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The famous Visual Studio code editor visualizer (C#, VB, C++)

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by Hollaamic | Sat 4:22 PM

I can't live without it anymore, when I see my colleagues struggling to find some function it makes me sad for them, it's so easy for me ! :)
Also the highlighting of the last edited part of a document is quite useful.

by HM Mak | Fri 10:59 AM

It's one of the tools that greatly improve my productivity. I have to do code reviews as well as coding.

Love this tool, but unfortunately it's too expensive for developers that do not earn USD or equivalent money.

The license has to be renewed every year, otherwise you cannot continue using it. (Unless you purchase the lifetime license, which is super expensive then).

Suggestion to developer to make an option to make some license option where we can get updates for 1 year, but not able to receive updates if we do not renew the license. I would really be willing to fork out that amount if that's the case.

by newrun94 | October 09 2016

Too expensive for student

Michael Kiss [BG8] Mon 8:13 AM
| Edit |

This would mean a Mercedes-Benz S-class is a 2-star product just because it is too expensive for a student, right?

Whether you can afford or justify spending for some product does not account as an argument in establishing that product's quality. Too bad such "ratings" are allow here, as they are totally misleading.

by brand456 | May 27 2016

Removing a color label in the context menu deletes the property because the context menu shrinks and the delete button moves under the mouse which is really annoying.

by YYFYYF | February 05 2016

by DreamingBear | January 24 2016

Really useful extension, even if I probably don't use all the functionalities. Keep up the good job and really thank you for sharing this.
I use CodeMap for nearly 5 years now and I am addicted to it, when I find myself on a VS without this extension, it seems lacking so much functionalities...

by Marko Petek | November 12 2015

Great extension, unfortunately the grouping by region is very sporadic in VS2015, as already mentioned by the last reviewer. Most of the time it doesn't work.

It seems to work only for files that were never opened before. Once you open a file, close it and then try to reopen it, it won't work anymore, even if you restart VS.

Michael Kiss [BG8] January 29 2016
| Edit |

Later edit: Marko, anybody using CodeMAP in VS2015 should actually switch to the edition found in Supercharger. Moving to a Roslyn-based custom code model allowed for an almost perfect code structure representation (regions included of course) plus it is muuuch faster.

by Bully001 | October 06 2015

After I upgraded to VS2015 the regions no longer show up in the code map.

Michael Kiss [BG8] January 29 2016
| Edit |

Later edit: this build of CodeMAP behaves far from optimal on VS2015. For the VS 2015 rewrite, please see Supercharger.

by truniben | September 16 2015

Great timesaver, great extension!

Suggestion: It would be great to have additional keyboard shortcuts:
1) Focus the "Filter"-Textfield
2) Toggle sorting between alphabetical / same-as-code
3) Show / hide methods that are implemented in another file

Michael Kiss [BG8] September 17 2015
| Edit |

Thank you for the suggestions!

by George Birbilis | September 02 2015

the default Sorting of the sideview should be to keep my order of items in the code. I uninstalled it when I first tried it since it was mixing up the order I had, till I found out at some other machine that one can change the sorting to keep the order I have in my code

Michael Kiss [BG8] September 05 2015
| Edit |

George - just wanted to say that your suggestion has been noted!

by Viktor Szekeress | August 03 2015

I have tried several similar code-structure visualizers, even Resharper's File Structure. This one is by far the most intuitive, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and elegant of them. Can't live without it now :)

by Muhsin Fatih Yorulmaz | July 05 2015

Awesome tool!
Navigating in a long code was a nightmare before VS10X. Thanks!

However, I have a suggestion; It would be nice if you add different variations of text colors. Almost every color label makes regions unable to read. (Dark theme)

by werry | June 09 2015

Great Tool!

But since VS Community 2015 RC there are problems. First installation was fine, but after working with VS 2013 Pro and starting VS 2015 again, there is no more VS10X menu.

I wrote a support question on your website, but there was no response to it.

by sindix | May 15 2015

can not install it on vb 2010 , why ?
when i search for the extension manager , i can not find it on the online tamplets

Michael Kiss [BG8] May 16 2015
| Edit |

I will be glad to offer you support, but asking for it through a 2-star review based on no value judgment at all is not the way to go. Please write to supportATaxtoolsDOTcom and we will re-start from there.

by Ammar.Zaied | February 13 2015

Good job.

by Altieri Pereira | November 18 2014

by kocot | November 07 2014

for long my must have for C#. In constant development and prices are bearable. However, I am pretty disappointed with still lacking of java script support.

by Gayan85 | October 24 2014

great tool and this makes everything possible on code navigation in the file.

by YoungjaeKim | August 25 2014

it would be nice if it shows distinctive icon graphics on [TestMethod] attribute. possibly green colored?

Michael Kiss [BG8] August 27 2014
| Edit |

This sounds interesting - I will make sure to have a look at it!

by Stylluke | August 22 2014

Echt ne super Sache! Kann ich jedem weiter empfehlen.

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