Spursoft Context Menu Commands


Set of controls allowing for addition of context menus base on existing screen methods, or on custom behaviors, as well as pre-built behaviors such as cut/copy/paste.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012
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by Guilherme27 | January 30 2013

Great! Solved my problem in minutes!

Spursoft Solutions January 30 2013
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I am glad I could help.

by YannDuran | January 15 2012

Well done Derek! That's VERY clever stuff!!! And fills such a gaping gap. Of course I wish that *I* was the one who wrote it, lol.

Seriously though, GREAT stuff! Got my 5 vote without hesitation.

by J Lamb | January 11 2012

Spursoft has come through again with another fantastic addition to LightSwitch. Very nice implementation - it's hard to imagine how it could be any easier to add either standard cut/copy/paste right-click functionality to your LightSwitch apps or custom context menus. And it makes it simple to control the level of granularity as well, enabling context menu items that are specific to a cell or global to the screen.

by Christopher Finlan | January 05 2012

Extremely useful and powerful control - having the ability to cut/copy/paste alone is worth $20 easily. Derek does it again!

Spursoft Solutions January 05 2012
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Thank you Chris, I am so glad to see that they help.

by Sven Elm | January 04 2012

Great extension. Great value for my application.
I recommend this extenstion. Five star to Spursoft!

Spursoft Solutions January 05 2012
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Thank you Sven, Look for more ;)

by MichaelPresley | January 03 2012

Dereck comes through again! From the first LightSwitch application I wrote I have been frustrated by the underlying Silverlight inability to cut/copy/paste out of the box. This extension is exactly what I needed to add this functionality to all my applications. The description says you can add cut/copy/paste in 45 seconds. This is not an exaggeration! It took me about 30 seconds to add this needed functionality to a form. The context menu was just "icing on the cake". Simple and easy to implement and program this is becoming one of the extensions I add to most new forms. The image button is a nice twist on the regular control. When I had a question the response was almost immediate. This control suite is priced very attractively for the functionality it provides.

Spursoft Solutions January 05 2012
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Thank you Michael, I really appreciate the encouragement.

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  • VS2013
    1 Posts | Last post March 14, 2014
    • We are upgrading our lightswitch application to VS2013, are we entitled to the upgrade or we need to buy again the “Commands Extension”?
      Thanks for your help
  • Context Menu behavior not as expected
    4 Posts | Last post August 12, 2013
    • Since I didn't receive a response via email to derek.spurlock@spursoft.com, I'm posting here in the hopes of getting some help.
      I’m using version 8.5.8 of the control in VS 2012. The behavior is as follows: Choosing Copy on the context menu does copy selected text to clipboard, but that is immediately followed by all the remaining text in the text box being automatically selected. It appears as though the control loses and then regains focus suddenly, thereby reselecting all the text in the control. Suppose I could live with that but it is a bit of an irritant because it’s not what is commonly expected by users. 
      The bigger problem, however, is that unless text in the paste-target text box is selected, clicking Paste results in all existing text being replaced by what’s on the clipboard. It happens every time. In a scenario where the target textbox is empty, that presents no problem. But if the user wants to insert text at the current caret location when there is no text selected, then that’s a crippling problem, obviously. What is a user to do when they want to insert text into the middle or end of existing text in textbox?
      Ctrl-V and Ctrl-C are the better options at the moment. User expectation is that chosing Copy and Pase from context menu will perform the same. That is not the case with the Spursoft contect menu control right out of the box. 
      Hoping you can point me toward a solution. Thanks for your time.
    • I am very sorry for the lateness in responding to your email on the 12th.  I did get it am looking at the issue but have been swamped.  A short answer is that part of the problem I can control part is a problem with silverlight.  The focus is lost by definintion when you select the menu.  Silverlight does not actually reselect the problem is actually in the drawing mechanism.  The selected text is still selected but the focus background is not shown.  The answer to the second issue can be resolved in changing the behavior.  I will have a fix for that in the next release problably within a week.
      Again I apologize for the slowness in the response.
    • Derek,
            I am using the latest version VS2012, version 11.0.60610.01 update 3.  Your VSIX will not load (i have bought the extension)?  Is there a new link to the latest version?
    • Glad we could resolve that issue with getting you current on the 2012 versions.  Pretty easy fix :)
  • VS2012 Issues
    3 Posts | Last post February 18, 2013
    • Hi, I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I can't make it to show up the icons, is there any specifications or restrictions?, I tried png (24x24) and it did not showed up.
      Second issue is trying to use it within a C1.FlexGrid row, is this supported?
      Regards and thanks for your help!
    • I would say that I have never tried it against a flex grid.  So you may be on  your own.
      The version you have is not for 2012.  I will send you a link to download the 2012 version.
    • I got the v8.5.1 is this the latest one for VS2012?
  • VS2012
    10 Posts | Last post December 17, 2012
    • Hi, I just bought this control but only then I noticed it's only supported in 2010. Can I use it in VS2012?
    • argh..It doesn't even detect VS2012...only VS2010..shall I still go ahead at the vsix install prompt?
    • Can you contact me at derek.spurlock@spursoft.com?
    • Will do. Thanks for the prompt reply!
    • Hi Derek, does this actually work with VS2012?
    • No, but a purchase of the current version for vs 2010 will get you an upgrade for the "RTM" version for 2012.
    • When is that released?
    • It could probably be released now but I have not had the chance to set up the sales end of it yet.  That is why I am offering the free download if you purchase the current version.
    • Any update on the availability of a version for Visual Studio 2012?
    • @Ely & @Michael5319
      Please contact me at derek.spurlock@spursoft.com if you have purchased the VS 2010 version.  I will be glad to send you a link for the VS 2012 versions.
  • Any Documentation?
    2 Posts | Last post June 15, 2012
    • I have bought this set , but struggling with getting it to work "out of the box" . Is there ANY documentation or samples or examples for this? Specifically the SSRS Viewer (i.e. the properties are definitely not very clear and i am stuck doing trial and error'ing to get a report to display and failing).
    • sorry, i meant to ask this in the other extension package.
  • Paste Row
    2 Posts | Last post April 13, 2012
    • Hy,
      looks great, but has it the capability of pasting a whole row of data in a grid?
    • Fritz,
      Thank you for your interest.  The answer two your question is yes with some coding.  Because of the nature of Data Grids the pasting of data values would be fairly complex to do "out of the box".  Some of the problems would be determining what data came from what column, whether or not the data is read only (view), is this an edit or new row.  Do you see where I am going.
      So the way you would do this is to create a Command Menu Item (not cut copy paste) you can then write code to do your paste as custom as you need.