Productivity Power Tools 2013

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A set of extensions to Visual Studio 2013 Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by PatrikWa | October 01 2015

Hi, couldnt find out how to report a bug so im writing here instead...

Im using 4 tab groups to show my files, some of the files are pinned and some are not. When resizing main window or opening/closing files, the remaining file tabs have their layout updated which means some files are on the same row and some are moved to row2, row3 etc.
The bug is that sometimes a file is moved to row2 and then back to row1, then back to row2, row1, row2,row1... in an endless loop, rendering VS2015 unresponsive.

This also happens to another of our programmers who uses VS2015 + Productivity Power Tools.

Disabling the "Custom Document Well" solves this problem and the bug appears to be gone.

If this is the wrong place to post bug reports, please point me in the right direction.

Edit: As im actually writing a review, I might as well say that this extension is amazing (except for the bug above) and after started using it, I cant see myself ever going back. I disabled it for a while to confirm the bug was indeed inside the extension and not VS2015 itself and I felt completely crippled.
If you havent already, download and use it, you wont regret it!

by Scuzzbucket | September 07 2015

Color Printing does not work when you install it on VS13 running on Windows 10! A LOT of people are angry...

by Dan Randolph | August 10 2015

I just downloaded and installed the latest version.
Color Printing does not print anything in Windows 10.
I had to turn off Power Tools printing and go back to all black text to get Visual Studio 2013 to print.

by Wolftail | August 03 2015

by RedTahr | July 14 2015

splendid addition of features that just seem natural.
and are now a requirement on any machine I use.
the color coded tabs to differentiate which project you're in within alone makes this a useful addon, and thats only one of the many things it does.

by roonwhita | July 06 2015

Color Printer randomly omits 1-4 lines of code at the bottom of the page. This wasn't a problem with VS2005, but with VS2013 it is.

by Chris Dusyk | May 29 2015

Absolutely stellar tool.

by FrankM227 | May 14 2015

No words just 5 stars,

by Philip Cole | May 12 2015

by zimL | May 10 2015

I have the productivity power tools for visual studio 2010 installed on another computer that has VS2010 and it works great. When I received my new computer I added VS2013 to it and decided to install Productivity Power Tools 2013 as well as ReSharper. It has not gone well, the first time loaded a file and tried "find all references" VS went into an infinite loop with the scroll indicator moving up and down in a continuous cycle. After a week of work, the same infinite loop returned. Luckily, VS was able to recover my work (I now save often). Tabs no longer remain pinned. Where is the option to show pinned tabs on a separate row? I assumed that the Tools 2013 contained Tools 2010 but they do not work the same. I can't trust Tools 2013, so I disabled it. When I have the time I'll disable ReSharper and enable Tools 2013 to see if there is a conflict.

by Chris Bordeman | May 07 2015

I really wish I could hide the pin on the custom document well. I keep it along the left side of the screen and pretty wide so my full filenames are always easy to scan and select. I absolutely never use pinning, and it takes up precious horizontal space in my editor.

Other than that, dang this is a great add on. Thanks team!

by Trass3r | May 05 2015

Awesome toolset.
When switching to VS 2015 I really thought it was broken cause I didn't see any scroll bar markers or solution errors anymore.
Please release a 2015 version!

by prasongwc | April 25 2015

by felipefrer | April 20 2015

Extensão muito útil pra trabalhar com código de sistemas legado.

by Mobit Apps | April 17 2015

There is nothing about this on release notes ...

by mespelbrunn | April 15 2015

I really like the PowerCommand to "Remove and Sort Usings on save". I like clean code. There is one enhancement I'd really really like to see.

Allow the developer to exclude specified usings to not be removed. I have created some extension methods to the Exception class in a base class library. The methods are called DeepMessage and FullMessage that give me a nice readout of the messages from the exception and all inner exceptions. Usually I only use them in the debugger Watch window, rather than in the code itself. If no other code is used from the same class library namespace (a frequent occurrence), then the using statement gets removed when I save and the extension methods are no longer available within my debugger.

by YS-Jeff | April 15 2015

Installed this for the document well features.
Used it for 5 minutes and did not care for the changes much.
Uninstalled the extension.

This left my Visual Studio install in a broken state, Solutions take much longer to load, I eventually receive a popup from VS that an exception occurred. The solution explorer no longer displays the project tree.

Currently doing an install repair to try to fix it.

Really, really, unimpressed.

(I have Resharper installed, so the problem might be related to incompatibility with that, who knows)

by Gokula2010 | March 25 2015

This is one of the great tool, which I have been using for many years. So for it's good.

Current update make us worry a lot, curly braces are too small...Its not looking good. Please fix...

And try to provide curly brace based collapse and un-collapse. Currently it will support regions, function, etc only.

Please fix this too.


by funcube | March 18 2015

Why are you guys changing the size of curly brackets ?
The curly brackets looks smaller and it looks ugly after installing the power tools
I disabled the "Column Guides", "Match Margin" and "Structure Visualizer", as a result the curly brackets are smaller and looks UGLY.
Please... please fix it.


by Ondřej | March 13 2015

Set of very useful tools. I am little bit happier when using Visual Studio with this.

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  • Cannot find TFPT.exe after install Power Tools
    1 Posts | Last post Mon 9:25 PM
    • Hi All,
      I cannot find the TFPT.exe file after installing Power Tools 2013.
      Some basic info:
      Server software = server 2008 R2
      Visual Studio 2010
      TFS 2013
      Power Tools 2013
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I am trying to export to XML or any format for that matter. 
  • VS2013 startup error
    2 Posts | Last post September 14, 2015
    • After installing the Power Tools, I now get the following error on VS startup.
          <source>Editor or Editor Extension</source>
          <description>System.ComponentModel.Composition.ImportCardinalityMismatchException: Duplicate EditorFormatDefinition exports with identical name attributes exist. Duplicate name is UNDERLINECLASSIFICATIONFORMATPROPACK</description>
      Everything seems to work OK.
    • If you goto "options" under the "tools" menu and select the power tools pack in the left, you can turn off "Ctrl-Click Go to Definition".  That will stop the error from poping up.  It's a bug that just started happening in the last update, though haven't seen a response from the dev team on a fix yet.
  • Undo Close Window menu item
    3 Posts | Last post September 01, 2015
    • With the latest install of Productivity Power Tools 2013, I noticed that the menu item for 'Undo Close Window' that is supposed to be under the "View | Other windows" submenu is missing.  The keyboard shortcuts still work but I'd like to actually pick the window to open rather than just have the last window that was closed re-opened.  I've looked in the settings and I don't see a way to enable or disable this item.
      does anyone else have the same behavior?
    • I just noticed this same thing! That window was very useful because sometimes you don't want to reopen the last closed file!
      BTW, a small issue the 2012 version has is that if you use the dark theme, its background is still white.
    • Dave, I just found out that in the File menu there is this option called "Recently Closed Documents". I think that's quite an acceptable way to reopen a closed file.
  • High contrast desktop theme, guide lines and scrollbar
    3 Posts | Last post August 18, 2015
    • Sinc needing to use the high-contrast-theme I have some problems with some helpers, the editor guide lines and the scrollbar.
      The coloring of the editor guide lines is not "stable". After a while suddenly the displayed information does not use the appropiate colors anymore, so that e.g. the conditions of an if are not readable anymore.
      The scrollbar uses now yellow instead of black to visualize text, but now on white, instead of black background. So here the way to folow the system colors seems to be incomplete.
      Is there a chance for a fix?
    • To make it understandable, I uploaded a screenshot to dropbox:
      The relevant parts are marked by a red freehand line.
    • Another thing I want to point to is the default coloring of the document well tabs with a switched on high-contrast-theming.
      It would be very nice to have a better contrast in the colors by default, if the high-contrast-theming is switched on, because the current default colors are nearly unreadable.
  • When pinning documents persistently will work?
    1 Posts | Last post August 13, 2015
    • I'm using PPT since a few years and used the function to pin documents in the document well a lot.
      Since stepping from VS2010 to VS2013 and keeping PPT updated, pinning is not persistent anymore.
      Is there any plan to fix this?
  • Can't type brackets
    3 Posts | Last post August 04, 2015
    • Hi,
      I recenlty installed the extension again in VS2013.
      I'm on a AZERTY keyboard (Dutch, Belgian Period).
      Whenever the plugin is installed, I can no longer type the [] brackets.
      Nothing happens when pressing alt-gr and the ] key.
      Really hard to write c# code without being able to use those keys... Fix please...
    • Hi Thomas 
      Thanks for raising this. 
      Productivity Power Tools makes a keyboard binding to Ctrl+Alt+[ , which it maps to Align Assignments. This probably maps to “AltGr+[“ (required to type [ on your keyboard).
      A workaround is to disable the Align Assignments power tool in Tools-Options-Productivity Power Tools, or change the mapping in tools-options-environment-keyboard.
    • That worked Mark. Thanks a lot.
      I removed the shortcut for the "Edit.AlignAssignments" command via the tools > options > Environment > Keyboard section.
      Now I'm able to type [ again on my azerty keyboard (Algr + [)
      Very happy that everything (but that setting) now works with all productivity power tools stuff enabled. Jeeej!
  • Dark theme too hard to see.
    3 Posts | Last post July 27, 2015
    • There is no constrast in the dark theme for the view added to the scrollbar. Is there a way to adjust this?
    • Under Tools | Options| Environment | Fonts and Colors, you'll see a set of "Block Structure" color settings. Change those to change the lines that indicate code structure both in the text editor and in the scrollbar. Perhaps that's what you're looking for?
    • Perfect, color items you described do necessary changes. However, colors on scrollbar are not corresponding to those which are set up and visible in the editor. They appear dimmed. Are you painting them with partial transparency? Can be their opacity increased back to 100%?
  • Custom Document Well Not Work With Update 5
    1 Posts | Last post July 24, 2015
    • I love the custom document well.  Unfortunately, this appears to be broken after installing VS2013 Update 5.  
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015
    21 Posts | Last post July 21, 2015
    • When can we expect support for VS 2015?
    • +1 for VS2015 support!
    • Add my vote for Visual Studio 2015 support.
      Your toll is an indispensable tool.
    • +1 too
    • +1, not moving to VS2015 without it, far too many things I've come to rely on
    • +1, Yes Please this tool is a big Help. 
    • +1 for VS 2015 too. Great tool that makes life much easier.
    • JVS
      +1 for VS2015 support.
    • is there an estimate for vs2015 support?
    • +1 for 2015 support
    • +1
    • +1. MS needs to prioritize migration of popular add-ins and extensions such as this and the color theme editor.  These should be available at the same time as the RC if they want any kind of serious adoption, it's like going back to the stone age.
    • +++++++1 Please!!!!!
    • I was wondering if there is a way to force Tab fixing to inherit from VS 2013 settings tab style (tabs or spaces). I use 4 spaces and look like Power tools are always using Tabs instead of user selected option from VS settings. Am I missing something?
    • +1 need this for 2015
    • + 1
    • +1, for sure; I miss this so badly, and I just moved to VS2015 a few minutes ago!
    • Hello Productivity Power Tools Fans
      We are actively working on a release of Productivity Power Tools that will support Visual Studio 2015. Watch the Visual Studio Blog for announcements.
      Mark Wilson-Thomas
      Program Manager, Visual Studio Platform Team
    • The wait is over. Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015 is now available for download! 
    • +1 Visual Studio 2015
    • Is available for 2015 as of this morning
  • EnvFontReset Configuration
    2 Posts | Last post July 20, 2015
    • Is there a configuration file somewhere similar to the PresentEdit that allows me to change the what gets reset when EnvFontRest is called?  I have noticed that sometimes after using Presentation mode, not all windows go back to their previous fonts after turning it off.  I have used EnvFontReset and TxtFontReset to get the important items back to normal, however other times like the Watch windows, Find Results, Call Stack, etc do not have their fonts reset.  I am hoping there is a configuration file similar to PresentEdit that allows me to configure what elements get reset and what that default reset is set to.
    • Hello Productivity Power Tools Fans
      We are actively working on a release of Productivity Power Tools that will support Visual Studio 2015. Watch the Visual Studio Blog for announcements.
      Mark Wilson-Thomas
      Program Manager, Visual Studio Platform Team
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