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This extension lets you see the history of all files you edit in Visual Studio on your local machine.

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2015, 2013, 2012
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by Vic Vladi | July 23 2015

While other Visual Studio 2015 windows looks fine AutoHistory-windows is like a mess


Porbably this is because author is no really care about possible size of each element and hardcoded all GUI elements positions to how it is ok for his machine :(

Terrible UX-practice ... unable to work with extention at all ... I give minimal rating for extension

by SOlson2012 | June 04 2015

by jschroedl | January 29 2015

So much awesome here! This has saved my bacon a time or two already.

Question: Is there a limit on how long the history is saved (1 month? 1 year?) Would love to set it to forever (if there's a limit)

Suggestion: Button to "Clear History for this Solution"
Suggestion: I'd like to be able to control where the history is saved.

by Carl Dorbeus | December 10 2014

by Roger Emerson Villela | September 07 2014

Include in the next update of VS, please!!! :)
Very useful!!
I´m a Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++ (always using VC++),
and I have to create groups of blocks of code to my samples and this kind of
tool helps a lot.


Roger Villela
Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++.

by LukePuplett | August 21 2014

It seems I am the only person to not be able to comprehend the UI.

I cannot understand what any of it means or how to compare files, no snapshot ever show up.

It baffles me as to how this is a full 5* add-in and why my experience is completely at odds with everyone else's.

by chriga | May 22 2014

Most time I don't need it. But if I need it, it is worth a mint.

by Paul Rogero | March 26 2014

Awesome, very useful.

+1 for revert without having to copy & paste.
+1 for ability to quickly see all snaps for the selected file in a list without having to carefully move the vertical snapshot slider around.

by onurg | March 25 2014

by Andreas Pollak | March 11 2014

Very cool, I love it.

by ChrisKirby | March 04 2014

agreed, needs better support for git branch checkouts. Love this idea though, will be a very useful addition to vs.

by WillSullivan | February 25 2014

Slick, work in progress but will be very useful.

by JohnS99876 | February 15 2014

Very good. Regarding integration with source control, it gets a bit confusing when you switch Git branches. Would be nice to maintain separate histories for each branch, to prevent the clutter

by mark_foley | February 14 2014

Really nice, this is worthy of being a standard part of VS! Saw the vid, looking for how rollback would work but you mentioned you were wanting feedback on how that would work. In a perfect world I think the following would be nice:

a) Right click a file version and select 'restore file to current solution'
b) Restore whole solution back to a given moment.

Aside from that, a couple of nice things to have would be:
i) Permitting alternative diff tools (I use beyond compare). Or at least having arrows on the diff window to allow merging of the files.

ii) The option to run a command (and wait for the task to end) prior to the rollbacks - in particular I'd probably get it to do a quick zip file of the solution before the rollback occurs.

Thanks for the effort guys, well done.

Visual Studio Platform Team February 15 2014
| Edit |

Hi Mark. Thanks for your review! We very much appreciate the feedback.

On your point (ii), we are wondering if your goal would be accomplished by us taking a snapshot prior to any rollback activity? That way you could always rollback to the pre-rollback state?

Thanks again
Visual Studio Editor Team

by Hossein Aarabi | February 14 2014


by Abhimanyu K Vatsa | February 06 2014

Excellent extension to track code changes. Not sure..whether it will work on team projects and sync or not?

Visual Studio Platform Team February 07 2014
| Edit |

Hi @Abhimanyu K Vatsa

The extension does not interact directly with your chosen source code control system, so should work happily regardless of SCC choice. It watches changes made in the Visual Studio editor, and tracks them. So when you check a file in or out from SCC and edit it, the extension will note the changes you make because the file will have been opened and edited in Visual Studio.

I hope this clarifies how things work. We are looking at potential integration points with Source Code Control systems and would be interested to hear what sort of features you'd find useful there.

Visual Studio Editor Team

by Deep-Thought | February 02 2014

If this could sync my AutoHistory between my development machines using my
OneDrive account I would be a very happy little developer indeed :-)

by carbon twelve | January 31 2014

by Thieum22 | January 28 2014

by aceankur | January 28 2014

This is hands down awesome. Three things -
1. Can you assign Auto History a default shortcut. saves some trouble.
2. Can you add a export/import option so that if I switch machines, I can still have history for my projects
3. Extending the above - *wishful thinking* - can you have cloud sync with my skydrive as storage so that I can have history synced across my work machine, work laptop, personal laptop, you get the drift.

Again, this is fantastic as it is.

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  • Is it possible to make windows layout user-friendly
    1 Posts | Last post July 23, 2015
      While other tool-windows on Visual Studio 2015 looks fine (probably because they resize GUI elements and position GUI elements relative to other elements) the tool-windows of this extension has all element interfering with each other
      I think GUI layout must be changed to be resizable according to user fonts sizes.
  • Can't ever remember how to compare
    1 Posts | Last post May 16, 2014
    • I've been using this since soon after it was released.  It's not a tool I use daily or even weekly but I do use it every once in a while.  Because I don't use it often enough I can never remember how to actually compare anything with it.  I often end up clicking on the little "bubbles" and up deleting them.  I always have to go back and find a video about how it works.  It's simply not intuitive that I have to drag part of the slightly off-color/shaded rectangle on the snapshots to determine when I want to compare against and then there's no indication that double clicking on the file name is what executes the compare.  (and I'd also still like it to launch whatever compare tool the user has set up VS to use instead of VS's default)
  • Crashes VS 2013 when reloading a project file
    1 Posts | Last post April 04, 2014
    • I often edit my csproj files to customize the build process and last night Visual Studio suddenly started crashing when reloading project files back into the solution. No real error message except saying that Visual Studio has crashed and needs to restart. After restarting VS the project had been successfully loaded and built just fine, so I'm confident that there was nothing poisonous in the csproj.
      I have quite a few extensions installed, so AutoHistory could possibly be conflicting with one of those, but as soon as I disabled AutoHistory the crashing on reload of a project stopped.
      I hadn't really got round to trying the feature out properly but it looks like a pretty good idea.
  • Deleted Files
    2 Posts | Last post March 29, 2014
    • Hi Mark, is there any way of getting back a DELETED file?
      P.S. I've been using this since it came out and have found no real issues other than getting back a deleted file.
    • At the moment, no. The awkward work-around is to diff the version you want, switch the diff window to the left view (so you get only the old source) and then copy and paste that into a new file.
      The revert files feature, when it gets added (it is next of the list), will be able to revert deleted files.
  • Feature suggestions
    1 Posts | Last post March 19, 2014
    • As others have noted, I would love to see a "revert" feature, rather than having to copy and paste.
      I also wish the window looked more like the Eclipse local history window (or the VS Local History extension:, giving me a list of recent revisions for the currently selected file or files. The AutoHistory window seems to display only a single revision for each file, based on the earliest time in the slider on the left, which I find less easy to work with; if I'm looking for something I did about two hours ago, it means I have to move the bottom edge of the slider up and down carefully until I find the right time.
      It looks like AutoHistory saves snapshots in some central location; the Local History extension saves them in the solution directory. There are pros and cons to both approaches; I'd like to be able to choose. I'd also like to be able to flush the snapshots on demand, or at some preset interval.
      Thanks for taking a stab at this functionality; I'm hoping this extension continues to get some attention.
  • So... how do you revert with this thing???
    3 Posts | Last post February 25, 2014
    • I can't see how to, don't see anything in the blog post...  I want to revert to an earlier version.  I'd assume I would right click on the file I want to revert, select a version, and bam.  the only thing I can see is to copy and paste text from the revision history, which is awful (formatting is terrible).
      Wat do?
    • Hi @WillSullivan
      You have to do your rollbacks via the Diff View in the current version; we haven't implemented a feature to revert a file back to a previous version wholesale at this point. 
      At present the extension just lets you get back to the old code and copy-paste it to the file you want to revert. We do plan on adding reversion features in later releases - thanks for the feedback about how you'd expect these features to work.
    • Thanks.  Was wrong about the formatting, it was fine.  
  • AutoHistory with Rollback including binary
    2 Posts | Last post February 25, 2014
    • I ran into a situation where i was working with ASP.NET Identity and installed prerelease version of Identity. It messed by my whole program and there was no way t go back even after uninstalling the nuget Packages.
      I would like to see the feature were binary file are also included in this Auto History with ability to rollback and not Just Source code Files.
      Also you may want to provide optional feature to move this from local machine to TFS using Shelvesets.
    • Hi @N S S 
      Thanks for the feedback; both these are interesting feature requests that we'll consider for future implementation.
  • VS 2012 Pro
    10 Posts | Last post February 10, 2014
    • Great idea, Mark! I wish it was available for VS 2012 Pro...
      (v11.0.61030.00 u 4, win 8.1 64 bit)
    • I´m using Visual Studio 2013 Premium on Windows 7 64-bits and I´m getting this error:
          <time>2014/01/24 10:18:06.061</time>
          <description>CreateInstance failed for package [LocalHistoryPackage]</description>
          <errorinfo>Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Users\gustavo.bergamim\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\Extensions\lcui4pdv.2qi\Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory.dll' or one of its dependencies. Strong name validation failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013141A)</errorinfo>
          <time>2014/01/24 10:18:06.061</time>
          <description>End package load [LocalHistoryPackage]</description>
          <hr>80004005 - E_FAIL</hr>
          <errorinfo>Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Users\gustavo.bergamim\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\Extensions\lcui4pdv.2qi\Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory.dll' or one of its dependencies. Strong name validation failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013141A)</errorinfo>
    • On VS 2013 Ultimate, x64, the menu "Auto History" doesn't show up. Tried reinstalling, but no luck. Anyone experiencing this?
    • Same here, VS2013 Premium with Update 1, getting the same error message "Strong name validation failed.".
    • As a temporary fix for the strong name validation error you can manually exclude the assembly from the validation with:
      sn -Vr Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory.dll
      within a "VS2013 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt" running with administrative rights.
    • Hi Folks
      Apologies for the problems with the Strong Name Validation issue. We are working on a fix which we will publish here as soon as it is available. Watch this space!
    • Same here
    • I'm getting the same error in VS2013 Professional with Update 1.
    • I have just updated the Gallery version to 1.1. V1.1 Fixes the issue with installation and load caused by signature verification problems which folks have been seeing. Please try it and let us know how you get on!
      Thanks and sorry for the delay!
    • V1.2 just released, with support for Visual Studio 2012 as well as Visual Studio 2013! Please let us have your feedback,
  • I don't see "AutoHistory" in View --> Other Windows
    20 Posts | Last post February 10, 2014
    • How to open AutoHistory window?
    • View...Other Windows...AutoHistory
    • Sorry, I missed the title. It is supposed to be there. What version of VS are you using? You can also look in the activity log(users/<you>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0) to see if there are any errors. 
    • Getting this error:
          <time>2014/01/23 15:41:16.529</time>
          <description>CreateInstance failed for package [LocalHistoryPackage]</description>
          <errorinfo>Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Users\steve\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\Extensions\qn3mdz0f.pbz\Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory.dll' or one of its dependencies. Strong name validation failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013141A)</errorinfo>
    • Got error alert on loading Visual Studio. Acitivity Log got:
          <time>2014/01/23 16:40:40.563</time>
          <description>Entering function CVsPackageInfo::HrInstantiatePackage</description>
          <time>2014/01/23 16:40:40.563</time>
          <description>Begin package load [LocalHistoryPackage]</description>
          <time>2014/01/23 16:40:40.567</time>
          <description>CreateInstance failed for package [LocalHistoryPackage]</description>
          <errorinfo>Die Datei oder Assembly "Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" oder eine Abhängigkeit davon wurde nicht gefunden. Fehler bei der Überprüfung des starken Namens. (Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x8013141A)</errorinfo>
          <time>2014/01/23 16:40:40.567</time>
          <description>End package load [LocalHistoryPackage]</description>
          <hr>80004005 - E_FAIL</hr>
          <errorinfo>Die Datei oder Assembly "Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" oder eine Abhängigkeit davon wurde nicht gefunden. Fehler bei der Überprüfung des starken Namens. (Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x8013141A)</errorinfo>
    • Its also a "Strong name validation failed" error.
    • A few folks have reported issues installing with strong name validation problems. We are looking into this issue and will report back here as soon as we have further information to share. Apologies for the inconvenience. If you are seeing this issue please reply here. 
      Mark Wilson-Thomas 
      Program Manager, Visual Studio Editor Team
    • Same error. I see the assembly as a reference to mscorlib 1.0.3300.0. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
    • I have the loading issue due to strong name validation problem as well
    • Same issue for me. SN reports the assembly as self or test signed:
      >sn -q -v Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory.dll
      Microsoft.VisualStudio.AutoHistory.dll is a delay-signed or test-signed assembly
    • Thanks to all who have replied about the install error. We are looking into the signature problem. It would be useful to hear about what exact version of Visual Studio folks who have seen the problem are using (Express, Pro, Ultimate), and what version of Windows (7,8 32,64 bit). We would also like to hear if the other folks who've downloaded the extension have successfully installed and opened it.
      Apologies for the inconvenience,
    • I am on Windows 8.1 x64 with VS 2013 Ultimate and got the error.  I have .net 3.5 installed as well as 4.5.1.
    • OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
      OS Version:                6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
      Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013
      Version 12.0.30110.00 Update 1
    • Hello All,
      We believe we have a good understanding of the issue now, and we are working on a fix which we hope to have available very soon. Sorry about the delay; we will let you know as soon as the fixed version is available.
    • Awesome extension...Is it available for Visual Studio 2012 ?
      Titti Skaria.
    • Strong name validation error.
      Win 7-64
      VS2013  Pro - v:12.0.21005.1 REL
    • Strong name validation error
      Win 8.1 x64
      VS2013 Premium 12.0.30110.00 Update 1
      Looking forward to using it once the issue is resolved, it is something that has been sorely missing from VS
    • Strong name validation error
      - Windows 7 SP1 x64
      - Visual Studio 2013 Pro Update 1
    • I have just updated the Gallery version to 1.1. V1.1 Fixes the issue with installation and load caused by strong name validation problems which folks have been seeing. Please try it and let us know how you get on!
      Thanks and sorry for the delay!
    • To all who wanted Visual Studio 2012 support, we just uploaded V1.2 which supports Visual Studio 2012 as well as Visual Studio 2013! Please let us have your feedback!
  • Tell us your stories!
    1 Posts | Last post February 08, 2014
    • Hi AutoHistory Extension Users
      As you've had a little while to work with the extension now, we're really keen to hear any success stories you might have from using it - cases where you were able to get back to something you were doing, that would have been hard before for instance. Along with your suggestions for improvements, these really help us understand how useful the feature is to you. So tell us your stories about using the extension!
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