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Array Visualizer


Array Visualizer is a free, open source extension for visual studio. It is designed to display arrays (Jagged and up to 4D) while debugging an application.

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Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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1 Star
by fatbird_cool | January 16 2016

I am using VS2012 update 5 for native c++, array visualizer tells me, currently, c++ is not supported

4 Star
by Serghey A | January 19 2015

Thank you for a great tool.

There is one feature which, in my opinion, is missing, Every time when I enter in debug mode and press F10, visualizer loses the array I have selected. So, every time I have to select it again, in order to visualize it.

4 Star
by lucysome | July 02 2014

<a href="">.net c# data matrix generator free</a>

3 Star
by Farukh Sharipov | June 16 2014

Visual Studio 2013 support?

3 Star
by G.Vernier | December 19 2013

Good, but I'm working with large arrays, like [1024,1024], to generate textures and the extension is quickly unstable with arrays larger than 10 000 entries.

5 Star
by Sam M Tran | July 07 2013

Excellent work, just what I wanted!!

4 Star
by maurontin | June 05 2013

I have not managed to install it yet. I get a message form Visual Studio Extension Installer that "This extension is not installable on any currently installed products".
I have a registered copy of Visual Studio 2010 Express, full rights and access to my computer etc.
Any ideas what might be wrong here? I'm on windows 7.
Looking forward to your answer.

Amir Liberman June 05 2013
| Edit |

This is a limitation of the express edition. You can read more about it at

5 Star
by A.Turner | May 28 2013

Amazingly helpful!

5 Star
by kakkoii | March 04 2013

Great little utility! Thanks!

5 Star
by E-Masque | March 04 2013

5 Star
by Bassam Alsaidi | March 01 2013

Very useful tool to have. I love the charting support as you can quickly get an overview about your data using the built in charts. Well done!

5 Star
by A Daniel | February 28 2013

Awesome tool, runs and works well for me.

It's easy to do a quick check on arrays, also its very pretty visual tool. I am taking my kids through learning programming, and this couldn't be cooler as I am explaining arrays.

5 Star
by G. Quiroga | February 27 2013

A handy tool for visualizing arrays with four dimensions.

5 Star
by Binori | October 17 2012

4 Star
by AAKoken | September 10 2012

1 Star
by artmasa | September 06 2012

Not working for me

1 Star
by Peremptor | August 26 2012

Doesn't function with my german version of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.
Have the arrays to be named with "array" to be found?
Have the arrays to be integer arrays to be found?
I didn't find a documentation so my questions are not answered.

Amir Liberman August 26 2012
| Edit |

1) No, arrays can be called anything not just array to be “found”
2) Yes it does support non integer arrays. Did you look at the last sample?
3) I did not test it on each and every environment/language combination known to mankind, I did provide the source code so feel free to look at it and help making it a better free add-on.
4) While I understand your disappointment/frustration, Q/A is the appropriate place for questions…

5 Star
by Omar Gameel Salem | July 30 2012

Amazing, debugging functions with manipulate multidimensional arrays can be a drag, and this is just the tool i was looking forward.

5 Star
by Debru Aklil | June 20 2012

Very creative and well implemented.

5 Star
by oaba | May 26 2012

very useful. a nice tool to have. thanks.

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  • Intel Fortran support
    3 Posts | Last post August 18, 2016
    • Is there any specific plans for supporting fortran in the visualizer? I have colleagues still using Compaq Visual Fortran due to the missing array visualizer.
    • I don't have way to test it with FORTRAN. Please send me a link where I can get what needed to test it as well as a small project with sample arrays.  I'll be happy to add the support for that!
    • Hi, does the Array Visualizer now support Intel Fortran, e.g. the Community-Version of Intel Parallel Studio XE Fortran?
      Thanks for your help
  • Problem with regional configurations
    1 Posts | Last post December 14, 2015
    • I'm trying to use the data visualization but my number configuration is set for pt-BR (Basically we use "." as "," and "," as ".")
      When i try to visualize  the number 6.0 it actually display 60 when the correct should be 6,0. I don´t mind seeing as 6.0 but it can't show this way either
  • I like to use this software........
    4 Posts | Last post August 27, 2015
    • I am writting from Japan.
      Please forgive my poor English.
      However, Please teach me to excute the "ArrayVisualizerExt.vsix".
      I can not open this type of file-extention "vsix".
      So, I can not use Array Visualizer.
      And, now I use Visual Studio 2005, or 2010.
      Is this suitable for Array Visualizer?
    • 2010 is supported, 2005 is not.  From the visual studio IDE click on Tools->Extensions in the dialog that just opened, select the online section and type array visualizer in the search box.
      VS 2010 express is not supported.
    • Dear Amir Liberman.
      Thank you very mach.
      I have 2010 profesional.
      So, I try array visualizer in the 2010.
      The reason why I do not use 2010, is that Intel visual fortran is not able to open a referlence manual in the 2010.  Then I continue to use the 2005.
      I will the result of tring in the 2010.
      Thank you for your kindness, and forgive me my stupid English. 
    • Sadness !
      My VS 2010 pro. said "This fortran is not suported."
      I use the Intel Visual fortran Composer XE 2011.
      Is this fortran not useful to this visualizer?
  • Floating point values
    4 Posts | Last post April 14, 2015
    • Although this visualizer works for integer values, it has a lot of problems displaying floating point values. It looks like it just handles the data as integers. Is there any special format to be selected?
    • You can modify how numbers are formatted from the Visualizer window, just change the default 0.## to the precision you need and make the cell wider to allow all the digits to display. 
      The default width of a cell is 60 (pixels), try 90 or 120 and see if it helps.  Also, look at for details.
    • Hello,
      I have an array of double with one value being 0.000032650420860557539
      I have set your formatter to 0.###################### and Cell Width to 200
      But it only shows me 0.0000326504208605575
      On the Autos debug window of VS2013, it shows me correctly the last two values '39'.
      Can you correct this please?
      Thanks for the extension anyway!
    • Hello Amir,
      Did you manage to repoduce (and correct) this bug?
  • Problems with Chart
    1 Posts | Last post January 23, 2015
    • Dowload and install latest version from this site.
      Visual Studio 2013.
      Chart tab disabled for any arrays.
      var bb = new int[4] {2, 8, 4, 3}; 
  • possibility to mix arrays ?
    2 Posts | Last post October 31, 2014
    • Hello,
      I have one array of double representing the X axe and one array of double representing the Y axe. Could you make something out that we could visualize the merge of these 2 arrays?
    • Hi, 
      To merge the two arrays, can you create a temp array (for debug time only) that incorporates the logic of merging them? You can use an open source library I posted on that has a set of extension methods that do just that:
  • Graphic Visualization
    6 Posts | Last post April 04, 2014
    • Is it possible to add graphic visualization?
      At least for 1D or 2D matrixes.
      I mean, it would be pleasant to have plot with X-Y data taken from the given array.
    • Vlad, I looked into implementing a graph for array data. The add-on forms are WPF forms and unfortunately WPF does not ship with a chart control. I looked  for a good free control and could not find anything too reliable.  There are a lot of good commercial controls that are rather pricy and because this is a free contribution, I don’t want to pay for a license.  If you know of a free good chart control or a way to get a license from a commercial provider I would be happy to add the feature.
    • Amir, I've got your point.
      Unfortunately for now I don't know much - I've just switched from Eclipse to VS :)
      If I find anything useful/stable/free, I'll let you know.
      Thanks for response!
    • Vlad, 
      I recently found a wonderful chart control from SyncFusion and they have a special open source license! I added it to the extension and it is available for download. Please let me know what are your thoughts.
    • Any news on 2013 version?
    • Hooch,
      Due to a bug in VS 2013 the visualizer will display all values in hex format. The bug is confirmed and apparently fixed but will not be included in the next VS2013 update due to timing.  As soon as it is fixed I will update the tool. The VS2013 issue can be viewed at  
      If you want to try the hex only version, send me an email via and I will reply with the VSIX file 
  • Only C#?
    3 Posts | Last post March 31, 2014
    • How about stating this upfront in the add-in description?  I've installed this for debugging a C++ app only to find that C++ isn't supported...
    • Sorry, this extension does not support C++. it was tested with C#, F# and VB. 
    • Why not state that it doesn't support c++ in the description. I was using VS2013 and installed VS2012 to try this extension, then i discovered that it does not support c++!! what waste of time
  • Version for vs2013
    4 Posts | Last post January 21, 2014
    • Will there be a version for the visual studio 2013?
    • Yes. Coming soon.
    • I checked it on VS 2012 and it is a really nice piece of work. Thank you and plz let us know when VS2013 will be available.
    • I have it ready for VS 2013 but for what I suspect is a bug, all integer values are showing as hex, regardless of user preference. It is not intuitive and I rather wait for that issue to be resolved.
      I reported that issue on  still waiting for a resolution. If you will, please vote on it, maybe it will expedite the response.  
  • Generic lists
    2 Posts | Last post May 28, 2013
    • Will it be possible to add support to generic lists?
      Or to classes that implements IList?
    • Thank you for the kind review.
      How will adding support for IList differ from the VS IDE built-in display of variables content?
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