TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS 2010


A collection of tools to assist the TFS Administrator

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by Rodrigo_1991 | November 01 2014

by Nicola Celiento | April 15 2014

Great work, but for find in files feauture it could be nice if you allow to specify Path ($/...) as well as Team Project.

Mattias Sköld April 16 2014
| Edit |

Thanks for your time and feedback, If you try the later versions (2012 or 2013) you have that capability, along with source control explorer integration for find in files...

by dwnwd | March 14 2013

I basically just downloaded this for the "Find text in TFS files" feature, but I cannot fathom why it only seems to work from a project root level. This means a search that it is otherwise capable of performing readily instead takes a much, much longer time to peform in a large project.

Mattias Sköld March 30 2013
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Thanks for your time and feedback, Ive implemented a source control context menu that lets you select and search in any source folder. You can find this at the codeplex project

I'm currently testing a new release of the VS2012 extension,, with this feature included.

by Rahul Garware | February 23 2013

Very useful. Got a recommendation for this tool from a admin team who were struggling with huge TFS DB sizes (300+ GBs).

by Crazy Brit | February 14 2013

I'm a newbie with TFS and was tearing my hair out trying to do what I thought would be a vary basic capability that's built into most products I've used during my many years in software development, find all files that contain a given string. This worked perfectly, thankyou.

Is there way to export the results of the search into a text or csv file?

by brthomas | October 02 2012

Good premise of the tool I like many things about it. Two pain points so far, When I go to look for test attachments screen I would like to select certain projects and then select a go button. Right now it takes off and so I have to wait for it to get to the info I want. Second pain point the subscriptions section pulls up the subs correctly however when I select and try to unsubscribe it gives a nasty error or crashes VS2010 Ultimate. This is the only tool I have seen for subs in 2010 so it would be great if you could fix it. Thanks for the hard work.

Mattias Sköld October 05 2012
| Edit |

I will take a look at it. Am I right to assume that you would put the Subscription crach as a higher prio ?

Just uploaded a new version - Enjoy :)

by KMoraz | August 28 2012

Helpful tools. Good job!

by MrHinsh | August 08 2012

by Gabian | April 19 2012

Not fully tested yet, but GUI should be inproved.
Cancel button is not working on UpdateWorkItemTypes dialog.
Components in Reports & WIT windows are not properly docked. Thus, expanding the window size is absolutely not useful.
File/Folder size related windows are correctly docked but Size information is not right aligned. Not very easy to read.
About box is great ;-)

Mattias Sköld April 19 2012
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I will take a look and try to fix the UI glitches,sorry for any inconvenience.
Edit, Just uploaded an updated version with most glitches fixed-

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  • After install, where is this functionality?
    4 Posts | Last post October 31, 2014
    • So I installed this extension and I don't know where to find the tool(s).  I'm particularly interested in the attachments cleaner.  Other than a brain, what am I missing?
    • Just navigate to team explorer, and right click on the Team Project Collection node, you will find the TFS Admin Toolkit menu down at the bottom of the menu. 
      I also added an picture to the getting started section of the description :)
      If you have the option, I would recommend you to use the VS2012 extension...
    • I did what you said.. nada
    • disregard, was right-clicking on Team Project
  • Code for TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS 2010
    1 Posts | Last post May 02, 2014
    • Hi Mattias,
      Tool is great and its helping me a lot. 
      I need the code for 2010 version so that i can just see how you did this and learn something good. The code available on codeplex is of 2013.
      Thanks in advance.
      Deepak M.
  • FolderSizes doesn't finish
    1 Posts | Last post July 23, 2013
    • The FolderSizes feature seems to stops processing on my collection at the second project which has a dash in the name.  It doesn't hang as I can expand folders or minimize them but it never goes to third project.  Could the dash be the cause or maybe something else?  Is there any logging that would help me determine the cause?
  • Source?
    2 Posts | Last post January 09, 2013
    • Is it possible to get the source of the tool? I would like to extend it with additonal functionality (e.g. file count per file type per team project)
    • The latest source is available @ codeplex, please refer to
      Please get in touch if you want to push it into the official project/release