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Visual Studio ALM Rangers Architecture Tooling Guidance Sample Feature Extension

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very good

by Robert MacLean | April 19 2011

Fantastic resource!

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  • Feature Builder prerequisite :-(
    4 Posts | Last post August 13, 2011
    • Willy,
      From the description/video's I understand that this is a great tool to start solutions using a standard look and feel.
      Great initiative. :-)
      -A prerequisite is the Feature Builder Power Tool.
      -This tool requires VS Ultimate.
      -We have only VS Professional.
      -So we can't use your Architecture Tooling. :-(
      Could you update the tooling so that the feature builder is no longer needed?
      I think this would make a lot of people happy.
    • Feature Builder supports Visual Studio Professional and up. The Architecture Guidancxe targets the Visual Studio Ultimate version, however, version 2.2 (will be released today) will support Visual Studio Professional as well.
    • To ensure that Pro users have a friendly user experience, we will have to create a second extension which does not include any of the features, i.e. template, UMP diagrams, that require Premium or Ultimate. This means that this extension will not be supported with Pro. Watch the space.
    • Hi, When I try to install this tool it asks for feature extension ultimate runtime. Where do I get this?
  • Sounds interesting, how is the guidance provided?
    2 Posts | Last post March 27, 2011
    • I'm a bit tool-heavy at the moment so I shouldn't be in here, and I know I'm probably the only one here who doesn't know what "guidance" means in terms of VS, but could you add a bit of a "what does guidance do" (maybe a screenshot) to the intro?
      Thanks so much for contributing, I totally appreciate it.
    • Hi James, guidance in this context means the consolidated in-the-field experience of Visual Studio ALM Rangers (both from Microsoft and partners) shared in a practical guidance extension. If you refer to our Codeplex project () you will notice that we have additional hands-on lab content that supports the guidance.
      Does that answer your question?