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The Axosoft extension for Visual Studio is as agile as your dev team, bringing in key features of Axosoft Suite without impeding progress in the Visual Studio development environment.

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by Codispdp | February 25 2016

If you try to re-size the popup item detail window on dual monitor set up it will lock up Visual Studio and you will have to end the process. Attachments do not display, hangs on status changes will not save.

by MichaelMcFarland | February 19 2015

Installation and setup are very easy. Axosoft Integration and functionality work well. It could use some polish just to make it look a bit prettier but prettiness doesn't seem to be Axosoft's main concern in their default web portal either..

When viewing either a defect or feature there is one thing that bugs me. If there is a scroll-bar visible (most of the time) scrolling doesn't work when the mouse is over a text field. So for example: I scroll down > This brings the mouse right over the Description field > I try to scroll up and nothing happens. Having lots of dead-zones for scrolling is annoying because it makes me think about where the mouse is when scrolling.

Edit: I'm using Visual Studio 2013. Don't know why the name of the extension is still 2010.

by Rodolfo Rey | December 03 2014

Still not able to use it on VS2013.

by Carlos J S A | April 28 2014

Now it works with VS2013...

At least is MUCH BETTER to be able to work from within VS. But still a buggy, interface ugly and not VS2013-like, pop-up windows too annoying. Lacks basic feats. Like searching some specific ID! And crashes all damn VS.

If you can? Just avoid AxoSoft and OnTime.

by Brad Beebe | April 05 2013


by BadEnuf | January 04 2013

Unable to properly evaluate since the plugin does not support the use of Windows Integrated Credentials (i.e. using domain credentials for connection), which is what we use for connecting to OnTime through our web browser. This is obviously a significant oversight.

Here's hoping that in the future this feature will be supported.

by Garrettw | August 23 2012

So convenient having OnTime right there inside visual studio.

by Dev 7901 | August 09 2012

When I try to Edit a Task and Save, I receive An error occured (sic) while saving the item.

Quick feature request - Any way to quick edit from the table view instead of having to open a form to edit?

by cbargren | July 12 2012

by Henrik Wolkesson | May 24 2012

Works very well with Axosoft OnTime Web Edition Love the non-intrusive GUI that doesn't distract you from the code.

One suggestion; I would love to have a timer built in, which you could start when beginning work on an item and stop when you're done to automatically create accurate work logs.

by Martin Pernecky | May 22 2012

Extension works fine, I have finally the possibility to integrate OnTime into VS. But it is unstable, and is able to crash the whole Visual Studio. This happens when switching to the tab. (tested with v12.0.2.9500)

by Barth33 | May 09 2012

The extension connects well to my OnTimeNow ... I got Projects list, Releases... my User stories list ... but in this list, only the "selection" and "item type icon" columns are displayed !!! no 'item id", "item name", "priority" or other column !
Furthermore, the contextual menu on grid columns headers, called "Show other columns" does not work : no popup window to choose which columns to display...


Axosoft, LLC May 14 2012
| Edit |

Hi Barth33,

It seems like your "All Items" tab is disabled in your OnTime server. If you re-enable that tab then you should be able to access your columns in VS.

by 2CME | May 01 2012

by _robMeade | April 18 2012

Just downloaded and installed it to, running Windows 7, and VS2010 Professional. I am unable to get it to connect - I did notice that there are options for "HTTP" and "HTTPS", is this designed to only connect to your web version? In the office we just use the client software and point it to our database - but having entered these details and my Windows credentials it still fails to connect - pity, it looked promising...

Any ideas?



Axosoft, LLC April 18 2012
| Edit |

Hi _robMeade,

This version of the VS2010 extension will work with both OnTime V12 OnDemand and OnPremise. If you need help getting the extension to run, feel free to contact us at and we'd love to give you hand.

by alexms_2001 | April 17 2012

Logged into my account through the web just fine; tried to log in using _exactly_ the same settings ([https://],, <password>) through this VS extension and received several "Could not connect" message boxes, followed by an email "Your OnTime user account has been locked out due to too many attempts".


Axosoft, LLC April 17 2012
| Edit |

Hi alexms_2001,

Did you try the "Test Connection" button and did that report a successful connection?

by MrMitchell1157 | April 17 2012

Installed, tested connection, connection passed, clicked "Ok" then VS2010 crashed. Tried to reopen VS2010 and was prompted by the VS2010 JIT debugger if I want to debug the broken VS2010 process. Now I cannot get VS2010 to launch without the JIT debugger popping up.

Might be a good plugin if it didn't crash your IDE, but who knows?

Axosoft, LLC April 17 2012
| Edit |

Hi MrMitchell1157,

If you could contact us at we'd love to help you figure out what's going wrong with the extension.

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  • VS2016
    1 Posts | Last post April 25, 2016
    • For the life of me I cannot install the Axosoft plugin? on the vs2016..aNY IDEAS?
  • VS2013 Plugin: colors, grouping
    1 Posts | Last post December 18, 2015
    • I installed the plugin for VS2013.
      It has very simple interface, I do not see how I can set colors and grouping as on screenshots.
      Is it possible? E.g. at least use colors for priorities
      Thank you.
  • When will be available for VS2015
    2 Posts | Last post September 21, 2015
    • Hello team,
      Can you tell us by when this extension will be available for VS2015 Community?
      Thanks in advance
    • The new version 15.3.1 was just released and works with VS2015.
  • When for VS2013
    6 Posts | Last post January 30, 2015
    • When will be available for VS2013?
    • Bump...  Very much looking forward to a VS 2013 version.
    • BUMP! Useless if is not compatible with current Visual Studio versions.
    • Under the "Supports" section it indicates 2013, 2012, and 2010 support; last updated 4/8/2014. Is it not working with VS2013?
    • Bump again. I agree, useless if not up-to-date.
    • Working fine in VS2013 with the 1/27/2015 update (version
  • ALM capabilities
    1 Posts | Last post October 10, 2014
    • Would love to see some ALM-like capabilities added to this tool.
      Specifically and one that I could use for my team immediately would be the ability to tag a code commit (pick your favorite SCC tool) with an OT item number and description
  • VS2012
    3 Posts | Last post October 22, 2013
    • The version details show it supports Visual Studio 2012. Is this correct ? If so how do you connect to database as the extension complains that the version of Ontime is incompatible with the plugin. We are using a remotely hosted account.
    • I have got the same problem with Studio 2010 as well - I have both versions on my PC. That probably means that either the we have on the server is too old or too new. So?
    • Same problem here, running Visual studio premium 2012, and ontime onpremise
      Get the "The version of OnTime you´re using is incompatible with this plugin" . I can log on through the web without any problem with the same credentials.
  • Issue with "All Items" Setting
    3 Posts | Last post July 01, 2013
    • I, as some others have, get the issue with the plugin that states the "All Items" tab must be selected.  I get no details on the plug-ins view.  When I go into OnTime under the setting for the Main View as suggested there only lists options for specific tabs and not an "All Items" option.  Any suggestions???
    • I also see this problem with VS2010 Sp1.  Is this a general VS setting, or something specific to the plugin that needs to be changed?
    • Just figured this out, it's actually the 'All Items' tab option on the OnTimeNow web app.  Go to 'Tools', then 'System Options' on the top right of the web app to enable the tab.
  • No Connection Options
    1 Posts | Last post May 29, 2013
    • When I click on the OnTime Connection tab, the screen is empty. I use the web version--is that the reason?
  • OnTime Premises Setup
    3 Posts | Last post October 25, 2012
    • How does one configure this to work with OnTime Premises 12+ Windows install only?
    • I had the same question, and this is the response I got from Axosoft Support:
      Hello Gary,
      The OnTime Visual Studio plugin connects to your database using the OnTime Web site so you would need to enter in the URL that you use to access your OnTime database.  The Visual Studio plugin does not currently support Windows Integrated authentication so for any users that would be using the plugin, you would need to update their login info under Tools/Manage/Users to use OnTime Built-In Authentication and enable anonymous access for your OnTime website in IIS.
      Please let us know if you need anything else or if you have any further questions.
      Brett Goldman
    • No WIA support with the plug-in? We use WIA for our OnTime access now, but we have to change that for the plug-in? Will this eventually be supported?
  • Grey symbols
    1 Posts | Last post April 03, 2012
    • Really love this extension, but why are the item types (Defect, Feature symbols) grey?