Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools


Power Tools are a set of enhancements, tools, and command-line utilities that increase productivity of Team Foundation Server scenarios.

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by LPMarc | July 03 2015

Especially the extension for Windows Explorer makes our work much easier: you don't have to change between VS and Explorer when working with many files.

by Philippe.mi | June 01 2015

Good, especially to clone a build definition but FIX the problem of hanging of the Explorer process when leaving the hibernate mode!!!

by osman pirci | May 18 2015

Please fix the bug that causes Solution Explorer crash

by phanboy4 | May 15 2015

As others have noted, the (extremely useful) Explorer shell extension has a bug that causes explorer to hang or crash. Needs an update.

by Roy Mayfield | April 29 2015

by John Olsen | March 16 2015

Installing power tools kills explorer. Sometimes when I start up my computer Explorer crashes and restarts. Sometimes I boot with nothing but a black screen and a mouse pointer (no start menu, no nothing).

Uninstalling power tools fixes everything.

Based on other reviews, interference with explorer has been reported multiple times. I look forward to a fix so this package will be worth installing instead of being a huge waste of time.

by keith.ndb | March 05 2015

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT INSTALL TFS Power Tools if you often hibernate or sleep your computer. A few minutes after resuming your computer, TFS Power Tools will cause Windows Explorer to respond very slowly and often hang. Event Viewer will show hundreds of warnings and errors from TFSShellExt per minute since the time your computer was resumed. If you are quick enough you can open Task Manager and kill the TFS processes and wait a couple of minutes for Windows to return to normal, otherwise you'll have to restart your computer.

This problem has been discussed online and reported to the TFS Power Tools Team and still nothing has been done about it. Despite being a great tool otherwise, any productivity you would have gained by using it is voided by that nasty bug.

by dbo.ting | January 29 2015

by СђrΐsτσρhΞr ScЋδlτξη | January 21 2015

Whilst the functionality is useful, this plugin invariably causes Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) process to run at 100% CPU, effectively rendering the PC unusable until Explorer is killed. Whatever the problem, it needs to be fixed.

by Altieri Pereira | November 18 2014

Esta ferramenta ajuda muito em tarefas diárias na administração do Team Foundation Server, como backups agendados.

by Perticai | August 21 2014

Great tool.
It would be great if also the cheked-out date was shown in the status and wildcard search result.

by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

by Christiaan Rakowski | July 03 2014

by Eddie Parker | May 09 2014

Great tool, absolutely need it. However, can you fix tfpt uu to:

- do /noget by default? (changing the client state as a default is a bad idea)
- Support uu for merged files. I have merges that aren't different (at the binary level) yet uu ignores it.

by Ralph Jansen | March 07 2014

by SouravKundu | January 31 2014

When I installed VS 2013 and did not find the clone build and wildcard find option I wasn't happy at all. These are nice little productivity tools. TFPT provides that and a lot of other work item modification capabilities. A must have for any TFS Admin!

by Christian Haeussler | January 31 2014

This Tools make the TFS Administration until complete!

by AntonioBakula | January 21 2014

by akfi | January 06 2014

Its completion of TFS...

by feelingsofwhite | December 13 2013

Why is the PowerShell Cmdlets not installed by default?(!) PowerShell FTW! Looks like tfpt spackles over some of the gaps in TF.exe, looking forward to it

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  • Power tools for Visual Studio 2015
    7 Posts | Last post Wed 1:05 AM
    • Is there a release date for this same set of tools for Visual Studio 2015... Specifically the windows Shell integration, this is a fabulous tool and would love to have it in Visual Studio 2015. 
    • +1
      Need this for 2015 for VS Shell integration.
      Tools > Process Editor > ?  What?...not there. 
      Ouch! Need this.
    • I'm also awaiting the 2015 version of this fabulous tool! The extension for Windows 
      Explorer is making work so much easier!
    • +1.  I'm surprised we haven't seen a beta of TFPT 2015 by now.
    • +1 VS2015 has now RTM'd and still no compatible TFS Power Tools :(
    • Just got a response from Brian Harry. He said they're working on the 2015 version of the tools right now and should be released within the month.
    • Hope it can resolve previously reported "Made my system unuseable after resuming windows" issue. The "Windows Shell Extension" feature makes explorer.exe to eat a lot of memory after resume from hibernation.
  • VS 2015 support?
    1 Posts | Last post July 13, 2015
    • Are there plans to support Visual Studio 2015?  We've been relying on the comment checkin policy for years.  Without a version for VS 2015, I have to override the checkin policy on every checkin, which to say the least, is getting old.  FWIW we're still stuck on TFS 2012.  We may be moving to TFS 2015 later this year assuming it releases by then.
  • Clone build is missing
    8 Posts | Last post July 11, 2015
    • We are using TFS 2012 update 3 and VS 2013 update 1 and Windows 8.x. The clone build option is not visible in the IDE.
      The process editor and tfpt clone works fine.
    • I have TFS 2013 and VS Update 1 and clone builds is missing for me too. I have tried to reinstall with no success.
    • It turns out that the option is not visible if the Build tab is undocked from Team Explorer. Re-docking got it back.
    • Oh wow, it would have taken me forever to figure this out. Thanks.
      Hopefully it gets fixed.
      In the meantime, there's the command-line alternative:
      tfpt builddefinition /clone source target
    • Well now we updated to tfs 2013 update 2 and vs 2013 update 2 on win 8.1. I have undocked and docked again but still no clone build.
    • Kim Carlsen - I have the same issue as you: Win8.1 pro, both 2013 update 2 and I can't clone. However I have a co-worker who has the option visible he upgraded from his 8.0 and also has 2012 installed.
    • The clone build option is missing for me on Windows 8.1 pro with VS2013 Ultimate and Update 3. I have the command line option and the Builds panel in VS is docked. I have tried on Windows Server 2012 R2 as well and the option is missing. 
      At this point it looks like a bug with the extension no longer loaded in Visual Studio. :-(
    • I am in the same boat, It works on my VS2012 installation, but not my VS2013 installation
  • PowerTools compatability
    1 Posts | Last post July 09, 2015
    • I have TFS 2013.Update2.  Will PowerTools 12.1.00402 be able to access it?
  • reboot required?
    2 Posts | Last post July 06, 2015
    • I've been asked to install this on a production server but only if it doesn't require a reboot. Does anyone know?
    • Oops, I see that it doesn't.
      Sorry & thanks
  • Reload .wit file when I change witd .xml file
    1 Posts | Last post April 22, 2015
    • When I'm editing a Work Item Definition usually I use both Process Editor Extension and an Text Editor. If I change the .xml file of a work item, I want the VS detect that change and reload file, as they do with an .cs file for exemple.
      Anyway, is possible to open source the TF PT source code? Or even just part of them?
  • Do the Windows Shell Extensions add any columns to Explorer?
    1 Posts | Last post April 22, 2015
    • Does the "Windows Shell Extensions" portion of this product add any new/different columns to the Explorer shell? 
      For example, say I want to see Last Check-in Comment or something like that.
  • VS2013 - Install Issues
    1 Posts | Last post April 21, 2015
    • The install runs without error, but when I look at extensions the TFS Process Template Editor and TFS Work Item Designer are there (but the icon is black and white, i.e. greyed out).  And there is no entry for the actual TFS Power Tools VS2103.
      Any help will be appreciated.  I really need to get this working so I can clone builds.  I have 10-15 that I have to created, and more to come in the future. Without cloning the process will take a lot longer.
  • Made my system unuseable after resuming windows.
    9 Posts | Last post April 15, 2015
    • I'm using Win8.1. VS2013 Pro.  After installing version: 12.0.60919.00 and coming out of hibernation, my system was kept so busy with hard disk activity that I had to power off/on to get back it.  I inspected the Event log and saw several TFSShellExt alternating Error/Warning messages per minute.  I got work to do so I just uninstalled it, I do not have time to figure out why.
    • Exact same issue here.
    • I'm seeing this too, first with Win8.1 RC then with fresh install of Win8.1. I'm pretty sure I saw it before with Win8.0, but not nearly so frequently. Explorer busies-out the CPU and gobbles all available memory; if you can get Task Manager open in time you can kill Explorer.exe and recover, but it's quite inconvenient!
      The event log is full of TFSShellExt errors and warnings, just as Byron Adams notes.
      This smells a lot like the problem brilliantly diagnosed and documented by Martin Kulov over two years ago, coming down to an incorrect implementation of the IDisposable pattern in TfsComProvider.Core.TfsCache.CachedServer, in which Finalize() calls Dispose(), but Dispose() is referencing managed objects that have already been cleaned up, resulting in a null reference exception:
      I'm sure this specific bug has been fixed by now, but could there be something similar lurking in the codebase?
    • The same issue after resuming from hibernation these days. Even keyboard/mouse stop working. But I found Remote Desktop from other computer can change current desktop into login screen, and keyboard/mouse works there. (But the Remote Desktop client still cannot get into the desktop) I choose to restart at login screen. That's better than power reset...
    • I found a way to kill exploere.exe from remote computer, using 
      "taskkill /s (ip) /im explorer.exe" (From Windows 8) or "tskill explorer /server:(ip) /a /v" (from Windows 7). But I only use it twice, it seems need to connect Remote Desktop too...?
      Just found this tool has update at 2014/4/3, but not seem from VS update notification... I have tried install new version and resume once... Not eating memory this time... Hope it's been fixed...
    • This tool update to 12.1.00402.0 at 5/13, but the download file seems just the same with previous one... And problem still the same...
      I found another workaround, run msi - Modify - uncheck Windows Shell Extension (x64) then restart...
    • This tool update to 12.1.00402.0 at 6/10... The version is just the same as previous one... And I had download it... File size is the same too... Don't know what's changed...
    • This tool update to 12.1.00402.0 at 6/30... AGAIN!!! The version is just the same as previous one... And I had download it... File size is the same too... Don't know what's changed...
    • This tool update to 12.1.00402.0 at 2015/4/31... AGAIN!!!!!! The file content are just all the same... Still waiting for the "Windows Shell Extension" (and VS 2015 support) feature...
  • Support Visual Studio 2015 Preview
    3 Posts | Last post April 15, 2015
    • Thanks for this power tools. Recently I'm trying VS2015 Preview. The only problem stop me from using it regularly is it doesn't support our TFS's "Custom Path Policy". So please release a new version for VS 2015 Preview...Thanks... Or you can open source it like others too...
    • Please support VS 2015 RC...
    • Please support VS 2015 CTP6...
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