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File diff tool that reads structure of C#, C++,VB code for better results. Includes: folder comparison tool, standalone app for comparing and merging files and folders, code review support.

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by Sotirios Mantziaris | March 06 2015

the compare is confusing. too many visual cues
compare is slow.

by Marek Vantuch | March 05 2015

by Evolex | February 20 2015

bugs all the times - last one now: object reference not set - decided to look for alternatives

Devart Software February 20 2015
| Edit |


We're sorry to hear about your negative experience. Could you please provide us with Error Report or any details about the bug at ?

by CodeCrafty Datapath | February 18 2015

Try this powershell....

<# -LOCAL BOX- #>
<# -DEBUG Deploy- #>
& 'C:\Program Files\Devart\Code Compare\CodeCompare.exe' @"
"@ @"
"@ @"
"@ @"

by Alishz | February 17 2015

by InvalidNameException | December 30 2014

They ask me to review the product so I did

by Robert.NET1 | December 27 2014

Is Devart a real existing company?
Since days I'm waiting for my DOWNLOAD!-product!
Everytime, everywhere at many other companies I got my purchased product in seconds until minutes!
I have to contact PayPal to get back my money, I hope so!

Devart Software December 29 2014
| Edit |

Dear Robert,

We are tremendously sorry for possible inconvenience. Maximum product delivery time is 48 hours. This information is provided in Ordering FAQ at

Hope for your understanding.

by nirantha | December 22 2014

by stefando | December 12 2014

by たろうのすけ | December 10 2014

by Vlad Vechersky | December 08 2014

by Maverick543 | November 28 2014

Very nice tool. Comparisons is very good, even with multiple changes and reshuffling of code

by trust2002_1 | November 24 2014

by Friedel Hartmann | November 20 2014

Excellent tool

by Grinn Daddy | October 24 2014

One of the worst comparison tools I've used to date. The code comparison tool built into VS 2012+ far exceeds the usability of this tool. It's unfortunate that it is required for use if you want to see the inline comments when using Review Assistant or I'd never use Code Compare again.

Devart Software October 28 2014
| Edit |


We are really sorry that our product doesn't satisfy your needs. What exactly did you dislike about the Code Compare's usability? Please, write us the issues that need troubleshooting at the feedback page:

We will consider your opinion in the next versions of Code Compare.

by Michael Anello | October 15 2014

Great program. Free version has everything I need for development with Visual Studio and allows me to compare folders and files with ease. Windows integration is very helpful. Visual Studio integration is key for application development especially when working with Team Foundation Server.

by Hedgic | September 26 2014

works extremely slow when integrated with visual studio and review assistant.

Devart Software September 29 2014
| Edit |

Integration with Review Assistant does not influence on work of Code Compare. Could you please provide us the following information:
- describe us your use case where you see the performance issues;
- specify the versions of Code Compare, Review Assistance and VCS that you use.

Please, provide this information to our support specialists via this contact form

You will receive the answer shortly.

by DirkMeister | September 15 2014

The Saviour!!!

by George I. Birbilis | September 03 2014

This is an amazing tool - tried it to merge WPF and Silverlight versions of FloatingWindow library (evolution of SilverFlow one) at
Up to now I was doing this by hand but this tool has accelerated the process incredibly

by Mr. Naveed Butt | September 03 2014

A very nice tool for comparison. Simple shortcut keys like ALT+Arrow keys to move the code between comparison editors and nice usage of Visual Studio's syntax highlighting.

Another good thing is that I have not seen a crash in it for a looooonnnng time...

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  • Support for MS Git Provider
    3 Posts | Last post March 04, 2015
    • When are you going to support the Microsoft Git Provider to diff files?
    • I'd also like to know this.  I can't test the usefulness of this tool till it integrates with the Microsoft Git Provider.  Is there any config I can perform to get it to happen?
    • Hello,
      After your request we had tested Code Compare integration with VS 2012 and the last version of VS 2013, and the integration works properly. 
      Microsoft Git Provider uses settings from the "gitconfig" file. Try to use the following settings:
  • uninstall
    8 Posts | Last post January 27, 2015
    • after uninstall I can not use VS2012 compare:(
    • Hello,
      Please, contact our support specialists via the following link -
      Could you please specify more details in your request, such as: the version of Visual Studio, the name of VCS and the version of Code Compare, that you has uninstalled?
    • Having the same issue.  After I uninstalled Code Compare (when the free trial expired), VS 2013 compare no longer works?  Why?  I get "Error occurred during difference operation: Cannot load the configured tool."
      The uninstaller for Code Compare is not functioning properly.
      Please advise.
    • Hello,
      We will be glad to answer all your questions. 
      Could you please describe your request in details using this contact form ?
      Thank you.
    • i installed this free version on visual studio 2012 Pro, it installed but when i try open explore button the open file dialog won't appear and worst is every aspect of  open document, project, including external dll reference that involved open file dialog can't be executed aka dialog won't appear, even after i uninstalled the extension and hard resetting VSTO the open file dialog problem still persist and one more problem appear is i can't even install other vsix because all activity of installing vsix always result in System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8007007F). In the end i had to remove all visual studio related files.
    • Hello,
      Sorry for inconvenience. To solve this issue, please, write to us your request more detailed, including your version of Windows and exact version of Visual Studio with the list of installed extensions:
      Thank you.
    • Why not post the solution here so everyone can see without having to contact you?
    • After uninstall I had the same issue: When you use TFS then go to menu 
      => Tools
      => Options
      => Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
      => 'Configure User Tools...'
      There I had two entries. One for Compare and one for Merge.
      Both pointed to Devart Tools which do not exist anymore.
      I have removed them and now it is working again.
  • Binary files
    2 Posts | Last post December 31, 2014
    • Can I compare binary files, e.g. JPEG files or crypto keys?
    • Hello,
      Unfortunately, no.
  • TFS Code Comparison in Separate Window
    2 Posts | Last post September 15, 2014
    • Is there a way to open the comparison from the Team Explorer or from within VS 2012 in a separate window, because it is sometimes annoying that the comparison window opens in the same Visual Studio pane...
    • Hello, 
      You can turn on an option 'Use standalone application from command line by default' at Code Compare standalone -> Tools -> Options -> Environment. It will force launch comparisons from VCS in Code Compare standalone.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2013
    2 Posts | Last post March 26, 2014
    • I've enabled the integration in the Setup to Support TFS and AnkhSVN integration, but when I invoke any operation from VS that involves comparisons, the *default comparer is shown*, not Code Compare. However, Code Compare is shown in the menus and you can launch comparisons with the Solution Explorer (selected several files).
      I'm using the latest version to date of CC and Visual 2013 Ultimate.
    • I have just discovered the reason!
      Went to Visual Studio>Tools>Source Control>[SCC Plugin] User Tools>
      There you can choose which tool you want to use to see diffs, merges and patches!
      I hope this helps :)
  • Three-way Merge with distinct Base Version panel?
    2 Posts | Last post February 18, 2014
    • I come to Code Compare from KDiff3, which I found to be superb for merging, even if it was a little rough around the edges where its GUI is concerned. In Code Compare I feel like I'm missing a panel in a 3-way merge: it shows me Version A, Version B, and the Merge Result located between them, however there is no display that I can find to show the Base Version. Without this, it's difficult to interpret the information displayed in the Version A/Version B panels, and therefore it's also difficult to decide what the result should look like afterwards.
      I love your base product--in fact I do most of my code editing in diff mode recently--and I subscribed to the Pro version hoping to find this four-panel three-way merge. So far I haven't had any luck; is this just a panel configuration I haven't found?
    • Alex, 
      In the next version of Code Compare we are going to include own Automatic Merge feature. It won't be necessary for you to look in the Base file because in the Result file you will see lines from the Base file in the conflicts.
      Now like a workaround you can use the "Use Base File" button on the Layout toolbar.
  • Constraints?
    4 Posts | Last post February 10, 2014
    • I love this tool, and I'd like to make a suggestion. One thing I've always wanted in a diff tool is the ability to force lines in each file to be treated as the same line. So, for example, if one method was edited and another one added directly above it, lots of tools might misread it and treat it as an edit followed by an add rather than an add followed by an edit. In both cases, the results would be the same, but with the ability to tell the tool that two particular lines are the same logical line would help to make sense of complicated diffs. 
    • Alex,
      You can try to use the Structural Comparison + Detect Similar Lines features in Code Compare Professional Edition.
      As for your suggestion, please vote for the similar idea at our UserVoice forum:
    • Woah, there's a pro version where I can pay for more stuff? Sign me up!
    • Alex,
      Yes, Code Compare has a Professional Edition, that provides a wide range of capabilities for comparing and merging different files and folders.
      Learn more about features of Code Compare and Code Compare Pro on the following page:
      You can visit the product's Ordering page to purchase Code Compare Pro:
  • How do I do a three way diff?
    3 Posts | Last post October 28, 2013
    • Just installed the free version, want to try 3-way diff before purchase which I thought was available in Trial mode, but where is it? The Help says drag the files using Explorer, but I cant drag three files at once (or two even) when they are in different directories.
    • Please, follow the next two steps to resolve your issue:
      1. Open Code Compare, change view to 3 pane and simply drag files to the each pane.
      2. In Windows Explorer open the context menu at the first file and select "Select Left", at the second file - "Select Right", at the third - "Compare with Code Compare".
    • You can choose the most convenient way for you.
  • How to merge a single line of code ?
    2 Posts | Last post September 17, 2013
    • For example, if we have 2 versions of a file (class1.vb on each branch) to merge.
      Version 1:
      Public Class Class1
          Private _var1 As String
          Private _varB As Integer
      End Class
      Version 2:
      Public Class Class1
          Private _varA As String
          Private _var2 As Integer
      End Class
      Outcome :
      Public Class Class1
          Private _var1 As String
          Private _var2 As Integer
      End Class
      But what we want is :
      Public Class Class1
          Private _varA As String
          Private _varB As Integer
      End Class
      How to achieve this?
    • Cyber J-P, please, forward your inquiry to and we will provide you a comprehensive answer.
  • How can I remove the CodeCompare page from Options after attempted uninstall?
    6 Posts | Last post June 19, 2013
    • I tried this add-on awhile back and uninstalled after too many problems. The uninstall hung and I've been left with the add-on apparently uninstalled except that the settings page still appears in Tools -> Options. ("An error occurred loading this property page" is displayed.)
      How can I remove this, and any other vestiges of the add-on, from my Visual Studio install?
    • To remove all information about Code Compare from the registry, download this registry file - , and run it. We will be very grateful if you give a more detailed description of the problem. What exactly hung?  Uninstall process or devenv.exe? In the second case you should have waited till the Visual Studio process finishes. Did you kill any process during uninstall? Which problems occurred when you were working with Code Compare?
    • I run the .reg from and the "Code Compare" still shows up in my VS2012 Ultimate on the "Extensions and Updates" dialog as installed (both the "Disable" and "Uninstall" buttons are grey out).
      What can I do to completely remove it from there?
    • You should to reinstall Code Compare and in 'Choose components' window uncheck 'Integration with Visual Studio 2012'.
      Registry file above is suitable only for Code Compare 2.8 in Visual Studio 2008/2010.
    • I reinstalled it as explained and it didn't work. Then I uninstalled it, and still didn't work.
      Another idea?
    • Dannie, 
      I would like to ask you to contact Devart support service providing the detailed description of the problem you are facing and specifying the version of Code Compare you are using. This way we will be able to provide you the most efficient assistance.
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