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VSCommands for Visual Studio 2010

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Code Visualization (C#, VB, C++, Xml, Xaml, CSS, ASPX, Razor, JavaScript), Locate In Solution, Copy/Paste References, Attach to local IIS, Group Items, Reload All Projects, Output Coloring

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4 Star
by clarewang | April 01 2016

install to VS on local pc?

5 Star
by phecht_wescom | May 01 2014

It works well and makes things easy.

4 Star
by Shreeharsh Ambli | April 17 2014

one command that was really useful for me (especially for large projects) was the collapse all :)

5 Star
by Proco | January 27 2014

Excellent tool, perfect for those who dont have money for R#

5 Star
by D. Chatterjee | May 17 2013

4 Star
by Matthew Vukomanovic | April 08 2013

Excellent plug-in however at the moment it's got a problem with detecting changes to the solution, which means that i have to close the solution and then re-open it. It defeats the purpose of having the reload all projects setting (which is awesome).

5 Star
by osnq | March 19 2013

5 Star
by DM_YAN | November 12 2012

Thank you very much Jarek. Questions regarding styleCop warning auto Fixing. following is posted about 1 year ago; is it still the case or there are more number of styleCop can be fixed by the great tool - VSCommands :) thank you again.

SA1001: The spacing around a C# keyword is incorrect.
SA1025: The code contains multiple whitespace characters in a row.
SA1027: The C# code contains a tab character.
SA1507: The C# code contains multiple blank lines in a row.
SA1515: A single-line comment within C# code is not preceded by a blank line.
SA1516: Adjacent C# elements are not separated by a blank line.

4 Star
by KevMmm | November 06 2012

Enjoy using this plugin. It is a bit kitchen sinky and mucks with color settings that do not work well with Resharper at times. The biggest benefit is the support for one click project reload when doing git branch changes.

4 Star
by Exe.Cute | November 01 2012

really helpfull

5 Star
by Binori | October 17 2012

5 Star
by gooddev | October 02 2012

I've been using this extension for over a year now. Upgraded to Pro version recently and I wish I had done it earlier, it saves so much time!
Can't wait for all the features to be available in Visual Studio 2012 version.

2 Star
by I'm a Debugger | October 02 2012

5 Star
by moljac | September 26 2012

Great tool

Our team is using it for cross platform development by code sharing mostly with links (Copy paste as link)...

Few ideas (web site is not working):
1. Folders copy + paste as link
2. Dependency def for files for grouping like Windows Forms or Xaml



Hi Jarek

Few more!!!! (We are currently porting few Windows CE apps to MonoTouch
and Mono for Android, so this is from our experience:
3. partialize - exsisting class split into 2 files, old and new one + add
partial keyword in both files
4. add partial code - for existing partial class just add empty partial
Class.cs -> Class.partial.cs
5. Override copy/paste behaviour of VS
not: Class.cs -> Copy of Class.cs
but: Class.cs -> Class copy 01.cs (otherwise it reorders classes and
dev needs to navigate in Solution explorer to renamed file)
6. Copy as link is maybe too much (not sure)
Copy + Paste or Paste-as-Link

Hi again!

I'm glad I could suggest. When could we expect some of those changes?


4 Star
by AAKoken | September 10 2012

1 Star
by John.Padmore | August 25 2012

The speed of this addin is terrible. Uninstalled for good.

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] August 25 2012
| Edit |

Hi John,
If any feature is having performance issues then you can easily disable if from Tools | VSCommands | Options. All features can be disabled in this way. It would also be great if you could provide bit more details about speed problems (which action/feature is slowing you down) so I can try to fix it. Just email

Thank you in advance,

4 Star
by Mohamed.Radwan-MVP | August 23 2012


5 Star
by Bermelhos | August 22 2012

Es muy util, me gusta mucho la facilidad que me brinda para programar.

5 Star
by James Schubert | July 15 2012

This is one of my favorite extensions. A lot of people complain about it being a trial. It is a free (light) version for which a license can unlock additional features. I used it for quite some time for free until I started my most recent position and decided to upgrade to the premium version to unlock a few of the extra features. It's well worth it, if you ask me.

A note to reviewers giving it a bad review because it's a 'trial': you're all developers, show a little respect. If you don't know the difference between free software and freemium software, you're probably in the wrong field. If you're going to rate it low, rate it because of the actual product and not because you want something for nothing.

3 Star
by Dat Verse | July 13 2012

Performance when coding in .cshtml is very bad.

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] July 13 2012
| Edit |

Thank you for letting me know, could you email me the cshtml file whre performance is poor to ? Thank you in advance!

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  • Locate in solution is great! (One minor issue)
    3 Posts | Last post October 28, 2011
    • I really like this function.
      One minor issue is when projects are in a collapsed solution folder it can not find these files.
    • Hi Nyos,
      Thank you for letting me know about this issue. I have raised it as a new problem on and will try to reproduce it in next couple of days. 
      You can monitor progress at
    • This has been fixed in release.
  • Start without debugging failed: Class Library must have 'Start External Program' set
    2 Posts | Last post October 26, 2011
    • when I right-click on mvc3 webapplication then select debug->"start without debugging" it doesn't run and this error appears in vscommand window:
      tart without debugging failed: Class Library must have 'Start External Program' set
      Though it's working fine when I execute the command from the main menu
    • Thank you for reporting this issue, I have created a support topic for it and will investigate it shortly:
  • problem with Find in files...
    6 Posts | Last post September 07, 2011
    • Hi, just wanted to say that i have a consistent crash occurring when i use the "Find in files" button from the "Standard" toolbar.
      I basically search for any keyword while specifying to look in "Entire Solution". The search occur as i see results on the output but it crash at the end of the search. And this EVEN if i have the custom search output unchecked in IDE properties "Search" section.
      Sorry i can't send a feedback as my dev PC do not have internet access for security reasons.
    • Thank you for reporting this issue. I had another report of it but I'm unable to reproduce it on my testing systems.
      Can you provide bit more information which could help me?
      I'd need following:
      1. What kind of projects are in your solution (C#/VB/C++/WinForms/MVC/..)
      2. Do you have a custom color settings or do you use default that come with Visual Studio
      3. What operating system do you use (e.g. Win 7 64bit)
      Thank you in advance!
    • Could you also let me know what are your settings in Tools | Options | Environment | Find and Replace ?
    • Looks like i am out of luck. It was crashing consistently each time i was restarting VS2010 (and i did not have a second one opened). And now it work fine (GAH!!!).
      What i can tell you is that it did not matter if i checked or unchecked the custom search output formatting.
      Anyway i will tell you the details in case you need them and i will re-post if i can put my finger on the step to reproduce it.
      - Solution will only native C++ projects
      - Default color scheme and no extension to modify them.
      - Using Windows 7 x64 SP1
      - VS2010 SP1
      - 3 first checkboxes checked in Tools | Options | Environment | Find and Replace
    • Is there a way to output a debug log or something that i could send you? I had the crash multiple time again on a "find in files" both at work and at home and other people at work too.
      I suspect that this is an issue a lot of people will encounter.
    • Hi, I was able to reproduce simillar issue and fix came with latest release (
      Can you let me know if this fixed it for you and if not, could you contact me at Thanks in advance!
  • Add ability to comment blocks with the added functionality
    2 Posts | Last post August 30, 2011
    • It would be nice to have the ability to comment entire blocks with the extended comment types. Right now in vs you can highlight a block and click a button and it will comment the whole block out. It would be nice to highlight a block and right click and choose comment as question or comment as code removed etc...
      //x var well = wellRepository.GetById(unitOfWork, wellId);
      //x var inspection = well.MostRecentDownholeComplianceActivity;
      Another thing that would be very useful is being able to find the comment types on the task list.. Right now when you add the comment type to the supported types you can see it, but the list does not accept types such as ? or !. It would be nice to look in the task list and see all your TODO or HACK tags but also your ! or ? tags.
    • Thank you for the suggestion, I'll have a look at this functionality after the next release.
  • friendly solution name and env variables
    6 Posts | Last post August 30, 2011
    • I love the friendly solution name which conveniently use a regex to parse the solution path. However, i would also like to embed some environment variables to the name. Is there a way to do this?
    • Hi Kifui,
      There's no way to do this at the moment but I can try to put something together after next release.
      Can you tell me more about how exactly would you like it to work?
    • Since the friendly name field is in the format "{Solution Name} - {BranchName} Branch", perhaps you could add to specify symbol name with a '$' prefix. Such as "{Solution Name} - {$branchname} Branch" which would get the value of the environment variable $branchname instead of grabbing the value of the regex'ed path.
    • Thanks for the details.
      Just to confirm, by environment variable you mean windows environment variables which can be read using System.Environment.GetEnvoronmentVariables() ?
    • Yes, just plain windows environment variables. In my environment i have a "ID" environment variable which i can set to different values when working on the same branch/solution (set in system environment which VS2010 will use) so this value is not part of the path and i would like to see it on my title bar.
      Thanks for the quick answer :)
    • This will be available in the next release.
      You will be able to access environment variables using {env:XXX} placeholder (e.g. {env:COMPUTERNAME})
      Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Problems With Performance
    1 Posts | Last post June 08, 2011
    • After my review i've got an anwser (See reviews).
      Version solve my problems. 
      I will change my review.
  • AttachtoLocalIIs automatically
    2 Posts | Last post June 03, 2011
    • Is it possible to attach the project to local iis site automatically if projectname and applicationppolname are same?
    • Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment but I created a feature request here:  if you want to add additional comments or vote for this feature to be included in future versions.
  • Turn Off Search and Replace Dialog
    2 Posts | Last post June 01, 2011
    • Short of uninstalling VSCommands, how do I turn off the VSCommands Search/Replace dialog? I want the regular VS dialog.
    • Hi Eric,
      VSCommands does not provide Search/Replace dialog, you are most likely getting it from Microsoft Productivity Power Tools (
      Hope it helps,
  • Scroll bar not visible
    3 Posts | Last post May 30, 2011
    • Scroll bar not visible. See screenshot:
      Visual Studio 2010 SP1
      144DPI (150%)
      Windows 7 64bit
    • Thanks for reporting, I'll try to reproduce and fix asap.
    • Thanks for reporting! I'll try to reproduce and fix asap.
  • crashes on empty XML document
    2 Posts | Last post May 17, 2011
    • Version makes Visual Studio crash completely when opening an XML document without at least a root element (e.g. if you create a new one in VS). This might have to do with the File Structure feature (which I was actually testing when this occurred), but also happens when the File Structure window is not open.
      Other than that, while I still have to spend more time with it, I love the inclusion of this feature. A tree view of an XML document's structure that is updated in a live fashion while you edit the document is something not even most dedicated XML editors offer.
    • Thanks for reporting this issue, latest version should fix it.
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