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Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX include over 80 market leading controls that bring unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity to your web applications.

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by hgmamaci | October 21 2015

I can advice Telerik ASP.Net AJAX components without hesitation. It is suitable to every professional task. Great documentation. Whenever not enough, prompt and professional help desk returning your questions fast enough.

I love Telerik ASP.Net AJAX components since I met in 2013!

by BillD-------- | September 02 2015

I have reviewed every control suite for ASP.Net. The Telerik ASP.Net controls are far superior to all of the other packages.

More importantly, the Telerik support team has a number of very knowledgeable and experienced programmers. These guys can solve any problem that you can present.

The reason I have continued to renew my license year after year is mainly because of the fact that when I have an issue, the support does quit until my issue is resolved.

by Marcel Popescu | June 01 2014

The worst piece of [expletive deleted] I have ever been forced to work with. If you just put them on the page and don't touch them in any way, they "work"; try to make the slightest change to the defaults and suddenly you're seeing years pass by as you're still trying to make them do what you want. I am forced to believe that all good ratings are from Telerik employees.

Telerik August 12 2014
| Edit |

Hello Marcel,
It is unfortunate to learn about your experience with the Telerik Ajax suite. My name is Vassil Petev, DevTools Product Manager at Telerik. I looked you up in our system, but I was not able to find any support tickets under your name (please, excuse me id this is not so). We'll be glad to help you with all problem you are experiencing - simply drop me an email at vpetev {@} telerik {DOT} com.

by TangoSystems | March 21 2014

After months of working with Telerik to get documentation, and losing my fight to get a refund, I now have the pleasure of replacing all of their controls in my projects.

Many of the previous reviews appear to be by Telerik staff, so do not fall for it! I did, and I lost countless hours on top of the $1300 I paid for the control suite.

Please look at my Forum Posts on the Telerik site before making the decision to buy.

by TRDSYS | March 03 2014

I have been working with their Telerik heavily in one of my primary applications for several months and my experience has not been a good one.

On the surface, their tools look great. The basic functionality is perfect. However, once you try to use any extended functionality, things quickly fall apart.

Documentation only covers basic functionality. They rely heavily on customers to write their documentation for them via Forums which often have incorrect and/or outdated information.

Their support staff are quick to respond, but their responses are often standard and seem almost pre-written. It's as if they skim the title of your support ticket and paste a canned response.

Updates are always problematic. The updates often introduce (and re-introduce!) bugs that are immediately visible, leaving me to question their QA process.

They are always adding new controls and features, which is great, except the existing controls and features aren't yet stable. There are currently 686 active confirmed bugs in Winforms alone.

If you like wasting time, and can afford the license, have a go at it.

by WZ06 | November 16 2013

Web programming is hard. No matter how many vendors spout about being able to develop a full application in minutes, it just does not work that way in the real world. I was tasked with providing an application for a non-profit with little money and a great need. Using the Telerik tools I was able to quickly provide a simple web application that works great, talks with a backend SQL database, and is easy to update/modify. Using the gridview for displaying and updating data really does limit the amount of code needed. The easy ability to export to Excel or PDF makes reporting much easier. The people at Telerik have been very responsive for support. There are pluses and minuses to all of these development environments but Telerik appears to be in it for the long run and it is worth your while to learn and use their products.

by Gabriel Espinoza (barclow) | September 05 2013

Best purchase ever!
Telerik's DevCraft is the best set of controls to speed up your development. I bought it in my company and once the learning curve is not an issue, this gives you profesional results with low development effort.

by redhathacker | July 30 2013

These controls are terrible and overly complicated. I have been programming for 15 years and I have never seen a more troublesome set of controls in my life. Only the simplest things work, if you have to do anything even slightly different or unconventional you can forget it. There is not anywhere near enough documentation on these controls even though they claim they have all this documentation but its only for basic simple stuff. Everything I have ever tried to do in a real world situation when it comes to documentation there is nothing and it takes me hours of trial. It took an entire day to get a combo box to show up as a field in a grid because what little code examples there were on the site just flat out didn't work. If you are thinking of purchasing these controls, please save your money and your sanity.

by SnowDesign | March 19 2013

I believe there is a bit of a misunderstanding here. If used incorrectly any software or tool can be a pain, slow, and even counter-productive to your project. However looking at things from the opposite end of the spectrum, when used correctly and assuming that the rest of your code is "Bug-free",(making sure that your code is written as efficient as possible) Teleriks controls can be extremely helpful. It goes the same for anything else; if you are building a house, it saves a significant amount of time having your windows, door, and other things such as cabinets pre-built. Now if during your building process you attempt to place a window where a cabinet should be, and you try to put a door 5 feet of the ground where it obviously doesn't belong then it is clear your end product is not going to be that good. So before thinking this is a poorly produced product, make sure you are using it correctly. I have found that using Telerik has helped me have more time for my other priorities. No longer am I spending hours coding something from scratch that I can now just drop in, do a little testing and BOOM! All done. I think this is a fantastic product so give it a chance!

by Paddi Stowe | January 11 2013

I find Telerik controls a total nightmare to use. I would rather inject death into my eyes then use anything Telerik. Slow, obscenely inconsistent naming conventions, constant update issues.

by ericklimuk | December 19 2012

Honestly, amazing controls and great support. I recommend this tool-set for anyone doing development.

by Mark McGinty | August 19 2012

Some of the controls look like they might be pretty cool, but they very well should be, given the pricey license!

I tried to use the chart control, but the way to bind it to data must be pretty counter-intuitive -- if I had figured out how to do it I'd be able to say definitively.

Since it failed to impress me I wanted to uninstall it. That little detail seems to be absent from their huge volume of online documentation, as well as their KB -- searching for "uninstall" returns multiple different articles about *installing*.

A couple weeks into the demo period a sales rep emailed me to ask me how it was going. I politely asked for a link to removal instructions; he ignored me.

Left to my own devices I found/deleted their subdirectory under C:\Users\[my login]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\Extensions, which did remove it from VS2010, but my file system and registry are still littered with useless junk that is the fallout from this demo.

So be forewarned: you might like this, but if you don't, be prepared to deal with the mess it leaves on your machine.

by CarlLes | July 29 2012

I've been using these controls at work and a different set of controls for myself in a personal project. Once I started using Telerik controls, I knew for a fact that I've found what I was looking for: easy-to-use, reliable, pre-defined examples (many...) and an excellent technical support. Basically, a top of the line 3rd party control. I really love their RadGrid control. Knowing that this control will render properly in a mobile device is a big plus for me. Worth every cent!!!

by mcofko | June 24 2012

by Jeff Reinhardt | June 12 2012

With over 18 years of development behind me I have worked with tons of 3rd party controls and control suites. I have to give Telerik's ASP.Net AJAX controls the highest rating of all previous controls. I have worked with them now for 5+ years and they just keep getting better. Why spend hours writing features for a simple grid when the Telerik RadGrid has it? The biggest things I hear developers complain about with control suites is SPEED and OVERALL CONTROL over the code in their apps. Telerik handles both with great power and finesse. They optimize their controls for speed and functionality that will not disappoint, while giving the programmer the ability to control the features and look and feel of the controls with very little limitations. The power, speed, feature rich and cost effectiveness of this tool suite makes it the best on the market. If you are not using the Telerik suite, you are missing out! You will save money from day one in development time alone, but these tools also give your applications a great look and feel to whether you use their skins or create your own with their skin tool on their site! Highly recommended for any size development team, even 1.

by Richard Franzo Jr | May 04 2012

Coming from a background in Adobe as2 and as3, with intermediate experience in php, Telerik brought me to Pro level .NET development almost overnight! Telerik is a complete Library of Solutions for any level web developer streamlining the development process, enhancing capability, while saving you time and money! It saved me the hassle and frustration of the long and relentless Google searches through useless forums! I spend a majority of my development time exploring new Telerik components to add to a site as opposed to figuring out how to build even just one of these functions myself. Every client I've ever had always asks me the same thing, "We need to add _____ like Yesterday!! How quickly can you make that happen?" The Telerik tools combined with the great support I get from them as well has put me in a position of complete confidence when telling them, "Well, if you would have asked me Yesterday, it would be done already! How's Today sound?"

by PSDot | October 27 2011

The Telerik controls are worth it for the Editor alone which is the best I've worked with. Two other controls I really like are RadGrid and RadWindow. RadGrid adds much needed functionality to the rather limited stock Grid control and RadWindow allows me to add a very nice professional touch to my apps. Only about 10% of my time is spent developing apps so I don't have time to create custom controls with client side javascript, etc. Lastly, the Telerik website and documentation are excellent. The website contains a great demo page which demo's every control along with ASP and VB/C# code.

by Craig Lussier | September 23 2011

I've been using these controls over many versions. These are fantastic and are a huge boost for productivity while building ASP.NET applications with AJAX functionality. Download the trial if you have not taken the time to see/review what these controls can do. Cheers.

by MichaelRogers | August 12 2011

I've been using Rad Controls for ASP.NET AJAX for 2 years. They are amazing, they are truly a complete control package. They have excelent support and are always willing to answer questions of you just don't know where to start with something. I would highly recomend Telerik controls. If you also do silverlight development those controls are great too.

by DOelfke | July 27 2011

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      Our requirement is to show more than 30 columns in the grid 
      We have placed a button below to grid to export only 20 columns from the grid into excel and pdf. So we have tried this functionality by setting Exportable="false"  in the rest of the 10 columns which we don't want to be the part of export.
      Those 20 columns which are needs to be part of export is combination of GridTemplate column,GridBound Column and GridNumeric column. 
      The problem which we are facing is even though we put Exportable="false" to the 10 columns which are not to be part of export to excel are getting exported .
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      But that did not work.
      Can any body help me in removing the unmanaged resources being used by telerk chart component?