Chirpy - VS Add In For Handling Js, Css, and DotLess Files


Mashes, minifies, and validates your javascript, stylesheet, and dotless files. Now supports CoffeeScript , Sass!

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by Mark B 417 | August 24 2012

I love this thing.. there is a newer version on the website that works with VS 2012.

by Emmorey | June 17 2012

Perfect - I can have a couple of less files (e.g. config, mix-ins seperately), then just by updating my main.chirpy.less file which imports the other less files, I can generate the main.min.css file. This is the only one I need to reference in my web page. No Less.JS or custom httphandlers needed either. Awesome!

by ChaseFlorell | February 18 2012

Fantastic, unobtrusive tool! Every IDE should have a chirpy equivalent. I love this thing so freaking much.

by smnbss | June 30 2011

one of the best plugins for VS2010

by Socratez | December 07 2010

Innovative approach in merging/minifing css/js files! Highly recommended!

by Mr.GvS | September 23 2010

by Jeroen Smits [Beaker73] | August 31 2010

This is a brilliant tool! Everybody that works with JS and/or CSS should try this tool.

by sagers | July 29 2010

by J. Lucas | July 26 2010

by David Ebbo | July 18 2010

This is a great Add-In. Adds very useful functionality without getting in the way.

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  • vs2010 install
    1 Posts | Last post November 22, 2012
    • I through the vs2010 expansion tools, cannot install the project
  • doesnt support JS design time references
    2 Posts | Last post May 17, 2012
    • I use intellisense in js files through visual studio 2010 at design time
      For example in my .js files they will typically start with 
      ///<reference name="MicrosoftAjax.js"/>
      ///<reference name="MicrosoftAjaxWebForms.js"/>
      /// <reference path="jQuery.js" />
      /// <reference path="jQueryUI.js" />
      And might include a service reference
      /// <reference path="../Service/sessionTick.asmx" />
      Code within this file will then reference the jQuery global "$" and similarly the APSAjax "sys" object and any other objects accessible through the includes such as the document object etc.
      If the intellisense engine can work out that the objects are available through the aforementioned "silent" includes, why cant chirpy realise that it doesn't need to report hundreds of warnings about objects it thinks are not available but really are?
      eg chiroy reports to me that
      1. the silent includes are "bad options: 'regex'
      2. the Sys references to the ajax object is "'Sys' is not defined"
      3. the jQuery instance is "'$' is not defined"
      and so on and so forth
      Is there any way to configure this to not report on these warnings so that i can see the woods for the trees because there are valid warnings buried amongst these invalid warnings
    • New issue create.
  • Where is the SASS support in Chirpy?
    2 Posts | Last post February 18, 2012
    • I've been using Chirpy for quite some time, and their latest release states that it supports SASS. I've confirmed this "somewhat" by looking at the source code and seeing the SassEngine.
      Where I'm having problems is actually getting it working.
      When I put a scss file in my config, chirpy dumps the raw sass into the css file instead of acting upon the config settings. Also, I'm looking in the chirpy options and I don't see any references to sass in there.
      Am I missing something painfully obvious?
    • Bug is create in chirpy bug tracking