This package removes the CAPS from the Visual Studio Menubar, courtesy Richard Banks

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by Mohamed Mortada | December 13 2013

Can't find "Remove Caps" in my tools menu tried uninstalling the extension then reinstalling but it didn't work...

by Nenvolk | April 12 2013

Simpel and effective :)

by David Rickey | March 14 2013

Kind of annoying to have to install, restart, hit the option, then restart. I'd rather see it be just 'install this extension and restart' But it does do exactly what I wanted, so that's definitely a plus. Thanks.

It doesn't include the tabs in the TFS Work Item SBT panes 'Description and History', 'Implements', 'All Links' etc.

I'm not going to downrate it more for that as I can understand not everyone uses TFS for version control.. But it would be nice.

by Garrett Serack, MSFT | September 26 2012

This is not an "ExtensionSDK"

It should not be in the ExtensionSDK category.

by MattHazz | September 11 2012

Oh... THANK YOU! My eyes aren't automatically tracking to that worthless file menu any more. I can work AGAIN!

See how I used emphasis there .. when I wanted your attention... ;-)

by TrueEddie | August 30 2012

Works as described. Thanks so much!

by OliverKurowski | August 22 2012

Works great.

by Jack Briggs | August 21 2012

Great little tool. It works for RTM as well.

by Nathan Trimble | August 21 2012

I had to restart VS 2012 a couple of times to get it to work, but it finally did the trick. It seems absurd, but the all caps in VS 2012 actually produced the most awful sensation in me when I open the program. I really do not understand what possessed MS from releasing it this way. Thank you for making this easy to use and install.

by Scott McClenning | June 13 2012

Great, now the GUI isn't screaming at my eyes until they bleed.
Now all I need to do is fine the extension to colorize the GUI so it doesn’t look dead.

GertGregers June 13 2012
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by Jesse Houwing | June 07 2012

Almost marked it as not working. I'd rather have link to the reg file than an extension that I need to download, find in a menu (looked everywhere), click it, restart Visual Studio and then uninstall the thing as the menu item doesn't make any sense after you've set the reg key.

GertGregers June 08 2012
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Hi Jesse, you're right. The primary purpose of this extension was really to add another channel of discovery (or call to attention) for the registry fix.

However, still glad for the 2 stars :-)

by Pascal Craponne | June 02 2012

Not very intuitive (we would expect it to do the job automatically), but works.
5 stars to come when the extension simply does the job :)

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