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Favorites menu for Visual Studio IDE.

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by Sunny _Kumar | Wed 6:48 AM

Excellent tool! Solved one of my ridiculous problem!!

by Ashraf Sabry | December 14 2014

Excellent and very useful

by AJCSoft | November 18 2013

This is really useful.
What I would really like adding to make it 5 star is:

+ You can right click on a single item in the solution explorer to add to favorites but not when you have selected multiple items.

+ You cannot delete items from the favorites dockable window. You have to go into organise favorites. I would like to delete them from the list in the dockable window.

+ When adding an item to favorites default to the folder you selected before so it is quick to add the next item to the same folder. This would be a real time saver.

+ Need a way to see the full path of an item in favorites so that if there are items of the same name I can tell the difference. Maybe a tool tip.

by Hi I'm JDK | January 24 2013

Amazing! Thanks!

by hybridview | August 31 2012

This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Allows me to bookmark key folders in my largest solutions for quick access. I've been wasting so much time and energy manually navigating to various related files...

* Solution AND global level favorites.
* Integration into solution explorer means favorites can SELECT files/folders in the solution explorer (my favorite feature!).
* Customize the names/labels of bookmarks.
* Ability to group into folders.
* Nice and easy to use favorites manager.

by Corgalore | July 16 2012

Love this extension! I've been needing this for quite some time now as the built-in Recent Projects list is terrible. My only feedback would be to allow nested folders in the Manage Favorites interface.

by Indrajit Ghosh, Kolkata | February 13 2012

1. Nested folder creation should be allowed.
2. Context menu on document should be added for adding the document to the currently opened project. (Now I can only view the document).

by cori schlegel | January 19 2012

This is just what I've been looking for; thanks!.

As far as I'm concerned it's missing just one feature that would make it a 5-start extension: Add all open documents. My usage is to group files that I commonly want to work with together when working on a particular area of an app, so I typically open them all one at a time; it would be great to be able to open the 7 or 10 files I need and then add them all to a favorite folder with one click.

With Add All available this is one of my most-used extensions. Thanks!

by Viktar | October 19 2011

This one of most useful Visual Studio Add-ins. Well done.

by AdamCaviness | August 17 2011

Thank you! Just what I needed. Very pleasing, especially the considerations for locations and files.

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  • Reordering
    2 Posts | Last post March 06, 2015
    • It'd be really nice if we could change the order of things in the favorites!
    • You can change order in the Organize Favorites dialog by dragging favorites with the mouse.
  • Possible to change the color of the background of the favorites list?
    6 Posts | Last post December 30, 2014
    • By default, this box is white. What setting in Fonts & Colors should I change to make it different? Is it possible?
    • If you ask about the Favorite Documents tool window, its background is the same as the global Windows window content color. 
      I should probably implement VS theming for to it.
    • That'd be fantastic :) Right now, my VS is entirely dark except for that one block
    • I've added theming for the tool window. Please, have a look: http://vlasovstudio.com/favorite-documents/FavoriteDocuments_171.vsix
    • Version 1.7.1 with theming really is nice.  Thanks!  Did you realize that the built-in update tool doesn't realize this update is available?  It shows 1.7.0 installed as being the latest.  If I hadn't have gone digging through the Q&A to see if the question had already been asked I wouldn't have known through the regular update methodology.
    • Thank you for the feedback. I haven't uploaded v1.7.1 to the Visual Studio Gallery yet...
  • Open tabs are not reopened after VS restart.
    2 Posts | Last post October 21, 2014
    • Really great adding. But there is one problem:
      If I save tabs in favorites once (no matter Global or Solution-specific), then open tabs are not reopened after VS restart. Only deleting of ".suo" file helps.
      Is there a way to solve this problem?
      (Visual Studio 2012 + Productivity Power Tools 2012)
    • Favorite Documents doesn't use .suo files and other VS services to store lists of files. So, normally it should not have any effect on tabs reopening.
      I've installed VS 2012 PPT + Favorite Documents, but couldn't reproduce this problem.
  • Available for VS Team Explorer (2010 or 2012)?
    5 Posts | Last post November 12, 2013
    • I've used this extension on VS 2010 Ultimate and it works great.  Unfortunately we have admin users (non-developers) who only have Visual Studio Team Explorer.  Is there any way to install this extension for the Team Explorer?
    • Chris,
      I've just added manifest support for Visual Studio Team Explorer. Favorite Documents v1.7 now runs just fine in Team Explorer 2010. To run it in Team Explorer 2012 or Team Explorer 2013 you will need to additionally install Visual Studio 2012 Shell (Isolated) or Visual Studio 2013 Shell (Isolated) correspondingly. 
    • Sergey,
      That's fantastic!  It works like a charm.  Our users greatly appreciate this...thanks so much for the quick turnaround time.
      Quick question for you.  Our users were asking if there was a 'back' button or 'folder up' button in the Source Control explorer (as there would be in Windows Explorer).  They find when they're navigating through folders they wish there was a way to go back up a folder without having to select that folder in the left-hand pane or by pressing the backspace key.  I've looked for other utilities that would provide such functionality but yet to have found one.
    • Chris,
      I'm also not aware of a 'folder up' button for SCE. Probably a command can be scripted in e.g. Visual Commander.
    • Chris,
      I've created the following command in Visual Commander to go one folder up in SCE:
  • Add option to open document(s)
    2 Posts | Last post September 23, 2013
    • I was just starting to write something similar and found this, excellent! Two requests, 1) add the ability to add all open documents to favorites; 2) right click on tab and add open document to favorites.
    • 1) This command is available from the Favorites menu: "Add all to favorites".
      2) You can add this command to the right click tab context menu going to Tools - Customize - Commands - Context menu - Other Context Menus | Easy MDI Document Window (note, in Visual Studio 2010 first you need to right-click on any Visual Studio document tab to work around a Visual Studio bug, otherwise the Easy MDI Document Window context menu doesn't show up in the Customize dialog). Click Add Command… and select Favorites - cmdidAddToFavorites.
  • As a Pane instead of a Menu?
    2 Posts | Last post January 24, 2013
      Rather than as a menu, can this be shown as a Pane docked along with the Solution Explorer?  I work with a team with a VERY LARGE code set with lots of annoying folders and nesting (annoying for navigating among them, at least).  The files I edit/refer to most are spread out all over the place and finding them is a hassle BUT I think I'm often working with the same set of files (but too many to fit nicely in the Tab Well as open documents).
      I'd like to set my favorites from the Solution Pane either with its context menu or drag and drop to this favorites pane.  Then I would switch to the favorites pane and have my working set in there.
    • Wow, I asked for this and it was available INSTANTLY!  I didn't even need an update!  What stellar service!
      (or ... Oops, that's already a feature)
  • Some Questions
    2 Posts | Last post December 01, 2012
    • Hey there.
      At first i must say, that this is an awesome extension, especially according to my projects in the TFS2010.
      And this leads me to my first question:
      Is there any way to setup Favorites directly from the Sourcecode-Explorer?
      If i try this, the extension tells me * Sourcecontrol-Explorer is not a document and can't be added to favorites. * because of the missing context i think...
      And this one causes my next question:
      Are there future plans to add a 'Run with' feature?
      If i wanna bookmark some foreign project-types, not supportet by VS2010 by default, the extension opens the link with the VS2010 text-editor.
      My suggestion is to add an - as mentioned above - run with feature, which allows me to specify an application that executes my favorite.
      So long  
    • Angel,
      1. You can only create links to folders in Source Control Explorer. When you open this link later, the Source Control Explorer window is activated and the folder is selected. 
      2. I plan to add a feature to bookmark external files that will be opened with the default Windows handler for this file type. Will it suit your needs?