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SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight provides correct report display with the ability to delicately set the appearance, compatibility with the most popular browsers.

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2012, 2010, 2008
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by Pradeep Experion | March 12 2012

For a product from our company (Experion Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd), we had a critical requirement of a very flexible Silverlight based reporting tool. We analyzed a host of different reporting tools through a carefully planned, systematic long feasibility study phase. Our technical team found that Sharpshooter tool from Perpetuum is having maximum features and support among the other available reporting tools. We had a systematically engineered scoring form where we evaluated different features supported by different tools, and with assigned weightages for each feature as per our product’s business needs. Sharpshooter emerged with the best score and we found the following features very strongly supported in this tool.

1. Caters to different exporting formats.
2. Flexible report designing API.
3. Excellent UI features and interfaces.
4. Support for multi-language and Arabic data rendering.
5. Excellent technical support.
6. Easy styling and theme support.
7. Improves productivity with the easy to use documentation and APIs.

We would definitely recommend this tool for Silverlight reporting purposes.

For Experion Technologies

by Allan Rodezno | August 17 2011

The SharpShooter Reporter for Silverlight is one of the best reporters I've ever used, it's simple to understand yet really powerful and the designer for report templates is a time saver. Highly recommended!

by Subodh Patil | May 25 2011

Recently I switched to a Silverlight application. I was searching for how I could show the crystal reports in Silverlight4. After unsuccessful attempts I decided that I will open an page as popup from my Silverlight application and the page will show crystal reports in traditional way. But then I came to know about “Report Sharp Shooter for Silverlight”; after working on it I decided to go for it as it is the best tool if you want to have reporting feature in Silverlight.
Important things are:
1. Full support for Silverlight 4.0
2. Very good default graphical interface of report viewer.
3. Good architecture (report service and Silverlight viewer)
4. Report designer has office like interface and styling is very easy. (Remember styling and text/objects alignment was really an issue in other reports).
5. When you export or print all styles and colors are printed correctly.
6. Support for c# as scripting language; makes it very easy for c# programmer.
They need to improve the help documents. Should give example of more complex reports, how to use reports nhibernate domain service etc.
Overall very good reporting tool for Silverlight.

by Mikhail Payson | January 13 2011

by Alexander Kiryushin | January 11 2011

by Dmitry Starostenkov | June 25 2010

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  • Language switching issue in sharp shooter report
    1 Posts | Last post May 31, 2012
    • When a Silverlight based sharp shooter report rendered gets language switched from english to arabic, the columns starts from right to left as expected but the contents(text) is still left aligned.