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VSCommands for Visual Studio 2010

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Code Visualization (C#, VB, C++, Xml, Xaml, CSS, ASPX, Razor, JavaScript), Locate In Solution, Copy/Paste References, Attach to local IIS, Group Items, Reload All Projects, Output Coloring

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1 Star
by jameskramer | August 16 2011

I have also been experiencing VS crashes when I installed VSCommands 2010. Any time I do a find and replace for the entire solution, with a filter (like *.cpp), it crashes.

I have the following extensions installed: GoOffline, Process Tempalte Editor, Productivity Power Tools, and WITDesigner.

After uninstalling vscommands 2010, I was able to search for files again.

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] September 13 2011
| Edit |

Thanks for reporting this problem. I have confirmed reports that this issue has been solved in release. Please let me know if you have any other queries at or Thanks!

5 Star
by plenty_of_code | August 10 2011

Great extension with many features.
File Structure is great!
Had a few problems initially but now they're fixed now so 5 stars for you good sir!

1 Star
by Peter Rosser | August 09 2011

Crashes when using "Find and Replace in Files" in entire solution. Pervasive--had to disable as a result.

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] September 13 2011
| Edit |

Thanks for reporting this problem. I have confirmed reports that this issue has been solved in release. Please let me know if you have any other queries at or Thanks!

4 Star
by Robert Breitenhofer | August 02 2011

4 Star
by Marcel Roma | August 01 2011

3 Star
by tomstoms | July 23 2011

VSCommands has a lot of useful features, unfortunately most are not self-evident and because of the missing description / help for each configurable property, one as to spend very much time to play around to see what happens if something is enabled / disabled.
It's too bad for such a useful tool!

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] September 26 2011
| Edit |

This is a very good point! I will be improving documentation in next few weeks but for now the best place to start is - all new features are described there after each release. Thanks!

5 Star
by Esref Durna | July 21 2011

5 Star
by Yasin Öner | July 20 2011

really nice,

3 Star
by Kris444 | June 30 2011



File structure is awesome...


Slowing down VS IDE...

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] June 30 2011
| Edit |

Hi Kris, thanks for your comment.
Did you know that if IDE gets slow you can disable background file processing and have File Structure refresh only on file save or manually? You can do this from Tools | VSCommands | Options | Text Editor.

It would also be great if you could provide few more details about when your IDE slows down such as type of project and size of file. You can send it to or


5 Star
by cybucher | June 20 2011

5 Star
by Peter.Scott | June 19 2011

This is great!
My favourite features are File Structure and Friendly Solution Name!

5 Star
by ScottLaFoy1 | June 16 2011

Awesome, I love the comment types and the style cop fix. Seems to works fine with resharper.

5 Star
by danielbishoff | June 13 2011

5 Star
by Edgar Gonçalves Zigne | June 08 2011

In terms of feactures it's the best.
In terms of performance it's really bad! For large solution and large c# file it's a pain so big! It takes seconds to intellisense to respond and all hell freezes in that moment.

I've uninstalled it.

SOlution 15 projects
File ~7000 lines.
Win7 x64
VS 2010 SP1
4 ram
Intel Core Duo T6600 @ 2.2GHz

Edit: Version solved my performance problem. I've instaled once again.

Thanks for the reply

5 Star
by vscommands [support] | June 08 2011

@Edgar Gonçalves Zigne, Can you make sure that you have latest version ( installed?
It fixed known performance issue in c# files.

If you're on latest and still have performance problems then you can disable background files processing from Tools | VSCommands | Options | Text Editor | Process files in background or specify maximum number of lines in file above which precessing will be disabled.

Please let me know at or - it will be easier to respond. Thanks!

3 Star
by | June 06 2011


5 Star
by Ed Price - MSFT | June 04 2011

5 Star
by sally__B | May 31 2011

5 Star
by Mark Clannell | May 30 2011

5 Star
by Daniel Stretton | May 28 2011


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