Visual Studio Tools for Docker - Preview


Develop, run, validate your ASP.NET Core applications in the target environment. F5 your application directly into a Docker Container with debugging, or CTRL + F5 to edit & refresh your app without having to rebuild the container.

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by petr_-_s | August 17 2016

by André Secco | August 02 2016

by Radu Florescu | July 30 2016

Best tool to use with you docker containers.

by Crafty33 | July 26 2016

Version not updated. 0.31 expected ?

by netoisc | June 29 2016

Great! thanks for let us test and use new core-based applications on docker.

by aquatick | June 27 2016

guys, any way to publish to secure docker using this stuff or it's totally degraded?

by Sebas---- | May 31 2016

Great extension (started awesome, not anymore). Does not work out of the box with multi project solutions. Main project gets build and added to docker container, but the dependencies (other projects in the solution) do not.

0.12 <= version had a nicer integration with visual studio, "publish to" worked great with a on premise docker server. Later verions made it more of a problem since you had to add the remote docker host to docker-machine (every developer has to do this, annoying!).

Hope some day they bring back the "publish" feature, and keep the current docker-machine for local debugging of containers.

Microsoft Cloud Explorer June 14 2016
| Edit |

Hi Sebas,
We are just beginning to explore multi-container support. The challenge is launching a debugger across multiple containers. Possible, but we're still exploring. What you can do is build each project, and in the project/container you wish to debug, add the other image references. That assumes you're looking to run multiple containers for each project. If you're trying to compile multiple projects into one container, that would be good to know, and what's not working.
Steve Lasker

by Christopher Myers | May 18 2016

Really great work on this add-on team! The documentation and Channel 9 videos are extremely helpful as well.

by 张志勇-.NET | April 20 2016

by Vinay Date | April 19 2016

by Jacob Reid | March 31 2016

by Will 保哥 | March 27 2016

few typo in the description:
stteps => steps
Chnage => Change

Microsoft Cloud Explorer March 29 2016
| Edit |

Thanks will. Corrections made

by Madd_dog | March 15 2016

This not a review but wanted to respond to a "comment review".
If you have received "Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Docker Core requires Docker Toolbox" just reinstall docker using the gui.

by cocowalla | March 10 2016

When I try to install I get 'Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Docker Core requires Docker Toolbox' - even though Docker Toolbox is already installed.

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  • Debugging on remote instance
    1 Posts | Last post Fri 7:55 PM
    • Is there any way to enable debugging on a remote instance? The local virtualbox install trashed my networking and I had to remove it.
      I have a vm set up on AWS and would like to use it for debugging purposes.
      Also, 'how' do you change the build options that are passed into RunDockerTask.ps1 on a debug build? Setting the $DockerMachineName in Docker.props does not take (even after restarting VS like it asks to), and the build line in properties doesn't seem to be used at all. I need to change it to not try opening the site (it's a REST API with authentication middleware that can't be set in a regular browser session).
  • How to run Integration Tests in docker?
    1 Posts | Last post August 22, 2016
    • Hi, I wanted to ask if it's possible to run tests inside the docker container, or at least integration tests (separate project) - since my project needs some local applications to be installed and configured and I don't want to do it on every developer machine.
      Of course I could script things together, but than I'd loose the opportunity of running tests automatically after compilation as well as seeing the results in the test explorer.
  • Installation Failure
    3 Posts | Last post August 18, 2016
    • Installation of VS 2015 Tools for Docker - Preview (v: 0.31.40727.3) fails with message 'VS 2015 Tools for Docker - Preview requires Microsoft .NET Core 1.0.0 RC2 VS 2015 Tooling Preview 1 or higher to be installed.' however .NET CORe 1.0 RC 2 TP1 is properly installed. The log file suggests that the installation process is interrupted at,
      [10D0:117C][2016-08-11T20:38:15]i301: Applying execute package: DockerTools, action: Install, path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{CF8B4E4C-7C40-4922-B8F4-8D5FD97E6BC7}v0.31.40727.03\Docker.VS140.msi, arguments: ' ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT="1" MSIFASTINSTALL="7" WEB_TOOLS_VERSION="14.1.20512.0"'
      [10D0:117C][2016-08-11T20:38:17]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to install MSI package.
    • We actually require the Preview 2 tooling for .Net Core so this is a bug in our error message that we will need to fix.    Can you try to installing .NET Core here ->,  this has a link to VS update 3 and .NET Core 1.0.0 - VS 2015 Tooling Preview 2 which are both pre-reqs for us
    • Hi Devin,
      Thank a bunch. .NET Core Preview 2 worked like a charm.
  • Looping at trying to connect for .net core web api
    1 Posts | Last post August 18, 2016
    • C:\Users\first.lastname\documents\visual` studio` 2015\Projects\WebApplication1\src\WebApplication1\DockerTask.ps1 -Run -Environment Debug -Machine '' -RemoteDebugging $True -OpenSite $False
      VERBOSE: Setting: $env:CLRDBG_VERSION = "VS2015U2"
      VERBOSE: Setting: $env:REMOTE_DEBUGGING = 1
      VERBOSE: Executing: docker-compose -f 'C:\Users\first.lastname\documents\visual studio 
      2015\Projects\WebApplication1\src\WebApplication1\bin\Docker\Debug\app\docker-compose.debug.yml' -p webapplication1 up 
      Creating network "webapplication1_default" with the default driver
      Creating webapplication1_webapplication1_1
      C:\Users\first.lastname\documents\visual` studio` 2015\Projects\WebApplication1\src\WebApplication1\DockerTask.ps1 -WaitForUrl -Machine ''
      VERBOSE: Setting: $env:CLRDBG_VERSION = "VS2015U2"
      VERBOSE: Setting: $env:REMOTE_DEBUGGING = 0
      Opening site http://localhost/api/values Trying to connect to http://localhost/api/values (0/120)
      Trying to connect to http://localhost/api/values (1/120)
      Trying to connect to http://localhost/api/values (2/120)
      Trying to connect to http://localhost/api/values (118/120)
      Trying to connect to http://localhost/api/values (119/120)
      Validating volume mapping in the container 177346009f65
      ValidateVolumeMapping : Unable to validate volume mapping. For troubleshooting, follow instructions from
      At C:\Users\first.lastname\documents\visual studio 
      2015\Projects\WebApplication1\src\WebApplication1\DockerTask.ps1:330 char:9
      +         ValidateVolumeMapping
      +         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
          + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,ValidateVolumeMapping
      I am trying the volume mapping troubleshooting and don't see any files in wormhole dir.
  • Ability to prevent open browser in CTRL+F5 Mode
    1 Posts | Last post August 16, 2016
    • I tried to add "-OpenSite $False" in my launchSettings, changed the default value of $OpenSite to $False, and even tried to remove the OpenSite() inside of DockerTask.ps1 but VS still opens my browser on F5 & CTRL+F5.
      Is this a bug or by-design?
  • Docker Tools and Windows containers
    2 Posts | Last post August 16, 2016
    • Does docker tools support Windows containers which implemented in Windows 10 AU/Windows Server 2016?
    • We don't currently support Windows containers but are looking to support  them in a future release.
  • Docker support disappear from VS menu
    2 Posts | Last post August 09, 2016
    • After installing version 0.31 Docker support menu disappear from Add menu. I try to uninstall/reinstall. Clear MEF. Install version 0.30 but nothing helps.
    • My fault. problem is in project type :-(
  • Error while running core app in Docker
    6 Posts | Last post August 08, 2016
    • I am getting following error when trying to run ASP.Net core app in docker. 
      Please help me to resolve following issue. 
      Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
      Error	MSB3073	The command "powershell -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned .\Docker\DockerTask.ps1 -Build -Environment Debug -Machine 'default' -ClrDebugVersion VS2015U2" exited with code 1.	C:\SampleApps\DotNetCore\WebApplication2\src\WebApplication2\WebApplication2.xproj	C:\SampleApps\DotNetCore\WebApplication2\src\WebApplication2\Properties\Docker.targets	38	
    • I am getting following error. Please help me to resolve this issue. 
      1>  Building webapplication1
      1>  Couldn't connect to Docker daemon. You might need to install Docker:
      1>  Build : Failed to build the imageAt C:\Users\rmerugu\DotNetCore\WebApplication1
    • If you run Docker Quickstart (from Docker Toolkit) the error will go away. The power shell script apparently does not start the docker daemon on its own.
    • Hi Ravi,
      As gbsills mentions, we use the existing host we assume is already configured. 
      Please see for how to setup VirtualBox which comes with Docker Toolbox
    • Thanks gbsills and Steve Lasker for your response. I am getting following error when trying to configure docker host with virtualbox. 
      PS H:\> docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default
      Host already exists: "default"
      PS H:\> docker-machine ls
      default   *        virtualbox   Running                 Unknown   Something went wrong running an SSH command!
      command : ip addr show
      err     : exit status 95
      output  : Unable to find alternate configuration file /dev/null.
      PS H:\> docker-machine env default | Invoke-Expression
      Error checking TLS connection: Something went wrong running an SSH command!
      command : ip addr show
      err     : exit status 95
      output  : Unable to find alternate configuration file /dev/null.
    • Hello, I have the same problem. I follow up what you suggested. nothing help
      what should I try? 
      From PowerShell itself the build is working but from VS 2015Update 3 it's not.
  • Can't start docker
    1 Posts | Last post August 07, 2016
    • Hi, as previous mentioned. I am getting "Couldn't connect to Docker daemon. You might need to install Docker"  when I'm trying to follow this instructions -
      I installed all prerequisites (I am using Windows 7 - so I installed VirtualBox)
      I configure my environment using this link:
      I tried to run both VS and Vistual box in Admin rights or using my user rights
      But still getting failures.
      Executing the build command from PowerShell - complete successfully.
      What should I do in order to run the powershell from the VS build?
      I started the VirtualBox 
  • Could not start debugging
    5 Posts | Last post August 02, 2016
    • Hi all,
      I'm running Win10, VS2015U3, Docker for Windows Beta 1.12.0-rc4-beta19 and Docker Tools 0.30.0 and had a hard time enabling the debugging for an Asp.Net app. Building the app in release mode worked fine, the container was created and the app running and reachable. 
      In Debug config I had first to rename Dockerfile.debug into Dockerfile.Debug in order to prevent this error: 
      Error response from daemon: Cannot locate specified Dockerfile: app/Dockerfile.Debug
      Build : Failed to build the image
      This was an easy fix (make sure to check the Dockerfile.debug is renamed in \bin\Docker\Debug\app folder as well) but then I ran into the next problem when launching in Debug config:
      The target process exited without raising a CoreCLR started event. Ensure that the target process is configured to use Microsoft.NETCore.App 1.0.0 or newer. This may be expected if the target process did not run .NET code.
      The container was created, but the app obviously not executed. I ran 'docker exec -it [containerId] bash' and realized that the app folder was empty. After spending some time in trial and error troubleshooting I succeeded by removing      
      the "volumes:      - .:/app" entry from docker-compose.Debug.yml. 
      Now debugging works fine, but I am wondering what side effects could occur by removing this entry.
    • We should have a workaround for the casing issue of the Dockerfile now in the 0.31 release, which is an issue we logged against Docker.  
      We do currently depend on volume mapping the app folder to support editing html or other static content and hitting refresh in the browser without having to bring down and reconstruct the container. This is supported via CTRL-F5 currently .  If you only care about F5, then removing that entry should be fine, however a better solution is bring up Docker for Windows via the tray icon, goto settings and share the Drive that you project resides on, which should also resolve the issue and will support both Edit/Refresh and Debugging scenarios. 
    • Thanks for the information Devin. I already enabled the shared drives in Docker for Windows app as part of my earlier investigations, but without success. My project is located on D drive and I enabled volume mapping for C and D drives in Docker client. 
      However, I am fine with it now. Most important thing for me is that debugging is working.
    • Same here, 
      _v0.31.0_ solved the **The target process exited without raising a CoreCLR started event. Ensure that the target process is configured to use Microsoft.NETCore.App 1.0.0 or newer. This may be expected if the target process did not run .NET code.** issue but still have problem with running Debug.  
      Once I deleted `volumes: - .:/app` entry from **docker-compose.Debug.yml** worked like a charm.
    • cilerler, I have the same problem regarding to the volumes entry. The problems are virus protections. See my thread:
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