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by Tobberoth | September 16 2014

Very wellmade extension, very powerful.

My only real issue with it is that you can't seem to only run it on specific files, it has to be run as part of the build on all .js files unless you exclude them. It would be nice to have a menu or a right-click option to "run JSLint on this document" or something like that.

It's also unfortunate that errors turn up as warnings in the normal error output window instead of in-line, but I can imagine coding it to show inline would be far more complicated.

This might not be a bug with the extension but rather VS2012, but I notice that the RAM used by devenv.exe is increased by several MB everytime I run "build".

by Michael Obermeyer | December 16 2013

Great extension. It also worked with 2013 when I changed the version information, but not sure if you officially support it, yet.

by Doug Domeny of Newforma | December 02 2013

by Paul Keister | April 04 2013

Makes it easy to integrate JSLint into your workflow. Very nicely done!

by bdukes | March 07 2013

by yf liu | December 06 2012

great extension

by BramYeh | October 03 2012

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  • VS2013 Plans?
    4 Posts | Last post August 12, 2015
    • Any plans in porting to 2013? The other JsLint.NET for 2013 is inferior to this one.
    • +1
    • I've not yet tried it, but someone else has had success using this tool in VS2013:
      by Michael Obermeyer | December 16 2013 (From Reviews)
      Great extension. It also worked with 2013 when I changed the version information, but not sure if you officially support it, yet.
    • Yep, it appears all you have to do is rename as a zip, extract, open the extension.vsixmanifest file, and edit this line to read like so...
      <InstallationTarget Id="Microsoft.VisualStudio.Pro" Version="12.0" />
      So version changes to 12.0 from 11.0, iirc. Then zip back up, and change the extension back to vsix.
      Just for fun, in case you'll take candy from strangers, I put up just such a hacked version here: 
      You'll need to change the extension from zip to vsix to run (my host doesn't like exposing file types it doesn't know about).
  • Support for .jshintrc config file?
    1 Posts | Last post April 30, 2014
    • I see that you can import and export settings but didn't see support for a .jshintrc file is that possible?
  • How to turn off JSLint per-solution or per-project?
    1 Posts | Last post October 07, 2013
    • I have some open source projects I'm building with VS and I don't want JSLint to intervene? How can I do that?
  • Expected release date
    3 Posts | Last post September 06, 2013
    • My team are currently  migrating from VS2012 to VS2010. We currently use a JSLint plugin and would like to continue using one after migration. Is there a planned release date for this completed extension? Using an alpha/beta version is not an option for us when developing production code.
    • I presume you use our jslint plugin for 2010? It is the same plugin, just with new references. Unfortunately a couple of the guids have changed.
      I'm using this every day and so far only have the problems I mention. I hope to fix those this weekend. Its an open source project mainly developed by me - so I'm calling it beta because there are a couple of known bugs (mainly features strangely missing). Once I don't know of any known bugs, I'll change it to be called stable.
      Hope that helps.. couple of weeks max.
    • Are there plans for a JSLint extension for VS 2013?
  • JSLint ignore section doesn't end
    1 Posts | Last post August 30, 2013
    • I'm trying to get JSLint to ignore the extra long line defining an image, which works OK, but then it doesn't catch any CSS mistakes after the end comment. See example below. If I add the .licenseInput style after the ignore end comment, JSLint plugin doesn't complain. If I move it to before the ignore start comment, it complains about word-break (which is odd since that's a valid CSS3 attribute, which might be another issue). 
      /*ignore jslint start*/
      th.sorting_desc {
      	background:url(..really long line snipped..Fo4AAQYAAA0piq4hbqwAAAAASUVORK5CYII=) top left no-repeat;
      /*ignore jslint end*/
      .licenseInput {
         word-break: break-all;
  • global rules file
    2 Posts | Last post August 08, 2013
    • Is there a way to define a set of rules (to override the default rules) to use when linting your JavaScript files?
      For example, can I have a file called "jslint_rules.js" and have the following content...
      /*jslint plusplus: true, vars: true */
      And, have these rules applied for linting my JavaScript rules?
      I would prefer not to have to put these overrides at the top of every file.
    • Scrap that...I found where to set this (Tools --> JS Lint Options...)
  • Error on Install - File contains corrupted data
    2 Posts | Last post July 10, 2013
    • Receiving following error:
      The file is not a valid VSIX package. ---> System.IO.FileFormatException: File contains corrupted data.
      Installing to VS2012 Professional, downloaded VSIX today.
    • Anyone else getting this issue?
  • Does it integrate with MSBuild?
    1 Posts | Last post June 09, 2013
    • Is it possible to invoke JSLint code analysis from a project file via a custom target so that it would be possible to enable JS code analysis as a part of a gated check-in workflow?
  • JSHint 2.0.0
    1 Posts | Last post May 12, 2013
    • Would you integrate JSHint 2.0.0 into JSLint.VS2012 extension?
  • jsLint with Virtual Folders(?)
    1 Posts | Last post March 19, 2013
    • We have multiple products that all use some common folders.  We're using Visual Studio's ability to include content in a project from outside the project (Content Include) for third party JS libraries and code we write for all projects to use.  The code from the third party libraries often don't conform to jsLint or jsHint requirements, so when we run jsHint on our project at build, it reports tons of errors.
      We've tried to exclude these folders from jsLint for VS2012 using the provided mechanisms, but whenever the build runs, the files are still checked and errors are reported.  
      Can anyone tell me the correct way to have these files excluded from these project's build process?
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