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Each build project or solution, increase selected project assembly and file version +1. Or simple version++ v1.4 -- project state saved registry add menu item : Get All Project Status from Registry enabled c# web applications v1.0.0.3 -- each project enabled state saved dif...

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012
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by wtjones | May 02 2014

This is great. It even updates the info in the file details, unlike using something like "0.0.*"

The only issue is that it must be enabled every time you launch visual studio.

by Kay Haefker | March 17 2014

Works perfectly on VS 2012 Premium.
I just missing the increment on a rebuild too.

by -PaulB- | March 04 2014

Nice little tool, works very well. Has saved me a lot of time doing busy-work. Cheers!

by Boris Gligich | December 30 2013

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  • Auto Version and MSBUILD
    1 Posts | Last post March 03, 2015
    • Hi I wanted to know if this work with Msbuild commands as well.
      I am using Visual Studio 2013 professional edition.
      If I build the solution after enabling the auto version increment property from my solution explorer it asks to modify the source code and builds the stuff. Thus, this generates the new exe with a new version.
      I tried to build the solution with msbuild command but it never changed the version number.
      wondering if I need to specify the auto increment property in msbuild command as well. If yes HOW ?
  • English Spelling
    2 Posts | Last post February 21, 2015
    • Just a quick observation, the English phrase should be:
      "Manual Version++"
      "Manuel Version++"
    • Agreed. This looks pretty silly.
  • Can AssemblyVersion be prevented from updating?
    1 Posts | Last post January 28, 2015
    • Can AssemblyVersion be prevented from updating? If a class library changes this number, then any project depending on it cannot use it anymore unless it is recompiled. So there has got to be a way to exclude this number from changing. Typically you only update the AssemblyFileVersion and never update the AssemblyVersion unless there is a major release change. If I went changing this number around every time I did a build, a lot of people would be mad at me. Could an option be added to opt whether or not to also change this number? Thanks!
  • for exe file; change file name also?
    1 Posts | Last post December 09, 2014
    • for exe file; change file name also?
  • increase AssemblyInformationalVersion as well
    1 Posts | Last post September 19, 2014
    • Hi, awesome tool. But it would be fantastic if you could increase the number on the AssemblyInformationalVersion as well.
  • Manual increment exception
    5 Posts | Last post August 06, 2014
    • Hi
      When I try to manual increment versions on some of my projects in VS2013 I receive exception
      "Length cannot be less than zero.
      Parameter name length"
      What can be an issue ?
    • I forgot to add, that AssemblyInfo files for working and not working projects are identical
    • hmmm. I'll check as soon as possible.
    • I figured out what is the problem.
      This exception happen when there was no empty line at the end of AssemblyInfo.cs. In my case the last line was AssemblyFileVersion. By adding enter everything worked fine.
      Another issue that I found is an exception which is thrown when only one of AssemblyVersion/AssemblyFileVersion entries is provided in file.
      Your extension is really cool and I will be really grateful for providing an update.
    • solved new version.
  • Solution Re-Opening
    6 Posts | Last post August 06, 2014
    • When you close the solution and re-open, the auto-numbering feature switches off, I then need to right-click each project to switch it back on again.
      Is this correct behaviour or is this a bug?
    • I was not sure so I did it that way
    • Could this be changed to save the setting? I just noticed this problem today and had to re-enable in all my projects.
    • Your extension is great but it would be very useful if you will add option to automatic re-enable in all projects in solution.
    • It would be very helpful if the enable auto increment option would persist when the project is re-opened in Visual Studio.  It would also be very helpful to have a global option that would turn it on for all current and future VS projects.  For #2, there would also need to be a global disable option as well.   This is very helpful, thank you for what you do!
    • this discussion solved new version.
  • VS2013 Visual Basic and Auto Version Incrementer
    2 Posts | Last post February 06, 2014
    • Hi,
      Why does it not work with Visual Basic projects/solutions?
    • actually i have no time
  • Build Increment
    4 Posts | Last post January 07, 2014
    • Would be nice when if version incremented
      when you build full solution not just a project.
      Also Would be nice if it didn't increment when you Release Build.
    • thx for feedback.
      i has been developed for your request.
    • Thank you Solution Build Increments Works great.
      I am not sure "disable clean build" how to test this?
      They way i usually did it was to switch from "debug" to "release" in configuration manager.
      Thank you, makes my work a lot easier especially comparing different builds. 
    • "Clean" is kind of Build events of Visual Studio. its complicated.