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A minimal LightSwitch Shell that contains only Save, Refresh, and Design buttons. It does not contain a menu. It will automatically load the Default Screen.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by Jan Van der Haegen | March 12 2012

A+, very useful in certain applications! Thanks man!

ADefwebserver March 13 2012
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Thank You!

by DaveBarker19 | November 01 2011

ADefwebserver November 05 2011
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Thank you for rating. It encourages me :)

by Jamil MilheM | October 26 2011

you create a great concept,,but can i switch the locations between the command buttons and the system logo (make the logo on top-left and the button top-right)
and how can i see the menu ...
and thank you in advance

ADefwebserver October 26 2011
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You would need to alter the source code to do that.

by PowerBala | October 25 2011

Thx Michael. Rock as usual!! :) This is what I exactly need.

ADefwebserver November 01 2011
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I am glad it helps and I really appreciate you taking the time to give it a rating.

This actually took a lot of time because there are issues with the Shell that is created with the the Microsoft walk-thru tutorial. For example, if you open a Tab using "show as link" and then click that link again, the Tab will not open a second time. I had to fix that and other small issues.

I also realized that you could not show a logo in your shell so I fixed that too.

I later realized that I had to prevent you from closing the Default Tab (because that was the only navigation you have). I ended up creating 3 versions (1.0,1.5,2.0) in one day :)

The only limitation I have is that the validation requires you to hover over the red "!" to see the errors. However, this keeps the "minimal" design. I am working on an article that shows how to still pop up an error box in certain situations.

That's the reason I am selling the source code, I figured I had something that people would feel is fair to charge for. However, it is totally free to install and use.