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Help Author for HTML Help, MS Help 2 (VS 2002\2003\2205\2008 help), MS Help Viewer (VS 2010\2012+ help). Plus many time saving HTML and file utilities.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005, 2003, 2002
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by KeepOnCoding | August 05 2011

Great tool without all the hype of the others which I find to be cumbersome (I've used--or attempted to, at least--too many of them)...this isn't rocket science (or is it?). Well done Mr. Chandler and thank you!

Rob Chandler [Help MVP] August 08 2012
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Thank you. And thanks all. Developers well appreciate the effort required in producing any complex application. It will work for VS 2012 as well.

by jknoxrich | June 07 2011

If you're looking for a straightforward and effective way to generate documentation for computer programs, then FAR HTML is definitely a great choice.

I have tried a couple of free methods, and they were both somewhat convoluted. FAR HTML is simple, but definitely not simplistic, it does an amazing job of supporting help file creation, and compiling a final executable.

A big plus is customer support by Rob Chandler. I had a problem, early on in using the product; couldn't seem to figure out something I was doing incorrectly. Rob resolved the issue pronto, and I mean pronto. I expected delays in his response, but again, not so. Two interactions did the trick, and they took place over only two days.

FAR HTML is a GREAT product, and Rob Chandler is an expert support person.

by Ed Price - MSFT | June 04 2011

by Dzmuh | February 12 2011

by tidepool | December 21 2010

We create a plugin Help for Visual Studio 2005/2008 (Help 2), and also VS2010 (Help 3). Our HTML files are generated by RoboHelp (we also do chms). Last year our developer/writer team spent long hours working with the files to create the plugin Help (not sure of the method, but they were daunted). This year Help was easily generated using FAR HTML. The most time-consuming work was editing the toc and index, which do not import from RoboHelp to Help 2. However, it was easy. The dialog boxes are intuitive and the descriptions complete. Startup even runs a Windows System Check for the needed files. Help is rich with information; for RoboHelp newbs, it would be nice additionally to have a set of basic steps per Help type. FAR HTML is an outstanding tool, and Rob Chandler provides blue-ribbon support.

by Taylor. _ | November 16 2010

by David Stephensen | July 27 2010

I've been using FAR HTML for a number of years for text processing. I have to process a lot of text, for example to convert HTML into wiki markup. FAR has ALWAYS been able to do what I needed. Before I found FAR I had to hire developers. Now I can process all of my text myself.

by rhw80 | July 12 2010

by Dragoncity | July 12 2010

Fantastic app, an excellent addition to any tool set as well as a great help compiler on its own.
Plenty of bug-fixing extras included, I always buy a copy as it it invaluable for checking compiled CHMs.

by Jeremy H Griffith | July 11 2010

We're the developers of a major tool for Help authoring from FrameMaker, Mif2Go. After thorough evaluation, we decided to recommend our customers purchase FAR to create all forms of VS Help, including the most recent, instead of providing that format ourselves. It's that good. Kudos!

by pneshamkin | July 11 2010

An absolutely essential tool for Help authoring. An incredible collection of tools. It's the Swiss Army knife for Help authors.

by Frank M. Palinkas | July 11 2010

I don't use a WYSIWYG tool, and do all of my tech authoring in the Visual Studio HTML, XML, CSS, and JScript text editors. - This tool is a natural with VS.

by Geoffrey Knoll | July 10 2010

Another great tool by FAR, helps us verify our collection files to avoid collisions with previous versions, and decompiling the .hxs files for the creating of our online help.

by RhondaB | July 10 2010

by Pete Lees | July 10 2010

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  • RoboHelp to FAR HTML
    1 Posts | Last post December 21, 2010
    • tidepool : The most time-consuming work was editing the toc and index, which do not import from RoboHelp to Help 2.
      Actually the best way to do this is compile in RoboHelp, and you should then find an intermediate directory containing HxC, HxT and HxK files etc used to compile to MS Help 2. So these can be copied directly into your project. Jobs done.
      Alternatively compile to HTML Help. And grab the intermediate .hhc and hhk files. These can be opened in FAR and saved as HxT and HxK.
      BTW Thanks for kind words :-)