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Regular expression tester for Visual Studio 2010-2015.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by Eric Siron | September 08 2016

Crashed all of VS the very first time I tried it. If you're going to try this, make sure that you do what I didn't and save your work first.

by PeterDefendo | October 02 2015

Nice plugins but please show result Groups some how..

by Didacryon | July 27 2015

This plugin has a big shortcoming - it doesn't handle timeout on applying an expression.
Please add some kind of defense against long running/incorrect expression.

Expression: ^[A-Za-z]([A-Za-z0-9\-_\$]+)*$
Try to apply against this: some_good1234string and here we go
Result: VS hangs :)

Roman Kurbangaliyev July 30 2015
| Edit |

Hello, I created issue on GitHub for this:

Thank you for your feedback, could you check fix in version 1.5.2?

by shsv1 | May 09 2015

Good tool but needs improvements:
1. The regex textbox must be as long as possible horizontally because the regexes may be quite long and the reading in wrap mode few strings isn't easy.
2. The regex texbox should have the features of the text editor especially undo because if the user change his regex wrongly he can't go back.
3. The font should be same as of all VS, its no need a font slider at all.
4. The tool should have the builtin help for the regex elements like question pointer with the tooltip which the user can point on the element of his regex with tooltip explanation popping up. It would greatly helpful!
5. As already mentioned before the groups are absent and the splitting option lacks them also.

by maxima | October 09 2014


Roman Kurbangaliyev February 19 2015
| Edit |

Thanks for motivation support this plugin, I plan release version 1.5.0, additional info on GitHub.

by cuscutis | May 05 2014

My only complaint is the autorun doesn't trigger on changing the input text, only when changing the regex itself.

Roman Kurbangaliyev February 23 2015
| Edit |

Thanks, I fixed it in 1.5.1

by Mark Good | March 18 2014

Roman Kurbangaliyev February 16 2015
| Edit |

Not bad =)

by Giovanni Caputo | November 15 2013

There are problems with groups, in Tester must be specified with "[" and on code auto generated that are nor convert to "{" and so replacement of group does not work!

Roman Kurbangaliyev February 23 2015
| Edit |

Thanks, I fixed it in 1.5.0

by ShaKann | October 29 2013

Nice tool :) I am using it a while and it saves me a lot of time :) But... There is only one problem but it is very, very irritating for me - in replacement pattern I can't use groups. I use Regex replacement a lot so it is quite big problem for me. All group indicators like "$1", "${groupName}" are simply ignored. When I run code created by your tool in C# everything is OK but in output window I see "$1", not captured group. Simple example:

string pattern = @"(?<firstName>[\w\d]*) (?<secondName>[\w\d]*),";
RegexOptions regexOptions = RegexOptions.None;
Regex regex = new Regex(pattern, regexOptions);
string inputData = @"FirstName1 SecondName1,
FirstName2 SecondName2,
FirstName3 SecondName3,";
string replacement = @"${firstName}";
string result = regex.Replace(inputData, replacement);

Normally it will produce this kind of output:

In your tool I have:

Is this intended? In most of the cases I want to see real output, not placeholders. I don't see any option to turn on normal behavior. I am using VS 2012 and Regex Tester version 1.4.2

Roman Kurbangaliyev February 23 2015
| Edit |

Use square brackets, sample: $[firstName] or $[1].
You may read tooltips in the text fields.
Please, change your rating, if this information fixed a your problem.

UPDATE: I fixed it in 1.5.0

by T. Hanazaki | October 25 2013

by astr0wiz | August 26 2013

It pops up now. Thanks

Roman Kurbangaliyev August 27 2013
| Edit |

Thanks for your review and change rating.

by Milo D. Cooper | July 03 2013

Installed, where is it? I select View -> Other Windows -> Regex Tester, nothing happens. (VS 2010)

Roman Kurbangaliyev August 18 2013
| Edit |

I am install Regex Tester on VS 2010.
It's worked
Are you restart VS 2010 after install extension?

EDIT 2013.07.23:
Try in VS 2010 after upgrade tool for fix yours problem click on command in main menu "Window -> Reset Window Layout".

EDIT 2013.08.19:
I fixed support VS 2010. Please check it.

by Binori | October 17 2012

by Carlos Adriano Portes | July 29 2012

by GermánMC | April 07 2012

Great tool. Is useful for me that I'm learning Regular Expression.
Thanks for develop this tool =).

by Code Chief | April 05 2012

Great and essential considering the MS provided Regex extension doesn't open independently or on anything other than a Regex class. This tool is easy to access and provides all the necessary features to build expressions whilst programming.

by Margriet Bruggeman | February 21 2012

Always good to have

by Guillaume Venturini | January 30 2012

good but it seems not working with ^ and $ caracters and the multiline option activated :

Match regex : ^(100|[0-9]{1,2}(?:[.,][0-9]{1,10}){0,1})$
option multiline
input text :

output : nothing

I must remove $ to have something in the output field. It's not really what I espected.

Roman Kurbangaliyev February 02 2012
| Edit |

Thank you for comment.
I used standard Regex class in C# code.
RegexOptions.Multiline property does not do what you think.

Here is answer:

I changed you regex on:
It's worked with Multiline option.

by Andre.Ziegler | January 19 2012

good work, thanks :)

by Denis Kurbangaliev | January 08 2012

It's simple and useful tool. Thank you.

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  • Change Font in Input/Output texts
    1 Posts | Last post January 14, 2016
    • It would be great to change fonts, so we can see some texts in a fixed way. 
      Sometimes we paste a table or a formatted text in order to parse and it may be helpful as we try to find a pattern to parse them.
  • Nice to view all possible groups/matches
    1 Posts | Last post September 02, 2015
    • I know (from reading here) you can use ${2} etc.. to capture groups but simply listing all possibilities would be nice too.
  • can't figure out how to use it ...
    2 Posts | Last post March 16, 2015
    • VS12/update 4; just downloaded extension today.
      entered simple RegEx: ^-\d{1,10}$
      with simple test data:
      Clicked Run and nothing happens (does update label for input text length/lines ... but nothing to indicate matches) ... what am I not doing right?
      tried with all kinds of settings ... but currently have Match/output:default/multiline/singleline set.
      It validates top 3 candidates on
    • I realized I need to drop off the $ then it works.  I like it ... good work!
      However, I would suggest an option to evaluate with the $ so we can test as if we had a list of individual EOL items (as several online sites do).
      Also, as it is, we have to remember to remove then add back the $ when cut/pasting to our code.
  • Autorun on VS2010
    2 Posts | Last post February 23, 2015
    • The autorun doesn't run in VS2010 if I change the input text, only if I change the regex. 
      It would make testing much easier if changes to the input text also triggered the autorun.
    • Thanks, I fixed it in 1.5.1
  • Uses Shell 10
    3 Posts | Last post August 18, 2013
    • This only works for 2010 if you have 2012 installed as it references "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.10.0, Version=".   I'm not able to install 2012 at this time, any chance you could use shell.9 for use vs2010 only users?
    • Thanks for your feedback, I will check this case and write answer.
    • I fixed this problem. Please check this fix on your environment.
  • Captured Groups
    3 Posts | Last post June 09, 2013
    • Where/How does it show capture groups? Especially named groups?
      For example,
      Regex: <img\ssrc='(?<imagePath>/static/product_images/med/.+\.jpg)'>
      Input: <img src='/static/product_images/med/311-9836.jpg'>
      I should see a result that it matched the whole line and the captured group part (under its name)
      <img src='/static/product_images/med/311-9836.jpg'>
      [imagePath] "/static/product_images/med/311-9836.jpg"
      I can only see the first result.
    • As a further example of what I'm talking about, plug this into RegExr that page will list captured groups below the main match
    • Sorry, I forgot answered on you question.
      For your case input in field "Output format" value: $[imagePath]
      This is feature displayed in tooltips.
  • Save presets
    2 Posts | Last post February 27, 2013
    • Please add ability to save presets.
    • Sorry, I was busy :)
      I returned again to work on this tool.
  • Issue with Regex Tester vs. VS2010 behaviour
    2 Posts | Last post May 08, 2011
    • I have the following RegEx = ^(-{0,2}|/{0,1})(([0-9_]*[A-Za-z]+[0-9_-]*)+)(\b[^:,.=])([+-]?)  In VS C# Code it does not produce the same results. E.g. /debug or 12debug12 are not recognized in VS but in Regex Tester they are. Any idea? Same with other RegEx as well. Can mail a small test c# program if required.
    • Sorry, I didn't see the notification about your question.
      May be the problem in RegexOptions
      I think you had a small problem.
  • Port to VS2008
    4 Posts | Last post December 28, 2010
    • Can you portage you extension to MSVS 2008?
    • Yes, I can do it. Please wait one week.
    • Tool ported on Visual Studio 2008, it's here
      Thanks you for your interest!
    • Thx. It works very well!
  • Does not seem to work?
    2 Posts | Last post November 11, 2010
    • I took a snippet of working C# code:
      Regex xEin = new Regex("\\[[0-9]*\\]");
      Match me = xEin.Match(s);
      And tried your tester with
      Match RegEx:\\[[0-9]*\\]
      Result Format:
      Input Text:test [11] stuff
      Clicked Process and the Results were blank. What am I missing here?
    • try "Match RegEx":
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