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Write and debug your Unity 3D games inside Microsoft Visual Studio.

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by Stefan Maton | April 21 2016

Where can we submit bug reports for the tool?

I have this problem:

Debugger detaches when using 2D arrays.

1. What happened

While debugging the code in file "BugCode", the debugger detaches in line 14 containing the code "x++;". This happens always.

When commenting out line 11 containing the if-statement (while keeping line 12), the debugger works as expected.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

- Open BugScene
- Open BugCode.cs in Visual Studio Community 2015 (with Visual Studio Tools for Unity
- Attach Visual Studio debugger to Unity
- Place breakpoint in line 9
- Start game in Unity.
- Debug step by step.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class BugCode : MonoBehaviour {

// Use this for initialization
void Start () {
int[,] things = new int[10, 10];
int x = 0;

if (x >= 0)
things[x, 0] = x;

Debug.Log(things[x, 0]);

Sebastien Lebreton April 22 2016
| Edit |

Hello Stefan.

You can use the support email vstusp[at]Microsoft[dot]com

I will check you repro to find and fix the bug

Is this something you are reproducing when using MonoDevelop ?

Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]

by alexjosesilva | December 21 2015

Estava procurando há muito tempo por este plugin. Vai mim ajudar em meu desenvolvimento de jogos.

by Lordinaire | July 29 2015

Great tools !

by Stephen Hodgson | July 20 2015

Great tool.

It's saved me lots of time, and love the price.

by DG Osborne | July 18 2015

Thanks for this! Having Visual Studio for Unity development is a must.

by XenStalker | June 12 2015

by formulahendry | April 23 2015

by Protostar Dean | April 21 2015

Great Tool!
However since getting this latest update Unity seems to be crashing very frequently when I am attached.

by 金奇 | April 18 2015

very good

by Bakinovski | April 16 2015

While I am debuging I can't see exceptions in debuger.
For example in such source code I can't see object exception at line with Debug.Log
throw new Exception("test exeption");
catch (Exception exception)
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Test exeption was thrown!");
Do you have the same issue? If it is bug do you plan to fix it?

P.S. Tool is realy grate - thanks for it.

Sebastien Lebreton April 20 2015
| Edit |


Yes, at this time, the exception object is not properly added to the debugging context so that you will not be able to inspect it using Watch window.

We will add support for that in the final release of VSTU 2.0.


by Kuato4 | April 13 2015

by QuYong | April 11 2015

very useful tools for Unity game developing, forget about the MonoDevelop

by KingRecycle | April 11 2015

New version doesn't work for 32-bit so I can't use it anymore. Please fix this.

But other than that it's better than using anything else in my opinion.

Sebastien Lebreton April 11 2015
| Edit |


We have just re-uploaded a new installer with proper x86 support.
Can you please download the file again and try to install it ?

Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]

by CodePiao | April 07 2015

Very Cool .

Use VS 2013, coding for Game。

by AByrd | April 06 2015

A few issues with

Output is now spamming "The thread 0x<stuff> has exited with code 0" at a rate of about 2 per second.

The Error List now flickers open and closed frequently.

Sebastien Lebreton April 09 2015
| Edit |


When debugging, we've always notified what's happening in the output window, including thread creation and death.

You can configure VSTU to not send the Unity console to VS this will avoid the flicker you're seeing. You can do it from Unity, in the menu Visual Studio Tools -> Configuration and uncheck Send Console to Visual Studio.

by nu Assets | March 30 2015

Although the system has some minor bugs, it's probably one of the mightiest add-on you can get for Unity 3D. The integration is 99.9% seamless and its usability is pretty nice. If you're used to work with VS - you probably are as a professional - there's no way around it!

Well done!

by CoRuMmo | March 10 2015

Cannot come back to mono develop. I can't simply stand its interface anymore.
Long life Visual Studio tools for Unity!
Many thanks for this must-have tool.

by AdamNash_FM | March 03 2015

by Yatajga | February 20 2015

by Chad Keating | February 19 2015

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  • VSTU 2.3 + Unity 5.3.3 + VS 2013 won't work
    2 Posts | Last post October 05, 2016
    • Installed VSTU 2013 2.3. VS2003 doesn't show as an option as External Script Editor, even after reboots. Also, Unity about dialog won't show VSTU as enabled. Tried multiple times.
      What are my options?
    • Hello,
      Seems like a bug on the Unity side. (VSTU will only be enabled when Visual Studio is selected as an external script editor, that's why the Unity dialog is not showing VSTU status).
      Several thoughts:
      - You should try to do a repair of your VS2013 installation.
      - Any chance you could try a newer Unity or a Unity patch release? (lots of bugs were fixed after 5.3.3 regarding VS integration)
      If the issue persists, could you please fill a bug on the Unity bugtracker, and give us the bug URL and we'll follow up on this.
      Thanks and regards
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • Having Issues with VS 2015 U3 and VSTU 2.3
    3 Posts | Last post September 07, 2016
    • Hello,
      I am having issues with 2.3 and VS 2015 Update 3. The problem is the newly created files don't trigger project reload in case I open them just after creation. After creating a new script with Unity, if I click back into VS without opening the new file the expected "Reload All" dialogue appears. If I instead open the new file without going back to VS first, I don't get that dialog and there is no Intellisense in the new file. Opening/Closing VS also solves the issue.
      I have tried reinstalling VSTU 2.3 and clearing the .suo file. Right now I suspect it's either the upgrade to VS Update 3 or VSTU 2.3 which I did at about the same time.
      Please provide the fix ASAP or a link to 2.2 as it seems here we can download only the latest version.
    • It seems I opened this discussion in the wrong place, I wanted to open it in 2015.
    • Update: I have managed to trace it to an extension that I am using - Supercharger ( It would be nice if these extensions played well together.
  • Suddenly not working now
    3 Posts | Last post August 09, 2016
    • I have unity 5.3.4, vs 2013 update 5, tools for Unity 2.2 installed.
      I can see "Attach Unity Debugger" under the "Debug" menu.
      But nothing happen when i try to debug.
      It was OK before, not sure why suddenly not working now.
      Any advice is appreciated.
    • I have found the answer, it's because of Xamarin for Visual Studio.
    • Hello,
      VSTU version 2.3 was released with a dedicated fix for this issue.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • DebuggerStepThrough Support
    4 Posts | Last post June 15, 2016
    • It seems that VSTU don't recognize [DebuggerStepThrough] attribute.
      Is there any way to use this attribute??
    • Hello,
      Indeed, we didn't include support for that. But I have a prototype and can share with you a debug build if you want to try.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
    • And I just remembered why we never released the support for this: we can only detect [DebuggerStepThrough] on types, not on methods, because of compatibility issues with the debugging protocol provided by Unity.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
    • Hello~.
      Then how about adding an option under Tools for Unity -> General -> Debugging ?
      That page have description area about an option.
      You can describe the limitation of the feature.
  • VSTools 2013 installed, but Unity integration failed
    2 Posts | Last post May 10, 2016
    • I installed the whole Unity+VS2013 stack the third time and I cannot make it work.
      I do it like this:
      - install german version of vs2013
      - install Update 5
      - install english language pack
      - switch to english version
      - install Unity 5.3.4f1
      - install VSTools for unity from this site
      Startup unity, switch the editor to Visual Studio 2013 (Doesn't get detected automatically, have to find the devenv.exe by hand)
      Notice, that in the Help > About Unity window, lower left corner, the indication text for the vs tools are *not* present.
      I delete the .csproj and the .v12.suo file, go into our unity project, open up VS with the Assets > Open C# Project.
      In VS2013, there is no Unity tab, no "Attach to Unity" button, instead a regular "Start" button, which leads to an error message when pressed.
      There is a "Attach to Unity Debugger" menu entry available tho.
      I would like to repair my installation, that I have the "Attach to unity and Play" button available, and the Unity Project Explorer instead of the regular Solution Explorer. Something seems to be amiss.
    • Hello,
      The issue is here: "Startup unity, switch the editor to Visual Studio 2013 (Doesn't get detected automatically, have to find the devenv.exe by hand)"
      Sometimes you have to reboot your computer so that Unity will be able to detect VS. If you select by hand a file, Unity will not use the special code path that calls VSTU to properly generate project files with our own marker.
      Without our marker, you will stay with a regular C# project without all VSTU wizards and debug engine.
      Sebastien Lebreton
  • DLL debugging and static properties
    2 Posts | Last post April 25, 2016
    • Hi,
      We have a medium-large vs solution consisting of 11 projects.
      Each project outputs a DLL and the DLL (incl. PDB) gets copied to Unity using a postbuild action. When making changes to one of the projects and the solution and/or project gets rebuilt, breakpoint debugging doesn't work anymore. One have to manually reimport the assemblies in Unity to make the debugger work again. The files copied by the build action get automatically imported by Unity, but somehow break the line between visual studio.
      When it's working then, static properties/fields get not reflected (at breakpoints) if those are defined in an other project but within the same solution. Instance variables get properly reflected.
      Is this a known problem or do I miss something here?
      Thank you for your answer.
    • Hello,
      We should automatically convert pdb to mdb (used by mono for symbols). Can you double check that the mdb file is properly updated when you copy dll+pdb in the project ?
      When symbols and source files are not in sync, VSTU can be unable to handle breakpoints.
      Any chance you can share with us something so that we can repro your issue?
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • vstu2.2 for vs2013 provides IntelliSense
    2 Posts | Last post March 23, 2016
    • when I install vstu2.2 successful,but it can not provides IntelliSense.why?
    • Hello,
      Can you check that you have XML documentation files in the folder [Your Project]\Library\UnityAssemblies\
      Those files are used for intellisense.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • why i can not install vstu?
    2 Posts | Last post February 18, 2016
    • acturely , any of vstu(vstu2010.msi, vstu2013.msi, vstu2015.msi) i can not install
      all of them when click 'Install', then a window flash, then go to finish. and the message on 'finish' window says: '... ended because of an error'
      i use log to install, and maybe below is the issue, but i don't know how to fix it:
      Action start 12:54:59: SetUnityProperties.
      MSI (s) (B4:50) [12:54:59:392]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSI6D3.tmp, Entrypoint: SetUnityProperties
      MSI (s) (B4:7C) [12:54:59:392]: Generating random cookie.
      MSI (s) (B4:7C) [12:54:59:423]: Created Custom Action Server with PID 7028 (0x1B74).
      MSI (s) (B4:4C) [12:54:59:450]: Running as a service.
      MSI (s) (B4:4C) [12:54:59:451]: Hello, I'm your 32bit Impersonated custom action server.
      SFXCA: Failed to create new CA process via RUNDLL32. Error code: 2
      CustomAction SetUnityProperties returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
      Action ended 12:54:59: SetUnityProperties. Return value 3.
    • Hello,
      Can you send us an email here with your complete log:
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • Is there a way to auto modify the solution VSTU generates?
    2 Posts | Last post January 21, 2016
    • I searched on the internet and get this very simple class code put in my editor folder, hoping the unity to call my method to allow me to modify the generated C# solution.
      using UnityEngine;
      using UnityEditor;
      public class NewBehaviourScript : AssetPostprocessor
          static void OnGeneratedCSProjectFiles()
      but it seems nothing happens when I click "Open C# project" from the menu item.
      BTW, I am using the Unity 5.2.2, do you know what I do wrong here? 
    • Hello,
      The best way to interact with VSTU file generator, is to use our custom entry points:
      Also be sure that VSTU is enabled (VS must be chosen as the external editor)
      I made some examples here:
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • Can't install
    2 Posts | Last post January 08, 2016
    • During installation process, installer get stucked at "Configuring Visual Studio 2013 Templates" phase.
      Unity v5.3.1f1
    • Hello
      This configuration step can be very long, but if it's really stuck, you should try to:
      - Restart
      - Go to Programs and Features > Visual Studio 2013 > Change > Repair
      - Retry to install VSTU
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
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