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Automate repetitive tasks in Visual Studio IDE. Reuse your existing Visual Studio macros or create new commands and extensions in C# or VB. Record and playback text editing macros.

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by randybone5 | January 29 2015

This is indispensable to anyone moving from an older version of Visual Studio who made use of macros. I have also found it can be used to automatically save all files before running an external tool (another very useful option which was left out of more recent versions of Visual Studio). Although I don't require the extra features in the paid version I may have to buy it anyway as it has been such a life saver.

by Shane MacLaughlin | December 10 2014

Worked well as expected, and basically allows me to fully transition from VS2010 to VS2013. Pleased about this and bought the pro version as a result. Minor niggles that made this 4 star rather than 5;

Commands should be optionally be referenced by name rather than number, as it makes assigning them to keys a bit easier. e.g. VCMD.MyKickAssMacro rather than VCMD.Command01

A bit more documentation on the compile errors would be useful. Pro version is better than the free version in this regard, as double clicking on the error brings you to the offending line. Doesn't seem to happen in the free version.

All in all, a great solution to a major shortcoming in VS2013

by ccman45 | December 09 2014

I use text macro's pretty heavily and this works great. Everything I can do in Notepad++ I can do here.

Can be a tad slow to initialize when playing, but otherwise works well.

by Ashraf Sabry | November 23 2014

This tool is excellent. It's GreaseMonkey for Visual Studio.
I wrote you a "thank you" comment on StackOverflow, and I'd like to thank you here again.


by kekebene | September 30 2014

This tool is great!

Was able to cut&paste my old macros into it and it worked fine with no issues.

Not sure if this was because I already had a different macro tool installed, but the typical Microsoft MACRO shortcut keys used to launch the RECORD (Ctrl-Shift-R) & RUN (Ctrl-Shift-P) were not mapped to the equivalent actions on this tool. In any case, I had to manually map them.

That was not a biggy, considering how happy I am with the tool!

Thanks for saving us from another MS #$%^ decision...

by Alex Meyer-Gleaves | June 27 2014

Awesome work! This allowed me to get my favourite macro for toggling tabs/spaces working again in Visual Studio 2013.

by pif75 | May 21 2014

It says that "Code of an existing Visual Studio macro from previous versions of Visual Studio can be just pasted in the Run subroutine of a new VB command."
I tried to import an older macro from VS 2005 and it has TONS OF PROBLEMS because the VB language itself has changed in the mean time and, of course, a lot of the objects are not available any more.

I realize this is mostly Microsoft fault , but I do not tolerate bold statements as the one mentioned before. I lost half a day trying to do this and I still have lots of errors to correct.

Sergey Vlasov May 22 2014
| Edit |

Sorry for this problem. Can you please post a problematic VS 2005 macro code here?

by | May 12 2014

It worked for me. In particular, it understands text added to my file by Intellisense.

by mvbgupta | April 17 2014

by ukrainial | December 20 2013

Easy to use and well-designed.

by Jeff Relf | December 08 2013

I -love- Visual Commander, professional edition.

The macro editor is a real joy; it's just another tab,
with the text/code editor I'm used to; so I get the same font,
font size and coloring that I'm used to.

I can assign up to 99 commands to keys/buttons;
without it, I couldn't use Visual Studio 2012/2013.

It lets me add Sergey Vlasov's extension to hide
that nasty "sign in" button.

More at: http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Macros.HTM

Best Add-on EVER for VS2012, Hope every wish in your life comes true, Seriously

by Tedy Pranolo | November 24 2013

Amazing. Works as advertised.

by EricMutta | November 22 2013

Not sure why no one has written a review for this handy tool.

It does what it says on the tin!

VS2012 has no macros support and there was one non-text macro (for text I use the very excellent VsVim extension) that I just couldn't live without.

I fired up VS2010, opened the macro editor, copied the macro code "as is" and pasted into the command editor for this tool.

A few clicks later I had added the macro code as command button on the standard toolbar and voila!

Thanks Sergey, you rock!

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  • Visual Studio 2013 Express compatibility?
    3 Posts | Last post January 13, 2015
    • I am currently migrating a development system to Visual Studio 2013 Express and your Visual Commander looked perfect for enabling me to continue using my old comment macros.  Unfortunately it refuses to install saying I have no compatible products.  Do you know if this is a limitation of the Express version (as other people seem to be using it on VS2013) or something you could fix?
    • Visual Studio 2013 Express doesn't support any extensions, including Visual Commander. You may want to try Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition:
    • Thanks for the tip.  I will give community edition a try.
  • Cannot run DTE Edit commands
    2 Posts | Last post October 11, 2014
    • First, thanks for the really useful VS extension.
      I am running VS2012 Pro with the latest Commander. I recorded a macro, but when I try to run it, I get COM exception 0x80004005 if I try to run
      However, this line works:
      as well as these 2 lines:
      EnvDTE.TextSelection ts = DTE.ActiveWindow.Selection as EnvDTE.TextSelection;		
      (DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection as EnvDTE.TextSelection).Text = @"some text";
      Is there a way to fix the Edit commands problem?
    • Sorry, Sergey!
      The problem was in the way I invoked the macro. I tried to run the macro via Run button in Commands window and this is when it failed. After I assigned the macro to a keyboard combination, everything works like a charm! Such a relief... . Having an option to use C# is great.
      Excellent work!
  • Using existing macros
    4 Posts | Last post September 17, 2014
    • I've got text macros that were created with earlier versions of VS.  How do I reuse these using Visual Commander?  Is there a quick way to import them?
    • For each old macro you create a new Visual Commander VB command and paste old macro code into the Run method.
    • I am trying to do the same, but in my VS2008 there is a whole tree of macros:
      I am interested in the macros from VSEditor but they reference the Utilities and so do not compile when placed in Command.
      Is that still possible to import all the old macros in one easy step?
    • It is unfortunately not currently possible to import all the old macros in one step.
  • Visual Studio 2012-3 Italian Version
    2 Posts | Last post June 25, 2014
    • Hello I have a question please.
      I'he tried to install Visual Commander v1.6 - March 3, 2014 (limited edition)
      in Visual Studio Prpfessional 2012 and Ultimate 2013 Update 2 tryal version.
      Both VS in Italian language.
      But after installation I can't see the VCMD window like in your home page (
      I need VS english version or can I use VCMD in italian version too?
    • Giuseppe,
      I've just installed VS Ultimate 2013.2 Italian on a VM and I do see the main VCMD menu after Visual Commander installation.
      Is Visual Commander at least visible and enabled in "Estensioni e aggiornamenti" on your machine?
  • "Home" is not recorded ( to "Temporary Macro" ).
    5 Posts | Last post March 15, 2014
    • "Home"  ( tied to "Edit.LineFirstColumn" )
      is not recorded ( to "Temporary Macro" ).
    • Jeff,
      Thank you for reporting this omission. I'll add Edit.LineFirstColumn recording to the next release.
    • OK, thank you Vlasov.
      Seattle Seahawks won the super weed bowl !
      After the game, a 30 foot high bonfire was lit
      next door to me.  Burning couches.
      It nearly caught trees on fire.
      FireFighters put it out ASAP.
    • Jeff,
      I've added recording for Edit.LineFirstColumn to v1.6.
    • [ I'm reposting this because my last attempt went to the wrong thread. ]
      Thank you, Sergey, I got it.
  • The per glyph font/colors I specify.
    5 Posts | Last post March 15, 2014
    • I want -all- file types to open in 
      the text editor with -nothing-but- 
      the per glyph font/colors I specify.
      For example, I want all digits, everywhere,
      to have a certain color/font.
      And I want to do this by handling certain events,
      in a Visual Studio 2013, "Visual Commander" extension.
      Problem is, I don't know what those events are,
      or how to handle them.
      Can you help me with this, Sergey Vlasov ?
    • Jeff,
      You probably want to create a Visual Studio Editor Classifier. It uses MEF for registration that is not currently supported by Visual Commander.
      There is a Visual Studio SDK template for a classifier, if you want to get started writing it yourself, see
      And there is the open source KeywordClassifier Visual Studio Extension that already allows you to customize which keywords get highlighted, see
    • Jeff,
      More sample code is available from the BrightScript extension, see
    • Thank you, Sergey.
      I'll be Googling GitHub, e.g.: "IViewTaggerProvider"
      Currently, I'm a bit lost, but I'll figure it out.
    • Thank you, Sergey, I got it.
  • Referenced file not found
    1 Posts | Last post March 15, 2014
    • I'm using version 1.2.1 in VS 2013. I added a reference to a dll in the Command editor (References button). I specify the dll in 1 line like:
      And it fired an exception. With assembly binding log enabled, it seem to try to find the file within the program files folder:
      Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\
  • Shortcut based commands are not being recorded
    6 Posts | Last post March 03, 2014
    • I have Edit.MoveControlDown bound to Ctrl+Down 
      if I record a macro and use this shortcut combo, it does not currently record. Just plain Down Arrow by itself records fine.
      I have VS 2013 and the latest VC
    • I just verified that ctrl+right/left map to Edit.WordNext/Previous and are recorded properly.
      is it that you are looking for an event for the carat or text to change? with MoveControlDown it moves the entire text field down and the carat stays relative to the text.
    • I'm sorry, the command that was not being recorded is Edit.ScrollLineDown  /Up
    • and there are multiple shortcuts bound to the key stroke in different modes. which may be another clue. 
    • Visual Commander records only fixed set of commands and Edit.Scroll* commands are currently not included. I'll add them to the next release. Thank you for the feedback!
    • I've added recording for all Edit.Scroll* commands to v1.6.
  • My toolbars now say (e.g.) "Command01"
    3 Posts | Last post December 12, 2013
    • After installing 1.4, my commands, 
      on my toolbars now say (e.g.) "Command01",
      instead of the name of the macro.
      Surely, this is bug, no ?
    • Yes, it's a new bug introduced in v1.4. Thank you for reporting it. Fixed in v1.4.1.
    • Yes, v1.4.1 works fine.  Thanks.
  • ActiveDocument: not declared /inaccessible
    2 Posts | Last post December 11, 2013
    • Hi, Appologies as I'm new to this.
      I'm importing a macro I used alot in VS2010,
       but have a problem referencing "ActiveDocument".
      I have the following Imports to the Public Module:
      Imports EnvDTE
      Imports EnvDTE80
      Imports System.Diagnostics
      Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
      Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic.ControlChars
      and then in a sub I have:
      selection = ActiveDocument.Selection
      which it can't do.
      Any ideas Please would be appreciated.
    • Please try
      selection = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection
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