Find Results Highlighter


Highlights the search text in the find results windows.

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Visual Studio
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by CalvinsHope | June 23 2012

useful extension, but it does not work in german language localisation of visual studio 2010

by megahurts GR | June 26 2011

Setting the foreground and background colors for the highlighting does not work for me, not even if I modify them manually by editing the .vssettings file. And the colors that the extension picks by default are incompatible with the light-on-dark coloring scheme that I use, which renders this extension unusable by me.

by 0x49D1 | April 15 2010

Was searching for similar tool long time ago! Thank you!

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  • Need a version of Find Results Highlighter for VS2013
    1 Posts | Last post August 15, 2014
    • We are using visual studio product , developer will also use visual studio, and last version is always greater than previous version. 
      So I'm using VS2013 . I like Find Results Highlighter plugin that i've install in VS2010, but i can't install it on VS2013, because this plugin not support.
      I hope manufacter of this product will developer and help it support VS2013.
  • Bug when display only file names
    1 Posts | Last post May 22, 2013
    • Hi,
      Great plugin (should be built in!) but it doesn't work when I tick the Find panel - Result options - Display file names only.
      That's pretty annoying!  Any chance of a fix?
      I'm using VS 2010 on XP 32-bit.
      Thanks for the good work!
  • Error on wildcards
    3 Posts | Last post August 24, 2011
    • It throws an exception the search term includes an asterisk, and wilcard is enabled. It also does not highlight if the search term includes "(" , but no exception this time.
    • Hi Tedy,
      I'm sorry you ran into this exception.  I will try to address this in the next couple of days - stay tuned :)
    • its the topmost useful plugin. thansk for this.
      this plugin gthrows an error sometimes. and colorizing not working since restart IDE.
      please update this plugin very useful.
  • Exception when searching using regular expressions
    1 Posts | Last post August 05, 2010
    • Hi, first of all thanks for a very usefull extension.
      It throws an exception every time you search using a regular expression.
  • Problem
    1 Posts | Last post June 01, 2010
    • Hi !
      I'm install extension, but when I use CTRL+SHIFT+F, searched code dont colored.