install we are getting the below error message
Unexpected error occured.This may indicate the problem with this package. The error code is 2753.

Kinldy let us know how to resolve this.

Rencore GmbH October 11 2013
| Edit |

We never experienced this error message.
Maybe you had a previous installation of SPCAF on your machine. If yes please remove the old version completely before installing the current version.
If the problem persists please open a ticket at for further investigation.
Thank you

by Gautham D | August 26 2013

Looks promising. what does these lines on this page mean?

"The Visual Studio integration of the SPCop component, all the rules and the SDK will remain free to help developers to create better quality SharePoint code"

SPCop component/SDK free?

Rencore GmbH November 15 2013
| Edit |

Yes, after the final release, SPCop (rules) and the SDK will be available for free as a separate download.

The free version is not time limited but will allow you to run the analysis only in Visual Studio and shows the results in the error list.

You will not be able to generate reports, run team build, get dependency diagrams, inventory information or metrics.

We made this decision to allow developers to easily follow rules and policies set up by architects without requiring additional costs.

As you seem to see potential for improvement we would be very interested to hear further feedback to

[Update] The free SPCop can be downloaded from

by Jeff Garra | August 13 2013

Love this tool! SPCAF is an excellent resource.

by Wouter van Vugt - Code Counsel | June 28 2013

Very useful for monitoring whether SharePoint constructs are correctly defined. Awesome!

by Ahmed Naji | June 15 2013

by Mahesh.Nalam | June 14 2013

This is nice tool

by fathi dridi | June 07 2013

it's realy a very useful tool
i like it

by Jayaraja | June 05 2013

Great piece of Work Matthias and Torsten

by Marco Schmittnägel | April 19 2013

Thanks for this tool and your sessions on ShareCamp 2013. We've waited a long time for something like this.

There are so many things which can go wrong when developing SharePoint solutions and aren't visible at first sight. For an architect it is great to have the possibility to check and analyse the entire solution right after the developers have finished their work.

As someone said at ShareCamp: This tool will shake the SharePoint development world - at least once the admins start to analyse the solutions they get from the developers.

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