TFS Extensions Kit. TEK Workitem


TEK Workitem is a Free set of tools for Visual Studio that extend TFS Work Item Tracking functionality.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by Ilya Tereshchenko | June 05 2014

Personally, I hate dirty tricks like advertise something as "Free" and, after user comes to the site, say "free is only for 2-versions-back-studio, now give me your money".
Just like TEK does.

by Mahmoud Samara | August 20 2013

Great tool, Thanks for it

by _jos_ | May 10 2012

simple but clever and useful

by Sergio Tenorio | May 10 2012

Nice and simple add-in. Searching simply with a link is quite useful, especially for sharing these links by email, e.g. for daily scrum meetings

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  • no way to get it as of 2015
    1 Posts | Last post February 15, 2015
    • Is there a way to get this add-in ? 
      I've used it in the past and was really happy with it. Unfortunately I don't have access to it anymore. 
      However now the link provided here is broken and there is no way to get it.
  • Visual Studio 2013?
    2 Posts | Last post November 29, 2013
    • Is there any plan to develop a TEK Workitem Addin for VS2013?
    • Hi Benedums,
      I will try to release it before Christmas.
      Thanks for your question
  • Is TEK working for TFS 2012?
    2 Posts | Last post April 02, 2013
    • The product info above says that it supports VS 2012. But I do not seem to get it work. Does TEK run on VS TFS 2012?
    • Hi Luc,
      You need to install TEK 3.0 to get it work in Visual Studio 2012. We have two versions:
      - TEK 2.4.2 supports only VS/TFS 2010 and it is free 
      - TEK 3.0 supports VS/TFS 2012. You can download the trial version from here:
      Best Regards
  • Copy hyperlinks to the clipboard.
    1 Posts | Last post May 19, 2012
    • After click on "Copy Hyperlink to clipboards" or on "Copy workitem hyperlinks as HTML table" you may notice that "Paste" option is disabled.
      TEK workitem generates HTML formatted text. Paste will be disabled in plain text controls or applications like notepad.
      Try to paste TEK hyperlinks in an HTML control like work item "History" field or applications like Microsoft Word,Excel, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc