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by Spaso Lazarevic | September 20 2011

Hi Yann,
great job indeed.
Sometimes you need to think as novice. So, for those one, just write in you description how to use theme (I mean, how to activate, switch theme).
I am sure that is is not up to you, but some graphic representations, especially X - Deletes the current item in the list have some white colour between your blue/purple colour of background and black X (Transparent X are not so good, I suppose).
Otherwise, not bad at all.
Best Regards

YannDuran September 20 2011
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Again, thanks for the excellent feedback. It's only lack of time that's preventing me from making the improvemenst that people, like yourself, have made. But the feedback is very useful & I *will* action all suggestions as soon as I can.

by Paul Keister | September 15 2011

Very nice! A light touch and tasteful, but more color to spruce things up. One thing I would love to see is to have increase font sizes for headings where appropriate. For example, if it were possible to bump up the font sizes on grids and list headings, and perhaps use bold fonts, that would be nice.

YannDuran September 16 2011
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Thanks Paul! I have a number of other themes on the drawing board, I just haven't had the time to finish them & get them out there. I have played with font size increases, but I found that I have to be careful with that. If like me, you make your grid columns specific sizes, changing the font size can cause values to no longer display properly. While you can simply "fix" that by resizing your columns, if you want the ability to swap back & forth between themes it can be a bit problematic if the sizes vary between them. I like your suggestion to maybe only increase the size for grid/list headings, so I'll look at doing that. Thanks so much for the feedback. I also appreciate the honest 4, rather than a sycophantic 5. Not that I don't appreciate genuine 5's though, lol.

by Teranga | August 19 2011

Perfect !!

Courage et merci !!!!!!!


YannDuran August 20 2011
| Edit |

C'est moi qui vous remercie. Je suis content que vous l'aimez!

by Kivito | August 15 2011

five for effort!
maybe just to change color of fonts cause sometimes it is hard to read, and also when you have button as link, sometimes it's not readable because font color and background color are similar.. (dark blue theme)

YannDuran August 20 2011
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Thanks for the 5! And thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely have a look at the font colors.

by ADefwebserver | August 15 2011

YannDuran August 20 2011
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Thanks Michael.

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