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VisualSVN - Professional Subversion Integration for Visual Studio

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by xingzhuo | Thu 1:53 AM

It makes a looooooooooot of troubles , would you please DO NOT add the files to the subversion automatically? that's a big trouble maker , you know why, or... you SHOULD know why!

I finally find out it's Visual SVN which causes all the troubles, after uninstalled this plugin, I will not install it again!

by LordDelacroix | December 17 2014

As a senior software developer with over 40 years in the industry, I've used every source control package imaginable and many that are difficult to believe are (were) considered source control.

SVN is one of the best available today (mercurial is only a smidgen better IMHO) and VisualSVN's Visual Studio AddIn makes using SVN so easy a novice can can look like a Pro!

I really love VisualSVN and you will too!

by macaiver | December 15 2014

by Rottbott | October 29 2014

by robertblixt | August 28 2014

by SWITAG | August 22 2014

Wir setzen VisualSVN seit unserem ersten Projekt in VS2008 im Unternehmen ein. Es war immer ein verlässlicher Partner in unserer Software-Entwicklung.
Viele gute Projekte wären ohne VisualSVN nicht möglich gewesen.
Dank dem exzellenten Support des VisualSVN Teams macht die Arbeit damit auch echt Spass.
Ein Muss für jeden professionellen Softwareentwickler.

by Mark C. Bruce | June 11 2014

VisualSVN subversion provides seamless integration with Visual Studio for source-code control and release management.

by Mohammad R. Daoud | June 09 2014

Awesome product, very easy to use and reliable.

by Don Burnett | May 29 2014

I really appreciate the great support and the quality of this product and the integration level and interaction support put forward by this product and the company behind it. I believe it's the best plug-in for Visual Studio and maybe any other IDE out there for version control..

by Dennis Vroegop | May 21 2014

The debate about which version control is the best is as old as the industry itself. A very important step towards deciding your system is deciding on the tooling around it. And if you are using SVN or want to use SVN in your organization, there simply is one choice when you're a VS developer. VisualSVN is by far the best SVN client out there.

The user interface integrates nicely with Visual Studio. The markers indicating the state of the file are non-intrusive but obvious enough to notice them. The worfklow is easy. All in all, if you are a SVN fan this is the tool to use. I really, really recommend this.

by brett1981again | April 28 2014

VisualSVN is one of two Visual Studio add-ins that I can no longer live without (the other being ReSharper for C#).

VisualSVN works very smoothly with our SVN repositories, and it adds a lot of support in the editor aside from the convenient menu access to SVN functions. I realized how essential it has become to my workflow when our license expired and I had to work without it for a few days. I was surprised at all the things I was using that I assumed were part of Visual Studio but were actually being supplied by VisualSVN. It's simple, fast, and I haven't encountered any bugs during the past 2 years that I've been using it.

by Karel Kral | February 25 2014

Excellent Subversion integration. We are using it since VS 2008 and we are very satisfied.

by EricGur | January 08 2014

Excellent Visual Studio Add-in!
Significantly improves working with SVN.
Highly recommended.

Free license for open source developers :)

by Monitox_ | December 29 2013

I cannot install the version 4.0.2. It gives an error saying the package is damaged. Pity I cannot rate less than 1 star.

I have the latest Tortoise SVN, which is great, but this VisualSVN is just useless.

VisualSVN Limited December 30 2013
| Edit |

We regret that you had trouble installing VisualSVN. We do want to help you to install and try VisualSVN extension so you could evaluate it and leave an appropriate review.

According to the description, we guess that the download was corrupted. Corrupted download can happen due to various reasons, but you can always re-download the file and most likely it will install without any errors. Use the HTTPS URL to download the latest VisualSVN 4.0.2:

If you still experience the issue, please contact us at so we could investigate this.

With best regards,
Pavel Lyalyakin
VisualSVN Team

by Damir Arh | December 24 2013

VisualSVN is definitely the best SVN plugin for Visual Studio. A couple of them set it above AnkhSVN for me: (a) quick navigation from change to change, (b) selective revert of code blocks, and (c) blame function keeps the currently selected line.
If your computer is not in a domain, it's the best choice you can make. If you have a domain joined computer, you'll have to decide for yourself whether its features are worth the price.

by SAL | December 18 2013

Deceptive marketing practice in my opinion because they want you to believe it’s free. The Community License is free if your computer IS NOT a member of an Active Directory domain. Otherwise it’s a very good product but as some have said stick with AnkhSVN which IS FREE and works just as good. The lastest version of AnkhSVN is 2.5.12266 which works with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013 (

by NilsLightyear | November 25 2013

It is not free! That sign next to the heading is misleading.
Apart from that, it works very well.

by Adah | November 14 2013

Nice except the cost.

Well, under the condition that your PC is domain-managed. Otherwise it is free to use, and it is nice.

If your PC does join a domain, the cost is then not that nice, esp. considering that AnkhSVN is completely free to all users. AnkhSVN's is as friendly to use as VisualSVN.

I think this is a good app and is worth a try. However, if do not qualify for the free community license and you do not feel like paying, install AnkhSVN instead.

by KatusPl | November 06 2013

Its rly great :)

by Martin Kulov (DEV) | November 02 2013

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  • Visual Studio 2015
    2 Posts | Last post February 26, 2015
    • Now that Visual Studio 2015 is well on it's way, any chance of getting pre-releases that work with it?
      Really love this tool!
    • There is an alpha version of VisualSVN 5.0 that provides an experimental integration with the Visual Studio 2015 Preview. You can download it here:
  • Unable to update with 4.0.11
    2 Posts | Last post January 13, 2015
    • Hi.
      I've just installed TortoiseSVN- after being warned about an update. I had a struggle to install this, it complained about not being able to shut down some files and told me I'd need to reboot the pc.
      Starting visual studio 2010 I'm told that VisualSVN needs updating which I try to do from Extension Manager within visual studio.
      The Update button for this exension appears to be disabled when clicked. I see the button change hot colour when my cursor passes over it.
      Any ideas what the problem is?
    • Hello,
      It seems that there are two unrelated issues:
      * Installation and upgrade of TortoiseSVN might require a reboot in
      some cases and this is an expected behavior.
      * VisualSVN currently can't be upgraded via Extension Manager in Visual Studio. In order to upgrade VisualSVN, you can download and run the installer
      of the latest version. Here is the download page:
      Hope this helps.
  • Is VisualSVN a MSSCCI-compliant version control system
    2 Posts | Last post November 10, 2014
    • Hi,
      The reason I ask this is because I am looking to link SVN into Adobe Robohelp, which will work with any MSSCCI-compliant controller.  We already use TortoiseSVN and this would be a good option.  Robohelp will look in HKLM\software\SourceCodeControlProvider\InstalledSCCProviders for the list of providers.  Do you register this plugin there?
      Also, is Visual Sutdio required to install this plugin?
    • Hello,
      VisualSVN (plug-in for Visual Studio) is not a generic MSSCCI/SCC provider. So you can't use it in Adobe Robohelp. VisualSVN can be used with Visual Studio only.
  • TSVN and 64-bit machines
    2 Posts | Last post October 21, 2014
    • So I had this issue with TSVN when I installed SVN 64 bit version, it turns out that it looks for the installation directory of Tortoise SVN in the Program Files (x86) fold in the 64-bit machines, a good work around is to change the installation directory of your 64-bit version to the Program Files (x86) folder, and it will work out fine.
    • Hello Hassan,
      TortoiseSVN stores references to it's installation directory in Windows Registry. VisualSVN gets the path to TortoiseSVN on filesystem by checking TortoiseSVN's registry key. If the path in Windows Registry is invalid, then you get the error when working with VisualSVN:
      Failure on running TortoiseSVN:
      The system cannot find the file specified
      If this is the case that you describe, you can easily solve the issue by doing a repair for TortoiseSVN:
      1. Download and run the TortoiseSVN installer (of the same version you have installed now),
      2. In the installer, choose to 'Repair' TortoiseSVN, finish the repair.
      The issue should to be solved after these steps.
      Please note that you can always contact us at describing the issue in detail so we could investigate it and help you.
  • Auto commit
    2 Posts | Last post May 24, 2013
    • Hi,
      is it possible to get an automated request for committing when I close VS?
      Or even an automated commit without a request?
    • Thank you for the feedback!
      There is no such feature in VisualSVN 3.0. We will consider implementing it in future versions however.
      Please note that you can always contact us at describing the use case so we could file it and use in future development.
  • Set Baseline using VisualSVN
    2 Posts | Last post August 09, 2012
    • Hi All, I am a Software Developer and I am using the VisualSVN with Visual Studio 2010.
      Can anybody guide me how to set a baseline using VisualSVN, as this feature was availbabl
      Thanks in Advance.
    • * as this feature is available in VSS.