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Reference Assistant for Visual Studio 2010


Removes unused references from C#, F#, VB.NET or VC++/CLI projects in the Visual Studio 2010

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2 Star
by Extrix89 | July 31 2015

If there a references to other references and so one. the tool doesn't know if it is used.

1 Star
by KJMAUS | July 08 2015

I must be doing something wrong as it seemd to work for everyone else.

The tool recommends I removed 10 references from a project but they are all required.

5 Star
by Tombstone47 | July 07 2014

This is a really kool tool. Don't know how I lived without it.

5 Star
by Sunny Kumar Sharma | October 15 2013

Works fantastic !!

5 Star
by Ryan Cavanaugh | July 20 2013

Actually works! Note that you might need to clean up previously-unused "using" directives at the top of some files.

5 Star
by Dhaval Heruwala | April 09 2013


5 Star
by Matthias Friedrich | February 04 2013

If you had not written this great tool, I would do it (-:

5 Star
by asdForever1990 | February 01 2013

Thank you!

2 Star
by SkippingAdi | January 10 2013

Could be a good Tool. Unfortunately seems not to work with NuGet Packaged Web solutions like Asp.Net MVC. In my case I have such a solution. Tried the Tool on the web-project and it proposed to remove almost all assembly references.
Could you please create a version tha also works with NuGet Packaged projects/solutions?

5 Star
by Binori | October 17 2012

5 Star
by Mr. Wharty | June 08 2012

Great little utility

5 Star
by Marc Sigrist | May 23 2012

A very useful tool. Looks good and works correct so far. Two suggestions:

1) Make it work with F# as well (Usage on F# projects currently produces
"An error has occurred while deleting unused references.")

2) Make it work not only on projects, but also on solutions.
This would make removing unused references even more efficient
in solutions who contain dozens of projects.

Edit (2012-05-23): The current version correctly handles F# projects. Thanks! However, I have found another issue:

3) All NuGet-managed references are simply removed, even if needed (at least in F# projects). Can you add support for NuGet package references? Or, at least, show the file path of each reference in the dialog, so that it is recognizable whether a reference belongs to a NuGet package or not.

Lardite Group May 28 2012
| Edit |

Thanks Marc! We will try to elaborate this possibility.

4 Star
by TejasJ | March 21 2012

Sometimes removes used references :P. This feature at solution level would be very nice...

5 Star
by robalexclark | February 23 2012

Holy smoke it works!

5 Star
by ozdemirerdem | January 16 2012

A useful extension

5 Star
by meSut PİŞKİN | December 22 2011

Gerçekten harika.

5 Star
by Bill Shannon | December 04 2011

Special thanks for F# projects. Great tool!

5 Star
by JoshAtkins | November 24 2011

Amazing! It works for my Silverlight/WPF projects. Guys, thanks a lot!

3 Star
by | November 03 2011

Some assemblies are reported as unused but they actually are, and the number is not very small :(. Anyway, could you provide a simple way, say another tab in the Unused References List, that excludes some assemblies that shouldn't be removed.
If you make it work on the whole solution, this might become even more useful feature.

5 Star
by Kim Tranjan | October 31 2011

I used in a large project and worked better than I expected.
Highly recommended.
Thank you!

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    • May just be me and my other extensions, but I am running into this bug.
    • And then it's a bit inconsistent. It does not seem to work on the chosen project (there are nine in my current one) ever.
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    • We have some references where copy local is set to true but the tool is saying they are not needed.
      Could there be an option to ignore references whose copy local property is set to true?
    • Hi ggerstein,
      We are going to implement this option next release (1.2). Thanks a lot.
  • Can't install
    2 Posts | Last post January 05, 2012
    • Hi,
      I can't seem to install this when I download it. I am using the Visual Studio Web Developer Express. Is this not supported for that product? In other words is it only for the full version of VS 2010? Thank you. 
    • ggerstein,
      Thanks for you question!
      Please, download and install the Reference Assistant from our codeplex page: - it will work for your visual studio edition. 
      We support all editions of VS2010, but, unfortunately, it's not possible to publish here extensions for Express editions.