Twitter Bootstrap MVC


The standard C# MVC3 Internet & Intranet project templates styled with Twitter Bootstrap.

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by Satchidananda | November 13 2013

This is not responsive... :( I thought it will be responsive.

by Antonio Cardoso Silva Junior | June 27 2013

Good implementation, helps a lot when creating a new project using the Bootstrap. Congratulations to the creator.

by AlbertBori | September 22 2012

A great idea, but implementation is incomplete. The auto-generated (template) code for views still uses the garbage html/css from the default ASP.NET MVC styles. It also fails to take you through the standard MVC3 project creation wizard, and just adds two web applications called "Internet" and "Intranet", which causes you namespace problems if you want the webs to be called something else.

tcrosen September 24 2012
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Not sure I understand your problems.

1. It doesn't use the html/css from the default MVC styles, it uses Bootstrap styles. Do you have a screenshot or something showing the code you're referencing?

2. It's not supposed to take you through the wizard, it just creates the projects for you. You can change their names and namespaces to whatever you want.

If you have proof of an actual issue or a feature request, please file an Issue here

by Dennis Vuyka | July 27 2012

This is the best integration of Bootstrap and MVC I've seen so far.

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