A control suite for some common things a Windows 8.1 XAML application might want to include such as a Flyout, Menu, Rating, Settings Pane, and Pivot control

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by pwillies | September 30 2015

Hi Guys - we can find your project on NuGet, but it only installs in Windows 8.1 projects. Do you have a PCL version on NuGet that we can plug in to both Phone and Windows Modern?

Thanks, Paul

by nicktsek | September 04 2014


We are trying to add this plugin on VS2012 and we are getting an error for framework. What framework we should use?

Thank you in advance

by T. J. Fan | April 17 2014

This package DOES NOT work at all on my Visual Studio 2012 Professional.
After I installed it, I opened my Visual Studio, went to Manage NuGet Packages,
and could not find Callisto. I then tried to re-install it by running Callisto.vsix,
and was told that "this extension is already installed for all applicable products".

I couldn't find any useful help about this issue. I'm running Windows 8.1.
Looks like I'll have to give it up. Very frustrating!

Tim Heuer April 18 2014
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TJ - this looks like a bug in the VS gallery which indicates which level it supports. The *latest* version of this is for Windows 8.1 projects using Visual Studio 2013. In the description on the page I clearly state for Windows 8 app support you need the locked version of 1.3.0 and I provide a link to that VSIX to install. Apologies if you did not see/read that section.

The NuGet package is also moved beyond Windows 8 support and only supports Windows 8.1. You can, of course, force NuGet to install an old version for you, but you have to do that manually.

For context, here was my statement on Callisto plans:

by Sh0gun | June 26 2013

by Jen Yuan | February 12 2013

I used settings pane in my Win8 app, got error in file here:

UnhandledException += (sender, e) =>
if (global::System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached) global::System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break();

e.Message is: "System.NullReferenceException\r\n at Callisto.Controls.SettingsFlyout.OnLoaded(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)"

How to resolve this issue? Thx.

by Joel Buttlar | December 16 2012

Great work! Can't wait for the DatePicker ;)

by afauland | December 14 2012

Hi Tim,
thank you for this great library! You saved my day ... and my app-settings :-)

Cheers, Alex

by D Monteiro | November 13 2012

The SettingsFlyout feature is great! Good job.

by Walter Sierra | November 11 2012

hi tim, in RelativeTimeConverter i got bug example:

today is 11/10/2012 I send 11/10/2012 00:00:00 and this class return "on Friday I send 11/10/2012 02:00:00 and return "on Friday" again.

then, is 21:15 o'clock if I send 11/10/2012 02:15:00 return "on Friday" again, but I send 11/10/2012 02:16:00 one minute later and return "23 hours ago"

I do not know where to report this bug

The controls are very useful "Calisto rulez", we await the DatePicker and TimePicker urgently.

thank you very much

by Georgios Ioannou | October 31 2012

Hi Tim!

Greate tool indeed! I used it for my settings pane and used to be perfect! I don't know what happened, with the update when I press to open any form on the pane (specifically on the "new SettingsFlyout() methos" I am getting this message "Method not found: 'Windows.UI.ApplicationSettings.SettingsEdgeLocation"

Any Ideas?

by sam_soccer | October 12 2012

Hi Tim,
Its an amazing toolkit, which saved us some money for an investment project, we used your live tiles and flyouts. Thanks for your time in contributing to the community. We had an issue in ARM version where we had we have used wrap grip to display as many tiles as there are product groups, it didn't showup, we were wondering if it is an issue and it happens if the app uses sqlite

by Zubair | October 07 2012

I used the Settings Flyout in my @Win8RSSReader and really loved it, keep it up

by Dele_O | September 12 2012

Great work with Callisto. Your rating control saved me uber time from writing my own. (And yes, please feel free to use my review).

by webpro_x | September 10 2012

Nice library. The flyout and menu are useful. Looking forward to additional controls.

by SWalters | August 24 2012

This library is fantastic... saved me tons of coding time.

Tim Heuer September 04 2012
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Thanks! do you mind if I use your quote?

by ellic lee | August 06 2012


Tim Heuer September 04 2012
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Do you mind if I use this review?

by Torben Pedersen | July 10 2012

by KarlOts | July 06 2012

by Morten Nielsen | May 16 2012