Provides enhanced IntelliSense support for the Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) used by SharePoint.

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by Nikhil S Singh | June 28 2014

by Steven Andrews | May 16 2013

A very useful and good addition for VS2010. As an Admin getting my head into coding, this utility takes a lot of the fear factor out of approaching CAML.

fantastic tool

by João André Farias Lopes | December 27 2011

very helpful anda practical.

by treycarroll | December 06 2011

The directions for use are confusing. Why include steps to add wss.xsd to the schema cache? How about, "Run the installer. Open the XML file you want to edit. Hit F4. Press the Schemas button. Browse to \Caml.Net.IntelliSense.xsd. Select "Use" from the dropdown. Hit OK" Not being familiar with adding Schemas to VS, I got tripped up with the directions and burned up some time.

John Holliday December 06 2011
| Edit |

Sorry you were confused. The steps you are referring to describe the "old" way of doing things prior to installing the tool. Actually, the installer does everything for you, so you don't have to manually edit the list of active schemas. If you do, then you run the risk of having multiple schemas that refer to the same namespace, which causes VS to ignore them.

Thanks for your feedback. I have removed the steps relating to wss.xsd from the description page to avoid confusing anyone else.

by Alexey Shcherbachev | October 14 2011

Great tool. Saves a lot of time definitely.

by Craig Lussier | September 23 2011

This is great for all SharePoint developers! Thanks for the work.

by FlickNZ | August 30 2011

by Torkamani | May 15 2011

When you don't need it, uninstall it. Disable cause VS crash when trying to open code files.

John Holliday July 21 2011
| Edit |

I have run a battery of tests on the extension since reading this post, and I cannot get Visual Studio to crash after disabling it. Perhaps there was something amiss with your VS installation?

Typically, when disabling an extension via the Extension Manager, a message appears at the bottom of the window saying that you should restart the IDE. There is also a button that lets you restart immediately. Make sure you restart the IDE after disabling the extension.

During my testing, I tried disabling the extension without restarting, and I still could not get VS to crash. If you are still experiencing problems, please send me the crash log and I will try to figure it out.

by JensOtto | February 17 2011

I can't recommended this tool because the schema is incomplete and only a subset of what sips with SharePoint as default.
Aslo the uninstallation does not clean up the environment, leaving the schema as default shcema file and not restoring previous state (SharePoint schema).

The tool has great potential though.

John Holliday July 21 2011
| Edit |

Please refer to my entry in the Q and A section.

Basically, any attempt to restore the default schema might break other extensions that have been added since the Caml.Net.Intellisense extension was installed.

by Aaron Cutlip | February 11 2011

CAML.NET is a MUST HAVE for your SharePoint toolbox. It allows you to construct your CAML xml and get a real-time reference to the elements and attributes you are working with. This is a wonderful thing for discovering the meaning things that might otherwise be obscure. It goes a step beyond simple reference materials and can give you reference values to use for a given property. For example, it will pop up with a list of out of the box feature id’s when adding a activation dependency. The price is right; it does not slow anything down, and can easily be disabled if for some crazy reason you want to. Two thumbs up!

by cakriwut | January 11 2011

Excellent works. It saves lot of time by clearly shows the documentation.
Some feedback for improvements :
1. Make the unselected font bigger
2. More hyperlink to dig into, on the description. For example, Custom Action > RegistrationType "... Possible values include: ". It would be better to change to "... Possible values include: Lists, ContentType, FileType, ProgramID".

by Chris Wasser | November 19 2010

Excellent work!

by AKrasheninnikov | November 19 2010

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  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2013 and SharePoint 2013?
    1 Posts | Last post January 25, 2014
    • I used CAML.NET on a couple of SP2010 projects and found it really helpful, allowing me to avoid wading through swathes of MSDN docs to find the correct property names :-(
      Do you have any plans to add support for VS2013 / SP2013? 
  • 2012
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    • +1 for VS2012.
    • +1 for VS2012, it's used for development for SP2010
  • Support for Visual Studio 2012
    1 Posts | Last post July 17, 2012
    • I tried to install the extension on Visual Studio 2012 RC, but it was not supported. Would be great to have this working on Visual Studio 2012 as well!
      Thanks for the great work!
  • Response to Jens Otto
    1 Posts | Last post May 01, 2011
      The claims made by reviewer Jens Otto are incorrect and misleading.  
      The CAML.NET Intellisense schema is not incomplete. It is a SUPERSET and not a subset of the default SharePoint 2010 schemas. In other words, the CAML.NET Intellisense schema includes ALL of the information contained in the default schemas that ship with SharePoint (there are more than one), and it EXTENDS those schemas with additional information that make them easier to use.
      The second issue raised by Jens Otto is valid.  The installer does not attempt to restore the environment to its original state when uninstalling the CAML.NET Intellisense extensions.  This is deliberate, since there may have been other customizations made to the Visual Studio environment after the extensions were installed.  Thus, any attempt to restore the original schemas that were in place at that time would likely break or interfere with other extensions to the environment.
      If you want to restore the environment manually, perform the following steps:
      1) Uninstall the CAML.NET Intellisense extension package using the Visual Studio extension manager.
      2) Shut down the Visual Studio IDE.
      3) Open a command prompt and navigate to the Visual Studio schema folder using this command:
           "cd %VS100COMNTOOLS%\..\..\Xml\Schemas"
      3) Delete the file "Caml.Net.Intellisense.xml" using this command:
           del Caml.Net.Intellisense.xml
      4) Copy the contents of the backup folder into the schema folder.  Note that this will restore the schema catalog to the state it was in just prior to installing the CAML.NET Intellisense extensions.  If other extensions have also modified the default schemas, then this step will likely break them.
           copy Caml.Net.Intellisense.Backup
      5) Delete the backup folder using this command:
           rd /s Caml.Net.Intellisense.Backup
      6) Restart the Visual Studio IDE