Mindscape NHibernate Model Designer


A designer for creating domain models for the NHibernate object-relational mapper

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by John-Daniel Trask | September 04 2012

by AAKoken | September 03 2012

Mindscape Limited September 04 2012
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Thanks for the 5 star rating! :-)

by James Newton-King | March 20 2012

My nHibernate models have never been more designed!

by James Story | January 27 2011

by Bartłomiej Etenkowski | January 25 2011

Totally unusable, property rename (refactoring) not working.

by turtlespin | October 26 2010

by Quantum Nightmare | October 22 2010

by Timur Zanagar | August 11 2010

I don't know what the beta testers tested, but the Designer just looks good. It doesn't update the source code and if you just give a Entity property a Size it just ignores.

Sorry... I thought there will be a good desginer for NHibernate out there.

by Josh Robb NZ | August 11 2010

I was a skeptical beta tester on this product having used NHibernate for nearly 5 years and Hibernate before that. I'd never been in the middle of a project and thought "You know what I need right now is a GUI designer for NHibernate".

After testing this through the beta - I'm converted!

1. The designer solves a lot of little problems that crop up. It's not possible to construct invalid mappings and so an entire source of strange/hard to find errors is eliminated.

2. The design surface is _really_ keyboard friendly and it's easy to add fields etc to entities without clicking around.

3. Mindscape's support is phenomenal - it was often a matter of hours from me logging an issue/feature request - to being told that it was fixed.

While this doesn't yet support _every_ possible NH mapping option it does support all the common ones.

I expect that Mindscape will be responsive to requests to add features as needed by users.

by ivan.towlson | August 11 2010

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  • Fluent NHibernate
    2 Posts | Last post April 29, 2012
    • Can this tool be used to generate "Fluent NHibernate" based models instead of XML based models?  If not, this would be a cool feature for a future release.
      Shawn Mehaffie
    • Hi Shawn,
      The NHibernate Designer can generate fluent mappings for you as well. As an aside, it's best to ask questions in our forum just because we have more folks keeping an eye on posts there: http://www.mindscapehq.com/forums/forum/25
      I hope that helps!