Chart Control Extension


Generate charts from any collection in LightSwitch screens that expose a collection property

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by Xpert360 | January 12 2013

Not complicated, does the job nicely!

by Dave A Gordon | October 29 2012

by ntmath | February 18 2012

just perfect.... it's exactly what i need

by Misi Moisei | October 02 2011

Maybe in the future you could change the chart type :)

by PowerBala | September 15 2011

by nkkk | September 13 2011

by Jan Van der Haegen | September 13 2011

My vote of five!

by ADefwebserver | September 13 2011

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  • Not working with Visual Studio 2013
    2 Posts | Last post March 19, 2014
    • Hi guys. I ran into an issue migrating the project to VS2013 . I installed the vsix and it installed correctly. In design time I can see the control. However when I run it in debug it just sits there with a blank screen. If I change the control to a grid it works just fine. Any idea what this might be?
    • Hi, the control was built with LightSwitch 2011. Did you migrate the source code? You should search on Beth Massi's blog, she has a post about migrating extensions to 2013
  • trying to implement this as Line Series in C#
    1 Posts | Last post March 13, 2012
    • Hi Alessandro,
           I have just bought your book and have enjoyed reading the extensions section. I implemented your code as a Line Series and was succesful at displaying the graphs that I wanted. I used your VB code with just minor changes (from PieSeries to LineSeries). However, when I translated it to C# code (using the same .xaml and .lsml files, only the .xaml.cs was different) I could not get it to work. I get a screen that seems to be frozen, as though it was trying to figure out what it was supposed to be binding. I am guessing that something is not working properly with the binding of properties to the independent and dependent values of the Line Series. Any insights?
  • Not sure why I get a blank screen!
    3 Posts | Last post September 30, 2011
    • Hi, this extension looks good. I only get the lest of Ids on the right hand side, and no chart/pie.
      I'm not sure what data you need to provide. I have a list of Work Items, they had a status (e.g. open, closed, waiting) etc, these are refrences to a different table.
      Ideally it would be nice to have a pie chart that basically says 'closed 50%, waiting 25%, in development 25%) for example.
      I assumed (incorrectly) that by changing what items were in the rows layout it would automatically sum up and count each item, and work out the percentage. For example in the above example I would have a 
      ROWS Layout :  WorkItem
      --- Status
      then the actual items to match the above example would be (if you displayed them in a normal grid)
      In Development
      does that make sense?
      do I have to write a special query that produces the percentages etc myself?
    • right, I see, there is no built in 'count of' option. The items and numbers have to be given there and then. Hmm, I can't see how I can do a simple "Select Count(Status) as StatusCount, Status Group By Status", and then graph it!
    • You can use a WCF RIA Service to format the values
  • More options
    4 Posts | Last post September 16, 2011
    • Alessandro, 
      Do you have any plan to add bar/line chart option?
    • Hi, thanks for your feedback.
      Actually we have to see this sample in the context of my upcoming book; the source code (that will be publicly available when we'll ship) will demonstrate how to create a LightSwitch control with design-time integration; adding bar/line chart options would be possible, but in that context it would require too many pages and it would be risky to go out of scope.
      I think that once you'll get the source code it won't be difficult to implement additional options :-)
    • Thx for the reply Alessandro. Hope to see more cool controls from you. 
      Besides, I'en having some (tech?) difficulty to pre-order ur book and tried couple days already. Ur comment remembered me to contact Amazon.
      Good luck with ur book.
    • Got it.  Now the hardest part. 
      WAITING. :)