Color output for build and debug windows.

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by asidorov95 | September 26 2015

супер !!!

by Jozef Izso (BizSpark member) | September 22 2015

by jxp | September 10 2015

Great work! I can't read output Window without it anymore.

by norachuga | August 12 2015

colors = info at a glance. saves you the trouble of reading. how great is that

by Morten Flink | August 04 2015

by Nick Nightingale | July 09 2015

Brilliant and just what I was looking for. It is so much easier to find the
first error which causes a cascade of other errors.

by Lucciu5 | May 28 2015

by Dracer5 | May 15 2015

Cool! Fast and simple color filter for important messages. Very useful!

by Mendoza32 | May 14 2015

by TomEnglert | February 19 2015

Very useful!

by Mr. Snuffleupagus | February 11 2015

Does exactly what it says. Incredibly useful, especially find results highlighting.

by Dennis van der Pool (NL) | January 28 2015

Great! :)

by AndyHardin | January 23 2015

by Feem | January 06 2015

This is an essential tool that I add to all of my VS installs. It ought to be a standard part of VS. Thanks Mike.

by MoKumuHanTha | December 19 2014

It is very useful tool.

My only issue that after visual studio 2013 crashed, all output background is set to off white colour, but I am using dark theme.

I checked settings and all that, but I am unable to use dark background. Any help is much appreciated.

by Michael Obermeyer | December 10 2014

This is great for highlighting warnings and such in the output window. It would be nice to be able to disable the color-highlighting in the find results (or change its color). I don't seem to be able to change the colors in VS 2013 Update 4. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional, or if I am just missing the feature completely.

by R e i | November 19 2014

:( Used to like this but until I found out this is what screwed up my Find window colors (big time). I would like to use this for just manipulating the output window.

by fareloz | November 17 2014

Great extension!
Is there a way to update fonts right after changing them in options dialog? Because now they updates only after reboot on my PC...

by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

Thank you

by mcsmcs1 | June 03 2014

finally an extension which implements (just) this important! feature

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  • VS 2015 Dark - White background highlights
    5 Posts | Last post September 02, 2015
    • If you use the VS 2015 Dark Theme and your output starts showing a white background then go to Tools/Options/Fonts and Colors and for the VSColorOutput items set the background to custom and use RGB 30, 30, 30.
    • Great! Thanks for the thip, it works :)
    • Actually, make it RGB 37, 37, 39
    • "go to Tools/Options/Fonts and Colors and for the VSColorOutput items"
      What are the VSColorOutput items? There is only "Output Window" in Fonts and Colors. Can you describe it more specific?
    • You can find them if you select printer in the first combo box
  • Color settings have no effect (VS2013)
    3 Posts | Last post July 27, 2015
    • Nice one, Mike, very useful. It's a shame color settings have no effect. Changing regular expressions and patterns list works as expected, but the colors are always default. Can you please have a look at the problem? Thank you!
    • They don't work in VS2015, and the default choices are bad enough that I'm just going to uninstall it until some day maybe it gets fixed.
    • Looks like it isn't compatible with a non-default theme.  I'm using Darcula and only the default color settings work so I just had to pick an existing color setting that worked the best.
  • Wrong background colors in output window after changing VS theme to dark and then back to blue
    2 Posts | Last post March 30, 2015
    • The color scheme of text background color by  VSColorOutput in VS output window is not correct after changing the visual studio theme to dark, and then later back to blue. The background colors of the text keep behaving like it would be the dark VS scheme.
    • I've got the same issue. :-( Looks like this was happening a while ago. Has the new Find Results color settings not been implemented correctly?
  • Doesn't work on Dark theme?
    4 Posts | Last post March 10, 2015
    • Hi, I'm using VSColorOutput with Dark theme in VS2012. I tried to change the color settings in Fonts and Colors but it does't work, but some color does applied to the Output Window. I just cannot apply my custom settings, even I just want to change the foreground color for Information category. Is that any open I can open to show the diagnosis info to check whether the settings for VSColorOutput are correct?
    • I have the same issue (as do many below).
    • I have the same issue, can't change Error color, the default one is too RED, just burning my eyes :'( 
      Looking forward to the fix!
    • Really nice and useful extension but I agree It needs some tweaking to work with dark-sided theme.
  • What's new?
    1 Posts | Last post December 12, 2014
    • What's new on the latest version (1.4.8) compared with the version 1.4.6? We use the tool in a somewhat large development environment and we avoid to install new versions unless the benefits are greater than the risks.
  • [BUG] Wrong green color in case of failure of BOOST test case
    3 Posts | Last post November 21, 2014
    • Hi, i put my tdd running as post build event. 
      when i have an error like 
      2>  myCppFile(172): error in "myTest": check service.Children ().size () == 0 failed [1 != 0]
      it colors the line as green instead read as expected
      thank you in advance for your effort we love your extension
    • i forgot to mention that i have dark color schema of visual studio.. don't know if helps ..
    • other little suggestion 
      these line should not be in red 
      3>PocoFoundationmtd32.lib(Exception.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB 'pocofoundationmtd.pdb' was not found with 'PocoFoundationmtd32.lib(Exception.obj)' or at 'myfilePath\pocofoundationmtd.pdb'; linking object as if no debug info
      3>  *** 1 failure detected in test suite "Master Test Suite"
      it would also be great to can customize regex and 
  • Color settings is missing in VS 14 Options
    1 Posts | Last post November 13, 2014
    • Hi, 
      great extenstion, works will with VS 14 but i cant change the colors because they dont exist in the VS Colors Options
  • VS 14 Compatibility
    2 Posts | Last post November 13, 2014
  • Update Error List
    1 Posts | Last post Mon 5:26 PM
    • I love the flexibility of this extension. One feature request though.
      Would it be possible to update the Error list when the tool finds matches to the Error, warning and information classifications. In particular when I build with makefile projects I end up with easy to identify msgs, but they don't match the format for VS to identify the file and position information, so it would be  nice to be able to specify those as named groups.
      Either way this extension is now part of my regular toolset. Thanks for the great work.
  • Unable to find in Extension and Updates
    1 Posts | Last post January 24, 2014
    • Hi, I think the title is self describing but short story long, I cannot find how to uninstall the extension because it does not appear anywhere. However, it works. I have the output colored.
      I don't actually need to uninstall and I will actually keep it but need to remove it for a while in order to test something.
      Your help is appreciated.
      VS is 2013 Ultimate Update 1.
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