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Unit Test Result Viewer for Silverlight


Toolwindow to view the results of Silverlight unit tests from the Silverlight Toolkit, while using StatLight as execution engine.

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3 Star
by Jason Jarrett | July 23 2010

This looks like a great integrated start...

What are your goals with this project? Any chance of tighter integration with StatLight?

Would be great to keep this add-in in sync with StatLight changes.

Let me know (over at - or twitter @staxmanade

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  • How do you use the tool?
    4 Posts | Last post September 20, 2012
    • I installed the tool and restarted VS, but I don't see anything new in the UI.  How do I use the tool?
    • ChadForGood - On the VS menu: View -> Other Windows -> Silverlight Unit Test Results. 
      That will display the tool window. 
      Once you get that far you have to get something in the Assembly drop down list. That is the assembly to test. My one isn't detecting anything. So that is where I'm stuck!
    • I've just checked in some code to resolve the issues mentioned in this discussion.  The changes will be in v0.4 or you can download, build, and install the vsix directly from the source here:
    • Hi, maybe your projects are nested in solution folders. There was an issue with that which is now fixed. Please try v0.4.
  • Test List Empty
    15 Posts | Last post September 20, 2012
    • Niels
      I have installed the tool at home where it works fine, but I am trying it out at work and it is not finding the Silverlight Unit Test project we have in our solution.  Any ideas?
    • Does the problem still exist?
      I know there is a problem on solution load, that the list does not get refresh automatically every time, but is it possible to send me the project?
    • Hi, I just found and installed this extension and also have a problem with it not finding my unit test projects. We have 60  projects in our solution, currently only one loaded unit test project, but the extension only finds and displays two projects. These are not unit test projects either.
      It looks like the extension only displays projects which are located at solution root, since all of our other projects are placed in misc solution folders.
    • Hi lindsve,
      ok, I will try to test it with solution directories and fix it asap. This should then be included into v0.4
    • Great, thanks for looking into it since this looks like a great companion to StatLight
    • Hi Niels
      This is not working on Windows XP work - I am prompted to drop the files in C:\Program Files\Statlight which doesn't work either. When I select the Test project and click the refresh button the assembly dropdown is cleared and no tests appear.
    • Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Visual Studio 2010 Premium, StatLight v1.2 extracted to "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\StatLight", silverlight v4.0.50917.0 installed, created Silverlight Unit Test Application, updated references to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Silverlight\v4.0\Toolkit\Apr10\Testing", list of assemblies work as expected (it lists all the silverlight applications in the sln), but no test methods are listed.  Selecting an assembly and then clicking on "Run Tests" does not seem to launch StatLight as expected.  Any ideas?  Thank you.
    • nerumo uploaded a file to resolve test projects not being listed if they are not in the root here:
    • Bump: When will 0.4 be available? I also do not keep my source projects at the root folder.
    • Will this support StatLight 1.4 soon?
    • I have the same issue, not silver light project with my tests does not display as an option.
    • I have the same problem as rami_ did on February 10th. My test assembly appears in the drop-down, but nothing happens when I select it and click "run test".
    • The reason why it doesn't do anything when you click [Run Test] is that it only allows V1.1 and V1.2 of statlight and you are probably not on that version. You could edit the source to fix it.
      private void IdentifyStatLightVersion()
                  FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(this._statLightDirectory+"\\"+STATLIGHT_NAME+".exe");
                      FileVersionInfo fvI = FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(fi.FullName);
                      //Does not support multiple xap files
                      if (fvI.FileMajorPart == 1 && fvI.FileMinorPart == 1)
                          StatLightVersion = Logic.StatLightVersion.v11;
                          //Supports multiple xap files
                      else if (fvI.FileMajorPart == 1 && fvI.FileMinorPart == 2)
                          StatLightVersion = Logic.StatLightVersion.v12;
                          StatLightVersion = Logic.StatLightVersion.None;
                  StatLightVersion = Logic.StatLightVersion.None;
    • I've just checked in some code to resolve the issues mentioned in this discussion.  The changes will be in v0.4 or you can download, build, and install the vsix directly from the source here:
    • As Rami already mentioned, he fixed this and I just uploaded the new version.
  • UAC
    3 Posts | Last post September 29, 2010
    • perhaps if you allow deployment of statlight to the user's app data directory the requirement to disable UAC can be alleviated.
      I, for one, am leery of disabling security features
    • Disabling security features is not the final solution for sure, but I will try to integrate statlight completly or add the users app data directory to the search path for statlight.
    • v0.3 supports now StatLight.exe in Local AppData directory, which avoids UAC.